Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – June 19, 2011

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…

TreadmillVR Max


TreadmillVR Max, enables its user to select an outdoor scene where they want to exercise. They can also adjust the speed they want to travel, add a partner to share the scene with, and listen to their favorite music from their iTunes playlist. These components work together to create the sensation that they have left their indoor environment and entered the outside world.

The TreadmillVR Max scene library continues to grow providing users access to additional free scenes. Scenes include, traveling along the beaches, through sunny parks, crossing high narrow bridges, running along the rails of roller coasters, through shopping centers, into mountains, flying through clouds, moving across water, snowboarding, and lots more. Each video is produced from a first person point of view, which creates the sensation that the viewer is actually in the scene.

$1.99/Download here

Real Drums 4.0


Real Drums turns any iPhone or iPod touch into Professional Drums. Do you wish to surprise your friends and enjoy with them by playing drums and also other percussive instruments (as bongo)? "Real Drums" is the application for you.

With Real Drums, you can play:
* 6 types of drums (more coming soon!)
* Bongo
* Special Kitchen Drums (made with real kitchen instruments – Try it and enjoy)

Sounds are taken from original instruments and they are real and nice! You can easily set instruments and sound kit (6 drumkit) from application menu. Real Drums is developed to give you the best sound performance and no latency, for the best experience. Download and Enjoy!

Best method to use RealDrums:
* Start iTunes application
* Choose your preferred song and play it
* Start Real Drums
* Enjoy, and play your best songs

$0.99/Download here

Zombie Archer 2.0


WickeyWare has released an update to Zombie Archer, version 2.0. In Zombie Archer, we find our dim-witted hero from Turtle Archer happily showing off his archery skills for the beautiful princess, when suddenly an unholy horde of zombies descend on the kingdom. The gorgeous turtle princess is kidnapped by the undead army, as is often the fate of video game princesses. Our hero must use every ounce of his courage, and every arrow in his quiver to rescue the princess.

This zombie killing extravaganza is a classically styled arcade adventure staring a whimsically stylized medieval reptile. There are over twenty levels, each more challenging than the last, and three separate game difficulty settings for players to challenge themselves on. As the difficulty increases, players have the chance to upgrade and diversify their selection of weapons. The player must kill zombies to collect bounty and improve weapons, with upgrades including everything from multi-shot arrows to exploding arrowheads. The player can use the screenshot capture option when pulling off a zombie annihilating move so awesome, he or she has no choice but to share its glory on Facebook or Twitter.

$0.99/Download here

Typing Class


Permeative Technologies, one of the leading iPhone and iPad application development companies, has announced the update of Typing Class 1.7 a game for iPad. A way of improving typing skills while you play.

This is a game for all ages where targeted towards accurate and fast typing skill. Typing class entertain you with different kind of game for typing characters, numbers and words. Typing Class is a game for iPad which improves your typing speed and accuracy on iPad while playing and fun way.

It is guaranteed to provide hours of learning fun for you. The game has a graphical interface and requires the player to type word or character as before as possible. As your speed increases, your score gets higher and you will be moving for higher level. This will bring the remembrance of an old arcade typing game one we use to play on other consoles and PC’s.

$0.99/Download here



iBuster game challenges users to destroy a carcass of blocks using a set of 3 bombs. That means a user has 3 attempts to make all blocks fall lower a rope. It seems so easy at first glance, but even having powerful bombs at your disposal, it should take tons of time before you become an expert. With each new level a user faces even more challenging difficulties. Your destroying actions may be dangerous for little creatures living around. So your mission is not only in simple destroying of blocks but also in saving those little beings.

iBuster game provides multiple difficulty levels, attractive fresh graphics and striking design and all that greatly enhances and intensifies the game experience.

$0.99/Download here

It’s Bedtime!


Based on Dr. Eduard Estivill’s popular sleeping method, which has sold over two million copies in its paper version and has been translated into twenty languages, Random House Mondadori presents the Apps IT’S BEDTIME! and A DORMIR! for iPhone and iPod touch to help parents teach their children the habit of sleep.

Available worldwide in the iTunes AppStore, IT’S BEDTIME! combines scientific tips on how to communicate with children and apply Dr. Estivill’s renowned method with a practical section that features a stopwatch to time the waiting intervals parents should adhere to when going in and out of their child’s bedroom. Dr. Estivill’s audio messages and practical tips accompany parents through each step of the process.

"Thanks to new technologies, my method is now available to parents all around the world who are in the process of teaching their children the habit of sleep," says Estivill. "With this App, parents can follow my method in real time, while entering and leaving the room and, even better, I can guide them throughout the process and send them encouraging messages, all from the palm of their hand!"

$1.99/Download here

Reading Thai


Nagaraja Rivers is pleased to announce the release of Reading Thai – Words & Sentences 1.0 for iOS. This new app helps you practice reading Thai words and sentences in the Thai script. New vocabulary and sentences are presented in Thai script along with audio. Then you can tap the screen to reveal Romanization and English translation to check your reading and understanding.

Reading Thai – Words & Sentences is organized into 25 lessons. Each lesson begins with an introduction of new vocabulary words. Then there are a number of sentences composed of vocabulary words learned up to that point. In total, you will learn to read more than 200 of some of the most common Thai vocabulary words.

Each sentence or set of vocabulary is shown at first in Thai script only. You can play an audio clip as you try to read the Thai writing. Then, to check your reading ability and comprehension, you can tap the screen to show the Romanization and translation of the sentence or vocabulary set. The audio clips were recorded at a slower than natural talking speed in order to make it easy to follow the Thai text as you listen.

