Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – 10 May, 2011


Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…

Air Forms


Air Forms is the world’s most powerful database tool built from the ground up specifically for Apple’s iOS platform. Air Forms enables businesses and individuals to quickly create native looking and feeling, interactive interfaces into their data, without writing a line of code.

Air Forms serves up an amazingly powerful web app, called Air Forms Builder, for creating and modifying your database solutions right from your computer, no separate downloads required. Air Forms offers a multitude of powerful features including:

* Fully customisable layouts
* Form or List viewing of records
* Wide range of input elements: Text Fields, Pop Up Buttons, Checkboxes, Related Lists
* Customisable button elements allowing for creation of interactive workflows
* Fully searchable records
* Full relational capabilities
* Local or Cloud based data storage
* Calculation columns whose values automatically populate based on other column values
* Print records wirelessly right from your iPad using AirPrint
* Email records as PDFs
* Export records as CSV files from Air Forms Builder

Device Requirements
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later
* 10 MB download

Price and Availability
Air Forms 1.0 is free to download and try, allowing for viewing and editing of up to 5 records per table. Full, unrestricted licenses start at USD $99.99 per device. Volume license discounts are also available. Air Forms for iPad Free/Download here



Gormaya today is pleased to announce that Substitutions has been updated to version 2.0. Substitutions is a simple list of substitution tables that are very handy when cooking. Easily view tables of Alcohol, Baking & Cooking, Dairy, Gluten-Free, Herbs & Spices, Low Fat, Sow Sodium, Seafood & Meat, and Vegan substitutions.

Substitutions has been enhanced with customer requested features, including the new index as well as additional substitutions. Version 2.0 adds new categories for people on special diets, such as low fat, low sodium in addition to gluten-free and vegan. "We think we offer one of the most comprehensive substitution lists," said Duane Fahey, co-founder of Gormaya, LLC. "There is a substitution for that."

Feature Highlights:
* New index of all Substitutions
* New Dairy, Low Fat, Low Sodium and Meat Substitutions
* Now nearly 400 Substitutions in total
* New category icons
* New category headers
* New app icon

$1.99/Download here

Nighty Night!


Going to bed is often difficult for small children. An evening ritual is important and helpful. Heidi Wittlinger & Shape Minds from Berlin have developed a bedtime app for the Apple iPhone, Nighty Night! 1.1, exactly for this purpose. The book is read by the well-known actor Alistair Findlay. The elaborate design – an animated mix of photos and drawn elements – comes from Heidi Wittlinger, who was nominated for an Oscar for her short film in 2002. After the iPad version topped US book charts in the App Store also the iPhone version also went straight to Number 1 in the iPhone book charts.

All around the house the lights go out and even the animals in the barn are tired. But who puts them to bed? Who turns out the lights in their stalls? That is the task for small children aged 2-4 years, to help get them in the mood for bedtime. In this bedtime book for the iPhone, Nighty Night!, children get to know animals interactively. Dog, Pig, Sheep, Duck, Cow, Fish and Chickens moo and bubble, hop and lay eggs, until someone turns the lights out and the animals go to sleep.

"We were very mindful of making a calm, meaningful book," says Heidi Wittlinger, author and designer of the book. "Ultimately, the goal was for the child not to be wound up after viewing the book, but instead to understand that at the end absolutely everyone is sleeping, and now it’s time for them go to bed as well. Some of us have our own small children who now love this bedtime ritual."

For the book, elaborate, small sets of wood, cardboard and other materials were specially built, which were then digitally edited. With this, a warmer, more haptic look was created, which is something special and sets it apart from the usual monotony. Even the sophisticated animation invites you to look at the book again and again.

$0.99/Download here

Wallpaper Evolution


Paul Solt today is pleased to announce Wallpaper Evolution 1.0.1, a new App designed to showcase original abstract and psychedelic wallpapers in addition to personal photos. The App features a wooden coffee table where images slide onto the table for multi-touch interaction. Users can tap, flick, zoom, and rotate the images in any configuration. Wallpaper Evolution enables the next generation of photo interaction and wallpaper discovery applications.

"All of the wallpapers are original art created with mathematical formulas and evolution," said Paul Solt, who created Wallpaper Evolution. The images were designed and mutated using another App that Paul Solt released in January called Artwork Evolution. "The next generation of photo applications need to break the traditional photo viewing experience and give the user more control."

