Feel The Need To Prove Your Popularity? Print Your Own Facebook Friend WallPaper


You know how popular you are, don’t you? But, you just wanna prove it a little bit, well how’s this? You can now get a poster with all your very own Facebook friends’ profile images on. Now what you do with it after that is up to you. Of course, you could decorate your home with your new found, bespoke Facebook ‘wall paper’. Follow the steps below, to order.


Each high resolutionn print measures 20"x40" and comes with customizable options, as shown below.

Ordering Process


You need to head on over to here, that’s the Printing Facebook site designed by Benjamin Lotan. It’s really simple to navigate. Just choose your own design of wallpaper – with or without margins, white, black or blue background color.

Connect with Facebook


The next step connects with your Facebook login and shows your friends. Click on Next Step, once it has found them all.



That’s it, you’re now ready to purchase and order your very own Facebook wallpaper. $20 + $5 for delivery but only in the US, at the moment. Why not give it a whirl. We’d love to know what you get up to with your Facebook Wallpaper, send us a picture when you have placed it insitu, whereever that may be.

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