Top 10 Latest Guitar Apps For Your Nokia N8


There are some really cool guitar apps for your Nokia N8. We’ve gone through the best of the latest ones, take a look at these…

Tunerific 2.0


Tunerific is an interactive pitch/frequency detection guitar tuner. With Tunerific you can also listen to reference tones for 12 different guitar tunings and view, learn and listen to over 300 guitar chords. Stop carrying tuners and chord books around and access the guitar chords or tune your guitar anywhere with your mobile phone. Version 2.0 includes: – New user interface – Play-Chords function – More precise tuner


Guitar: Chord – Scales


Interactive chords as they fit into each key. Play back and forth through the scale of any key using its main chords. Move to 7ths or 9ths and relative chords. Chord-scales included for all the major and minor keys, naturals and sevenths. Useful aid to composition and improvisation.


Cavaquinho chords dictionary


Chord Dictionary for cavaquinho. This is a demo version with 89 positions. You need to download the full version for having the 749 positions available chords Tuning: D-G-B-D. Disclaimer: Some Widget applications may not work on early device software versions (firmware) on some devices. To ensure this Widget application functions properly, it is recommended that your device is updated with the latest device software by using Nokia Software Updater.


Tuning Tone Player


Tuning Tone Player contains a tone generator which can generate tones from the scale. You can use it to tune your instrument (piano, guitar, violin etc.). Supported notes: from C4 (261.61 Hz) to B6 (1975.53 Hz). You may use it with headphones. The application contains an orchestra tuning option – it is possible to modify the frequency, e.g. +2 Hz to get 442 Hz (as many orchestras tune to A4 = 442 Hz instead of the default 440 Hz). Please set your phone to normal (not silent) profile.


Guitar News


Music News from Feedzilla. Keep up-to-date with the latest headlines about guitar music here.


iJangle Guitar: Chord Circles


Guitar Chords – based on the circle of 5ths. Interactive compositional tool with audio. Find chords in any key. Use natural chords, 7ths or 9ths.


Guitar Chords+


Chords+. Never be forced to pull out your computer or a bulky chord book just to look up a guitar chord again. Featuring handpicked fingerings of more than 160 chords, Chords+ also explains how to play "slash" chords such as D/F# and the mechanics of sliding common bar chord shapes up and down the fretboard to form dozens more.


GuitarTapp – Tabs and chords


Easily search tab sites (like for bands and songs, select song versions, and view tabs with a fixed width font. Additional features: – Autoscroll: play along from the screen – Favorites: save tabs locally – Chords colorizing – Transpose: change song key – IntelliWrap: no more horizontal scrolling! – Adjustable font-size. – NEW: Power Tab support


iJangle Guitar Tuners


Guitar Pitch Reference Tunings – 6 & 12 string, bass + Open tunings. Accurate and easy to use tuning reference. Helps to improve pitch recognition for guitar and improve your ear by tuning to pitch. 11 Open tunings – Rolling Stones, Dylan, Celtic, Hendrix / Zeppelin, Nick Drake and Stanley Jordan styles .. Open D, Open G, Low C, DADGAD, BEBEBE, Eb/D# , CGDFGD, CGDFCE, GGDGBD, All Fourths & Open D6


BPM Counter


Simple and stylish Beats Per Minute counter. A must have app for any musician and DJ. Simply tap the button with the base of the the music and it will immediately show you the BPM of the beat. New feature: – Delays for DJs. Just tap on the screen to switch between tempo and delays. This app can also be used to calculate your heartbeat.


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