$0.99/Download here

Colorflys SD


iGotIt Games today is pleased to announce that Colorflys SD 1.0, a visually pleasing butterfly capture experience, is now available for Apple’s iPhone/iPod touch devices. Colorflys for iPad receives update 1.2, introducing two new features. The goal of capturing butterflies is simple, but the experience surrounding the goal is what creates something unique for the iOS platform.

"We’ve carefully gone through everything within the iPhone version to make sure it is just as solid as it is for our iPad players," says David McGraw, founder. "We made sure that the small screen complements the game by increasing focus and that the challenges scale properly."

Colorflys for iPad received update 1.2 which includes kids mode and the new slash capture method. Players can now circle or slash butterflies, and change the challenge of the game if the player is feeling extra casual or a young child is playing.

$0.99/Download here

Mascord Living Spaces


Mascord Living Spaces is the first app to be launched from the offices of Alan Mascord Design Associates (AMDA) – Portland’s premiere home design company. AMDA’s new magazine app includes feature articles, slideshows, video, and 360 degree revolving renderings for new home designs. The app – available for free download – also includes an easy to use menu system featuring interactive table of contents, page thumbnails, and a story view.

In the Summer 2011 edition – included with the app – The cover story and photo feature showcases ‘The Senath’, a beautifully crafted Arts and Crafts style home constructed by Castlerock. Other magazine features include ‘The Rivoli Residence’: The Story of Ray Rivoli’s LEED(R) Platinum construction of ‘The Abbott’; ‘Kitchens Inspired By The Old World’ : Creative kitchens combining modern technology with rustic flair, and more.

Gary Higginbotham, AMDA’s marketing manager, graphic designer, and green building specialist created the new version in-house, with the support of the company’s talented home design team. AMDA intends to produce fully interactive iPad versions of each forthcoming issue of the popular title.




Pixite LLC launches PhotoFresh App for the iPad, a fresh, new way to view, upload, and share Facebook photos and videos. Unlike other Facebook apps that try to incorporate all the features Facebook has to offer, PhotoFresh focuses on the users’ photos and videos, which are often the most interesting content on someones Facebook page.

A few major features make PhotoFresh stand out like the navigation, photo caching, and slideshow options. Users can pan, zoom, and quickly sift through all their Facebook photos and videos using the intuitive navigation that is familiar to anyone who has used the native Photos app. They can also view all the photo content offline, because PhotoFresh automatically caches the photos and even entire albums. Users can also turn any iPad into the perfect picture frame using their Facebook pictures and PhotoFresh’s flexible slideshow options.

Accessing Facebook photo albums is only half the story. PhotoFresh completely changes the way people send their pictures to their News Feed by letting users quickly upload photos and videos in high definition. Adding captions and batch uploading is also available. The camera function is integrated into the app so users can also take photos and videos, and upload them directly without having to use the Camera app. Users can also upload photos from their point and shoot cameras, DSLRs, and iPhones to their Facebook account using the Camera Connection Kit.

$1.99/Download here

Ring Reminder


iZooLu LLC has announced the release of version 2.0 of Ring Reminder, the best selling silent mode alarm on the Apple iTunes Store. Version 2.0 includes a face lift to Ring Reminder with a new theme and a Nag Feature which checks the state of the ring switch and continues to remind you to turn the iPhone back to ring mode.

Ring Reminder is designed for those that are tired of missing phone calls on the iPhone after putting their phone on silent mode. Ring Reminder has 10 slots to create a variety of custom timer alarms for use during meetings, a movie or any other senerio where one must put the iPhone in silent mode. Start the timer and it will vibrate after your meeting, church or lunch time. Ring Reminder can also be used to fake a phone call with 4 simulated ring tones from the iPhone default ring tone library.

Key Features:
* Easy timer alarms – 1 minute to 24 hours
* Pre-Define up to 10 timers
* Custom description that you choose
* Count down timer on main display
* Runs in the background!
* Cancel any timer alarm with one tap
* Delete and create timer alarms repeatedly
* Edit current timer alarms
* Can be used on the go, not location based
* Set a timer to get out of those meetings that run longer that you would like




Independent developer Felix Mo today is pleased to announce the first release of Locational for iPhone users. Locational is a versatile iPhone app that allows users to manage all of the locational information in their lives with ease and have it presented to them through an easy-to-use and beautiful interface.

