Latest Lady Geek TV Episode 5 With iPhone App – Fish School


As I mentioned last week I’ve been approached by London based, Lady Geek, creator of Lady Geek App TV to provide dynamic apps for their shows. Lady Geek is a marketing and design consultancy, consisting of marketing and research experts, industrial designers and gender experts. Belinda Parmer is a Consultant Professor and the Founder of Lady Geek. She is regular writer for the Times and Management Today. She explains that It’s clear that there are very few companies within the tech space who are effectively targeting women. Those that do fall in to the clichés and stereotypes and end up pinking up and dumbing down their products and end up as one woman said, ‘treating them like a special needs case.’ Those that don’t even have any communication strategy targeted at women are missing our on £0.6 billion that is just going begging for the taking.

Take a look at the latest Episode of Lady Geek TV, Episode 5 – this week I selected the brilliant iPhone app – Fish School – to help all those ‘bored’ kids out there.

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