Hipstamatic iPhone Photography Exhibition – Don’t Miss It


The Orange Dot Gallery, London
Exhibition: 14th January 2011– 31st January 2011

Launched in the summer of 2010, Hipstamatics.com is a blog dedicated to iPhone Hipstamatic photography. A beautiful online photo reel, it brings together and showcases some of the very best Hipstamatic shots from around the globe alongside some in-house originals.

People can scroll through the ever-expanding library of Hipstamatic shots and most importantly can share their own photos, submitting them for selection via Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.
From the hundreds of pictures on the blog the Orange Dot Gallery will showcase 157 prints – the same number as the amount of original analog cameras produced. A homage to both the history and future of Hipstamatics the exhibition will showcase some of the best works featured on the site to date, from both submitted snaps from around the globe and their own specially sourced and exclusive work.

A movement has started, opening up an opportunity for people around the globe to produce some outstanding lo fi photography all from their mobile phone. It’s a revolution that looks set to only continue to grow. Don’t miss this outstanding exhibition.



To get directions etc, visit the OrangeDotGallery here

London, England: Somebody Eat Me


Photograph: Olivia Snape

Paris, France: Pool Readers


Photograph: Jay Lag

Beverly Hills, US: Coffee


Photograph: Steph Thomson

Hamburg, Germany: Have a Look


Photograph: Sven Mainzer

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: On the way home from Texel


Photograph: Annemarieke van den

Florida, USA, Birds of Lemon Gel


Photograph: Sean Flood

North Shore, Hawaii: Waikiki Rainbow


Photograph: Brooklyn Dombroski

California, USA: Crash Test Dummy


Photograph: Stephanie Bone

Hong Kong, China: Repulse Bay


Photograph: Cara Gallardo Weil

Italy: Atomic Frying Pan


Photograph: Giulio Merli

Italy: Smoking Kills


Photograph: Giulio Merli

Brooklyn, New York: Steven


Photograph: Sheldon Serkin

On Sale


Some of the prints are also for sale. The sizes are 6"x6" and each is digitally printed on Kodak Royal paper. With Hipstamatic back stamped.

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