Using Locational, users can obtain and share detailed information on their current location, such as the full address, the coordinates, the heading and direction, the speed at which they are traveling at, as well as the altitude of their location.

Locational can also record the locational data into a dataset which can then be presented as a route on a map or on a graph. In addition, Locational presents users with detailed statistics about the dataset, such as the distance traveled, speed, and altitude, all of which can be displayed in either metric or imperial units.

Furthermore, Locational allows users to store the location of different places as waypoints, which can be easily created from their current location, an address book contact, or through the integrated location search, which allows users to easily find places such as local businesses and landmarks. Users can easily share data from within the app via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, or Tumblr.

$1.99/Download here

Political Label Quiz


Super Boise Studios today is proud to announce the release of the Political Label Quiz for the iPhone and iPad. Now that the primary season is finally upon us it’s time to figure out what your politics are! That’s where the Political Label Quiz comes in.

The quiz is very thorough and consists of 45 multiple choice questions design by graduate students and professors at the University of Wisconsin and Yale. The questions gauge your position on various issues such as military spending, abortion, affirmative-action, gay rights, entitlement programs, and more. You can save your progress and take the quiz in multiple sittings. Once you answer all of the questions the quiz will instantly grade your results!

The results will first tell you whether your a social conservative or liberal. Then they’ll tell you whether you’re a economic conservative or liberal. Finally you’ll find out how conservative/liberal you are relative to everyone else who took the quiz! We also integrated Twitter and Facebook so you can share your results with all of your friends and family.

The Political Label Quiz is also included as a feature in the newest update to Political Fury: Primary 2012 Edition! Political Fury is the premier political discourse app in the App Store featuring forums, an in-game social network, a Primary 2012 Center, and more! If you take the quiz in Political Fury the results are posted to your in-game profile so you can share it with the community!


Paper Glider Para Drop


Neon Play, the mobile games studio behind Apple’s 10 billionth download Paper Glider, has launched a follow-up game called Paper Glider Para Drop 1.0.

The latest adventure takes place in a city backyard. Players must jump a toy soldier from their glider, open its parachute and glide onto a trampoline. Players need to judge the varying wind speed to ensure a successful landing.

Points are rewarded depending on the accuracy of the touchdown. Every turn players are advised on the wind’s direction and strength, and missing the target results in the toy soldier sizzling in a campfire, or worse, splatting in a doggy doo.

Paper Glider Para Drop still maintains the charming artistic style which won the original Paper Glider over 4.5 million fans worldwide. Para Drop is the third Paper Glider title to debut on the iPhone after the previous game, Paper Glider Bomber, which reached over 1.4 million downloads in just five weeks.

Neon Play has also incorporated the ability to customize elements of the game. Players can earn or buy different toy soldier parachutes to use in-game. There are 12 parachutes to unlock including a flame and camouflage chute, as well as choosing flags from different countries worldwide, such as USA, UK, Japan, France, Canada and Germany.


Playing with Dolphins


Announcing that Enjoyable Apps, the developers of Playing with Dolphins, has launched an exciting new product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a new application that uses cutting edge technology to give users a unique, realistic experience whereby they can get close and interactively enjoy dolphins in their natural habitat. Users are able to watch a pair of real dolphins swim, hear them talk, and influence their behavior. Playing with Dolphins footage is from the movie, Beneath the Blue, staring Paul Wesley.

Playing with Dolphins is a new, unique application that dolphin lovers everywhere will appreciate. It offers realistic, up-close-and-personal exposure to a pair of real dolphins in their natural habitat.

Users are able to interact with these mammals, making Playing with Dolphins a revolutionary, cutting edge app. Tapping the screen calls the dolphins to come and it can also influence their behavior by encouraging them to stay around. If users prefer, they are able to set the app to ‘Random’ to let the dolphins carry on swimming around, talking and playing as they normally would.

$2.99/Download here



Giraffon, a company composed of 4 young Brigham Young University students, created their first iPhone app, "GoTo", and launched it in the Appstore. Founder and CEO Russell Ochoa, 22, a sophomore studying communications, created Giraffon with help of James Lambert, 21, a sophomore studying computer science. They got together to fulfill their dreams of creating successful iPhone apps. Together they started working with GoTo and eventually added more people to their small team.

