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Latest Price Drop iPad Productivity Apps

With the end of the summer vacation looming and thoughts of how to press on during the fall, we began thinking about productivity apps. We have found ten great ones that have just had price drops – take a look – they could be just the thing to help you on your way…



Do you want to get email notifications that pop up on the screen even when you don’t have the app open instantly? Then this is for you!

Access your Gmail and your Google Task list easily! No more checking your email and exiting one app to enter another just to add a To-Do item and then jump back to your email. Do it seamlessly with THIS app! There’s no subscription fees, just this one time, very small payment and get this awesome application with push notifications!

Now $1.99 – was $2.99/Download

All Purpose Graphing Calculator


Back To School Special!
From now until September 30, 2010 the price will be just $1.99 instead of the regular $4.99.

The All Purpose Graphing Calculator features include:
Standard Scientific Functions (log, ln, square root, etc.)
Trigonometry Functions
Unit Conversions
Graphing up to three functions at one time
Statistical Functions
Probability Functions
The ability to create and store your own custom functions.

It supports a standard mode and RPN mode.

This calculator is great for doing homework.

Now : $1.99 – was $4.99/Download

RiNgO Browser


RiNgO browser with some special features to give advanced desktop browsing experience on iPad.

RiNgO supports tabbed browsing like desktop browser. In this app you can also brows on full-screen mode, bookmark pages easily, manage history, cash, session, save pictures in album, in page text search, open large PDF, Video files from web and easily switch to private browsing.

The special feature of RiNgO is Add-Ons.

RiNgO first introduce you with Add-ons like desktop browser on iPad.
Most of the internet surfer will love to have this feature on their iPad browser.

Now; $1.99 – was $2.99/Download

WebPad ~ Sketch and share over Internet in real time!


"WebPad for iPad is a brand new drawing app that allows you to share drawings on the Internet in real time, and the best part is it’s beyond easy to use, making its applications nearly limitless." – AppAdvice

Now: $0.99 – was $3.99/Download

List n Do


For a limited time, take advantage of our first SALE of List n Do! Get List n Do for iPhone/iPad 50% off. Thank you for your support!

An innovative application that will help you organize all your to-do lists and complex tasks. Come up with your own hierarchy of tasks and sub tasks and add as many levels as you need. Remember that doctor’s appointment and get directions from your current location. Email your tasks to co-workers in a business-friendly format. Synchronize your tasks with popular online tools. Let your mind focus on executing, always be in control, and never again go back to that sheet of paper you always seem to lose!

Now: $0.99 – was $1.99/Download



CrowdMap lets you build mind maps collaboratively on your iPad or iPhone, syncing data in real time as you work with your friends, classmates or colleagues from anywhere in the world. It’s a simple and intuitive tool for organizing and sharing your ideas from a lecture, a project, or a brain-storming session.

Our easy-to-use interface and real-time sync makes creating mind maps a state-of-the-art collaboration experience. Your co-creators can add to the visual map from their own devices, and their changes will appear on your screen as you work.

The iPad is the ultimate mind-mapping platform, and CrowdMap is designed to allow users to leverage the power of the device for note-taking, brainstorming, GTD, ideation, backlog management, product development, and more.

Now $5.99 – was $8.99/Download



days keeps track of all your important dates, from days gone, annual events, and days to go, with no frills nor fluff, just quick and easy, and useful to boot…
… when was that? …how old is she? …when did they get married? …for that long? …how long do I have to wait for that? …Oh no, I have to get a new passport! …which days do you want to remember?

Now $2.99 – was $3.99/Download

Remoter: Remote Desktop (VNC)


Remoter allows you to connect to your computer right from your iPad! It supports the industry standard VNC protocol, allowing you to connect to your computer, no matter what OS it’s running.

-Fast VNC protocol 3.8 supported!
-New Virtual TrackPad allows for more precise and easy to use control!
-Virtual TrackPad supports right-clicking by two-finger tapping, or by bottom-right tapping!
-Virtual TrackPad supports scrolling by two-finger swiping!

Now $1.99 – was $2.99/Download

Today’s List


*** Today’s List is supporting the iAppsForStudents sale that runs from August 15th – September 1st. During this time you can get Today’s List for $1.99. For more deals on Mac, iPhone and iPad applications, visit iAppsForStudents.com ***


Today’s List is a focused and classy todo list application for your iPad. Don’t spend so much time in your todo app that you forget to get things done! Today’s List helps you focus on the tasks that you need to get done today. Adding new items and completing items is quick and fun. Your entire list fits on a single view that stays up as long as you are running the application.

Now $1.99 – was $3.99 – Download

Story Tracker – a submission tracking tool for writers


Story Tracker makes keeping track of your submitted stories, novels, poems, scripts, and articles easy. Never wonder again where or when you submitted your work. The information is all right there on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!

Whether you’re a working freelance writer, a hobbyist, or something in-between, Story Tracker is a valuable addition to your writing toolbox. Many magazines, journals, or other markets for your work don’t allow simultaneous submissions. When you’re juggling dozens or even hundreds of stories, it’s easy to make an embarrassing mistake. Keeping track of it all can soon become a nightmare.

Now $6.99 – was $9.99/Download

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