VinylLove – Bringing Nostalgia Back Into Your Life


If you’re anything like us at the joy of choosing a record in a record shop is a love lost many a time ago. Despite the ‘record’ success of Record Store Day on April 16, 2011 this year, it is sadly still a dying institution. Not least of course, with the surge of the iTunes store. But perhaps this app will help combine the two and bring some nostalgia back into your life.

VinylLove turns your iPad into a sleek and beautiful turntable. That sits perfectly on your desk stand on top or next to your stereo system. And that you can carry around with you everywhere you go. It’s not only beautiful; it changes the way you experiencing music.

It takes you back, to a time where you listened to your albums one by one, where you enjoyed every single track, in the order they where meant to be listened to. It even has that nice crackling sound you get from playing your old vinyl records.


If you know how a record player works, you know how VinylLove™ works. Lift the pickup, place it on the correct track. Want to skip songs? Well, use the pickup again.

With a simple zoom function you will be able to place the pickup on the exact spot in a track.

The one thing this app has been able to tackle is the smell of vinyl – may be they could include that in a future update.

If you would like to give this app a whirl, it’s available in the App Store for $4.99 and you can download it here.

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