"We want to create iPhone apps that everyone would want to have in their phone," Russell said. "We think that GoTo is a great start to eventually have Giraffon in everyone’s mobile."

GoTo is an application that lets people find any business or location with an iPhone without doing any typing. In under three taps, you can find the closest location of your final destination. All the categories are displayed in an easy to use interface. This functionality works all over the world as long as there is Internet access.


Drug Wars!


The Drug Wars! app has been featured as a top 100 strategy game in the App Store of more than 40 countries worldwide. The game brings back the original challenge where users need to buy low and sell high in order to make as much money as they can before time runs out. Players travel around New York selling their wares and avoiding the police.

"People tell us how much they loved playing Drug Wars so we decided to remake and update it, with some surprising modern twists," said Shannon Holland, President of Deep Thoughts Software.

To update the game and make it more lighthearted, the app’s creators decided that users would trade in the drugs that anyone who has received a spam email is all too familiar with. With stylish graphics and colorful characters, the Drug Wars! app might seem like a basic game. But looks can be deceiving, the creators say.

"What looks like a simple game at first turns into a challenging strategy game, especially when things are always changing around you," said Holland. "No two games are the same."




"Worcle" (taking its name from "Words in a Circle") is an original puzzle, designed and developed by Lightwood Games, which offers a new twist for fans of casual word games.

Shoot balls into a circle to make words. Create words of three or more letters to clear the balls but watch out for the swirling vortex! If the circle fills up, you’ll get sucked in and it’s game over. The game’s strategy mode offers a steady pace with a great learning curve. Whereas quick thinking is required for timed mode, which can get fast enough to make you dizzy! The game turns to Apple’s Game Center to allow players to compete against their friends. It awards achievements at certain milestones, for making long or high-scoring words, and discovering ways to find several words using just one move.

Lightwood founder, CEO and pun aficionado, Chris Newman said, "Worcle is a game to curl up with and relax after a day of being driven round the bend. It’s a great way to unwind." Other team members have been instructed to describe the game as "a revolution" and "wheel-y great".


Four Walls


Four Walls is a young product that has hit the marketplace at just the right time. Now that the economy is gaining strength again, the app is helping people to assess potential real estate purchases, whether they’re looking for their next home or planning to buy investment property.

The Four Walls application is a robust tool with powerful calculators built in to quickly determine mortgage repayment, capital gains, term investment and capitalization rate of any property. Controls are all touchscreen and users smoothly sail through the data input process to get to the end result – the numbers.

Using the app helps to eliminate impulsive, emotional buying by putting the financial considerations front and center. Details such as monthly mortgage payments and the total amount of interest to be paid over the term of a mortgage, are all displayed in a concise, easy-to-read screen. Results can be saved for sharing, or can be emailed.

Multiple properties can easily be compared in Four Walls. Users can use the list view to check features and costs for each piece of real estate they’re interested in, to help them make decisions about purchasing.

$1.99/Download here

Hamster Breaks


Users begin Hamster Break with level one inside a training cage which allows them to get used to the game’s navigation and then, once complete, the hamster ‘Breaks’ free of the training cage and the player must navigate the increasingly challenging puzzles while collecting tasty nuts and avoiding the Gold Fish who has plans of her own.

The user must help the hamster using different sticks and springs together in patterns that allows with one push of the balloon the hamster to strategically accomplish his goals of avoiding Goldie and getting to the next level, nuts and all.

The game features 60 solid levels of challenging puzzles in 4 different room locations. There are multiple ways of passing the levels, allowing an added challenge to the player of trying to find the fastest way to complete the level.

$0.99/Download here

Period Diary


Period Diary allows women to effectively track their menstrual cycles, including physical implications such as the arrival of periods, times of peak fertility and ovulation, among others. With this information in hand women now have the knowledge they need to plan their activities around these life realities, ensuring that they maintain maximally productive lives and give themselves the best chances of conceiving should they attempt to do so. Structured as an interactive dairy of women’s natural cycles complete with graphic interpretative features, Period Diary is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for only $0.99 – a 50% discount from the app’s normal price – in celebration of the app’s recent launch.

$2.99/Download here

Castle Runner


TouchTen today is pleased to announce the launch of Castle Runner, a fast paced running game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The reaction based game is designed to test both users’ patience and reflexes and offer them a great source of excitement and fresh challenge.

