Super 8 Changes Into Camer8 iOS App Update


Camer8 launches in camera mode where you can start recording straight away. No need to worry about deciding what effect to apply and missing out on that magical moment.

And don’t worry, Camer8 saves all your recordings into its process lab so you can carry on filming and then process your videos when you want with the filters that work best!

If you are used to using Super 8 on your iOS device beaware that the title has now changed to Camer8. There’s a ton of other updates too, take a look below…

What’s New


An added latch that will hold the record button down for you, just like the old Super 8 cameras had! Just tap it to start recording and tap it again if you want to stop. You can still hold down the record button yourself for a more authentic experience.

Fixed the issue where the viewfinder would not start up properly.
iPod touch now records in HD.
Other minor bug fixes.


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