New App – HeyWire – Text Your Friends Within Facebook And Twitter


We all know this is a pretty busy market but if you’ve got a good idea for an app then it is definitely worth pursuing. HeyWire know all about this strategy and have produced a top notch Facebook app that allows users to send both texts and tweets within Facebook itself.



There is a charge though, not per message, but to give you a phone number to use; HeyWire will charge 20 Facebook credits per month. This telephone number allows you to send a receive free SMS messages from USA, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, South & Central America and China. This is a little annoying, although it’s not likely to break the bank, you can’t help but wonder why folk would willingly pay for something that they can get for free by way of using the Facebook messaging service. Perhaps this charge will become a thing of the past as HeyWire have recently joined forces with Twitter, going by the name of, HeyTweet. HeyTweet is totally free and allows users to send Tweets for free via SMS – that’s a bit more like it.

Check it out here

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