Players are invited to enter the tumbling dark castle and need to use smart techniques to escape from it alive. The game involves plenty of running and concentration. The ceiling is falling rapidly which constantly increases the tension. Furthermore, users will have to overcome various obstacles on their way by jumping and sliding. Bonuses will give them some power to stop the ceiling from falling or raise it for a limited time. At the same time users have to keep an eye out for bonuses that may increase the speed of the falling ceiling or put the light out forcing users to run in the dark.

The excitement never ends in the electrifying adventure race. The soundtrack does a great job of complementing the high-tension feeling of the game and making it more immersive and entertaining. To help users quickly get the idea of the game, a series of visual instructions can be accessed from the home screen.

$2.99/Download here

Tickets on the Fly


Tickets on the Fly, the ingenious minds behind the first mobile person-to-person ticket sale platform, are excited to announce that the recent update of Tickets on the Fly for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has made the organization’s free public ticket sale portal quicker to use and more practical than ever. The Tickets on the Fly app is a unique spin on the direct person-to-person sale platform model that enables users to search out and buy event tickets straight from their mobile devices without dealing with price hikes and service charges that normally litter heavily marketed "middle-man" ticket outlets such as StubHub and the like. Helping event-goers get in touch with their tickets as directly and cheaply as possible, Tickets on the Fly version 1.3 is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free.

With the release of Tickets on the Fly version 1.3 users will now have the ability to conduct location based ticket searches in addition to the app’s normal search feature. The app itself has also been optimized to ensure that busy users experience improved loading times and smoother overall operation during use. This app is different from every other digital ticket outlet out there for one simple reason. It’s not a ticket broker!

The team responsible for creating Tickets on the Fly is not interested in buying someone’s tickets and reselling them at a profit. They simply wanted to make a platform where people with tickets to an event – concerts, sports games, the circus, it doesn’t matter – could easily connect with people searching for tickets to that same event. This means that ticket buyers don’t have to deal with the ridiculous surcharges – sometimes north of 35% – that conventional ticket resellers charge their unfortunate customers.

Free/Download here

Ship Captain Crew


C-130 Games LLC announced the release of their first dice game Ship Captain Crew (also known as Midnight), and can now be purchased and downloaded through iTunes for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Ship Captain Crew is a dice game of chance. The game can be played with as few as two people but is usually played in groups of four, five or more.

Senior application developer James Meyer commented "the game is a quick learn, user friendly and lot of fun. The app brings Ship Captain Crew into the touch-screen era through the creative use of graphics and device movements. James created the app so the game could be played anywhere where using actual dice is not an option."

The target audience are those men and women in our military, specifically the flying community. Also, C-130 Games are interested in attracting eighteen to thirty year old game players. James says that "C-130 Games has more fun apps up their sleeves so keep watching."

$0.99/Download here



Mona is menstrual calendar for iPhones, allows users to predict periods, to calculate menstrual cycles and period delays, to estimate ovulation date and days good for conception, to mark conception date and to perform term calculations with showing expected due date on the calendar. It shows many period statistic graphics and also basal body charts for more accurate ovulation day detecting.

It gives ability to receive local notifications to iPhone device of forthcoming next period or the first day of your period, fertile days, ovulation day, and special features – pills reminders (for example, contraceptives that need to be taken at strictly defined daytime) and next doctor’s appointment alert. The user can activate only those notifications that he needs and set up appropriate time for every message separately. The version 2.0 allows user to schedule any custom reminder she wants, on any date.


Sugar Rush


Notion, the creative force behind Removr has announced their second game, Sugar Rush for iPhone 1.0, is now available on the iTunes App Store. You are a small orange creature with an appetite for desserts, cakes and ice cream. Every single tasty morsel allows you to bounce higher into the sky. How high can you reach? Many sweets you find provide you with short-term special powers!

Tilt your device to eat candies & other treats. Try to get that elusive cupcake. Look for special treats that only appear when you get above 100k points. As you keep playing, candies get more scarce, but bonuses are bigger. If you don’t keep eating, you’ll fall down. When you have 100 points or more, you can save yourself by jumping. Compete against other players for the highest score and try to rack up achievements in Game Center.

* Beautiful standard & retina display graphics, with original music
* Bonus candies with special powers
* Infinite jumping space
* Unique gameplay mixing rescue and action that tests your dexterity
* Local and Game Center leader-board with 15 achievements
* Share your score on Twitter and FaceBook.


Empire Builder: Ancient Egypt


99Games, developer and publisher of iPhone, iPad and Mac games, is pleased to announce the release of Empire Builder for the iPad. Empire Builder allows the player to become one of history’s best architects and raise an ancient empire from the sands. In the game, players will meet a series of powerful pharaohs and help them in building an empire along the lush Nile River. In 30 fun and challenging levels, players will not just construct some of Egypt’s most famous monuments but also experience the rise of an ancient civilization.

"Empire Builder is an excellent building simulation game that gives players a taste of the Egyptian heritage", said Anila Andrade of 99Games. "The game also educates the players on different kinds of pyramids and monuments as they build them in historic locations in Egypt", she added.

Key features of Empire Builder are:
* Play through 30 challenging levels
* Meet 10 powerful Pharaohs and complete their assigned missions
* Build houses, ports, schools, temples and a variety of other buildings
* Buy, sell and haggle to earn more gold
* Unlock new building plans as you progress
* Play Imhotep’s Challenge mini game for special rewards
* Activate 10 Amulet power-ups to help complete levels
* Use your magic staff to banish mummies and eliminate locust plagues
* Supports Game Center achievements and leaderboard

$3.99/Download here

Packing Pro


Packing Pro, the top-ranking travel packing app from QuinnScape, has been given a major facelift for its second anniversary. Besides extensive design & user interface improvements, a host of usability & feature enhancements were made as well. Now at version 6.0 (free for existing iPad, iPhone & iPod touch users), Packing Pro has come quite a long way in two years.

Packing Pro’s facelift begins with its exciting new intro splash screen, and moves quickly on to its new ‘Old Journal’ theme design. Augmented UI customization options now include background textures (two kinds of paper, fabric, leather & cork), which can also be combined with unlimited color choices. On top of this, new packing list layout settings include showing or hiding item notes, as well as showing item numbers, number pads or numbers + person/bag icons. As you can see, this facelift extends past look-and-feel and actually improves usability and functionality as well.

Other important changes improve catalog management (editing item attributes and ‘clone a catalog’ function) and list management (person and bag attributes for items and list-category-to-catalog-category link settings). Usability enhancements include easy-to-use number pads, checkboxes & buttons that are now easier to see & use and helpful animation.

$2.99/Download here

Route Master


Mobile application developer Precision Apps has announced the release of Route Master for iPhone and iPad. Route Master on your iPhone or iPad 3G allows others to not only see where you are but how you got there and how fast you’ve been traveling. Route Master sends your location and speed data to a central server for sharing with others.

Want to share traffic conditions with co-workers traveling behind you? Route Master makes this simple to do. Colored PINS are displayed to indicate trouble spots or smooth flowing traffic conditions. Save money on cell phone calls from your wife asking when you’ll arrive home. By emailing your spouse your unique Route ID she can see how your drive is progressing from the free Route Master web site. Going to the cottage for the weekend? Route Master makes it possible for friends to follow you turn by turn. Your teenager wants to borrow your car? With Route Master you can track where they are traveling and how fast they’re driving.

Other Key Features:
* iPhone and iPad versions
* Auto Centering
* Switch between MPH and KPH
* Adjustable data refresh intervals
* Ability to view your route data, another user’s route data or all recent route data

$3.99/Download here



RogueSheep has announced that an important update for its TouchUp App for iPad is now available from the App Store. Since its original release in October of last year, TouchUp has brought creative photo editing to iPad, enabling anyone to create captivating art from their photos or make common adjustments with ease.

"We’re happy to have provided substantial enhancements to reusing layer masks as well as providing new effect filters in this latest release," said RogueSheep President and co-founder Daniel Guenther. "Also, the addition of full Flickr support and printing using AirPrint are powerful new ways to both import your photos and share your creativity with others."

The TouchUp App leverages iPad’s graphics processor and OpenGL graphics to provide high-performance image editing in a refined user experience. Users can apply a variety of effects to their photo which can then be "brushed" on or off any portion of the image. Users can stack any number of effects and adjustments on their photos to make even more impressive results. The update allows users to create new layers using the same touched regions, or to swap out which effect is being used on any given layer.


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: joanne@theappwhisperer.com