$4.99/Download here

Camera Pro for iPad 2


KenigArt announces the release of Camera Pro for iPad 2 v1.0. Now, with our app, photos taken on iPad2, will look better than pictures taken on professional SLR cameras. The program contains 10 tools and instruments to help you make your photos a professional looking as if they were taken to a professional SLR camera, a professional photographer.

Featured by iTunes – Top 20 Paid Photography iPad App in US and 150 other countries

Now you will not need to buy an expensive book on photography, reading hundreds of books or attend expensive classes of professional photographers. Our application will teach you how to make highly professional photographs in 1 click.

Application Features:
* Simple and easy HD interface is fully optimized for iPad 2
* 10 tools to improve your photos from your iPad 2 camera
* Even if you’ve never photographed before, now you can learn how to do it at the professional level using our application!

$5.99/Download here

Complete The Word


Complete The Word is meant for kids who are learning how to spell and read. Preferably for kids in age group 3-6 (in grade 1 or grade 2). The game has words with missing letters which a child has to complete. The spelling game has attractive pictures and difficulty levels to keep a kid hooked. Every word is spelled aloud letter by letter. Kids will learn to identify different objects and living things shown in the pictures by reading the spellings and hearing the spoken names.

How is the game played?
There are 5 levels of difficulty starting with 3 letter words. A letter is missing and the kid has to choose the correct letter from the options shown on screen. A cute graphic helps the child to identify the word. If a child gets the word right, applause starts to encourage him/her ahead. Every letter is spoken aloud along with the word. To cross a level, the child must complete at least 7 out of 10 words correctly. A child would love to play the game again and again till he/she crosses all the five levels.

How will small children benefit?
* They will learn to spell and read words faster
* They will learn to identify objects from their pictures, spellings and spoken names
* Increase in vocabulary
* Gradual introduction to bigger words
* Spelling and reading practice
* They will learn basic game play


Harem Thief


Vipos Apps announces the release of Harem Thief 1.1 for iOS. The HaremThief Iphone app offers all the usual dating features for browsing and searching profiles, sending gifts, flowers and messages. All communication features within the app are free and without any limits. In addition to the dating options, the app is also a game with two ways of acquiring and owning opposite sex profiles: buying and conquering.

Every user gets free game money to be spent for buying profiles or buying attackers who can be sent out to try to capture profiles from other harems. At the same time, harem owners can spend some of their game cash to buy harem guards to defend against attacks. They can also move their most precious possessions to hidden locations to evade any attack.

Of course each option has its cost, and it is up to the players to find the best strategy to become a successful harem owner. The app provides several different leaderboards for tracking success and popularity of users on a daily and all-time basis.




Independent developer Nigel Green today introduces CreativeMe 1.0 for iOS. Using gestures such as pinching, panning and rotating, CreativeMe manipulates photos and text to quickly create professional looking images that can be saved as a CreativeMe Project, emailed as a PNG image or PDF, printed directly to a network printer or exported to the iPad Photo Album.

One of the many uses for CreativeMe is being able to add different frames and matte boards to photos imported from the iPad Photo Album. A starter pack is included in CreativeMe with more frames and matte boards available via in-app purchase. Also included in the packs are additional fonts, font colors and background colors.

In the initial 1.0 release of CreativeMe there are 20 different project sizes available – the maximum being 1024 x 768, with more being added in later updates. Some of the most popular project sizes will be the preset sizes for social networking, and micro blogging service profile pictures.
Nigel Green Software Development encourages users who would like to submit their own request for specific project sizes to do so on the Support website.


Words with Cheats for Friends


SKH Apps is pleased to announce the release of another exciting customer requested update to their iOS app Words With Cheats for Friends (formerly known as Best Cheats for Words with Friends). The word building engine has been revamped to include searches using suffixes, prefixes and letter placement. The word engine can easily create words and solve word puzzles on top word games including Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, and Scrabble. The word finder previously increased word length abilities to create up to 16 letter words twice as fast as the original version. This speedy word finding app searches millions of letter combinations and creates large words in seconds. Also, still included in this app is the popular "import game screen" feature and now "one tap" definition searches.

Words With Cheats for Friends opens to a simple interface with a small text box that says: "Enter Letters". Do just that, enter some letters, and then tap search. Very quickly you are treated to every combination of words the app can find. For example, entering the letters "abcdefg", quickly reveals the words "decaf" and "faced" as being the best options, but also displays 46 more choices for users to choose the best word option for their current game. Along with the searches, funny motivational phrases are displayed like "You can’t be stopped!" and "One of these plus triple word = You Win!".




Anytune’s iPad optimization and user interface improvements add to its integration with Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS. Tweet your favorite pitch/tempo setting to your followers. Mark up any song and email your notes to a band member or student. Import tempo and pitch Settings, Audiomarks and Loopmarks from an email with one click. Anytune improves the music learning experience by enabling you to share online.

"The iPad rests comfortably on a sheet music stand and the platform’s larger screen enabled us to create an elegant user interface. We incorporated the GUI and functionality improvements into all platforms. We hope our users will like the changes as much as we do. We have more plans in the works and would love to hear what our users would like to see next." Anystone CEO, Tony Wacheski

Anystone is happy to receive reviews like, "Great app 4 music lovers – this app is awesome! I can actually learn songs!", and looks for new ways to engage their user base and continue to improve the Anytune app.


Camp Finder


Camping Road Trip LLC has made planning a camping or RV trip easier with the release of the Camp Finder 1.0 iPhone app. With the Summer season in full swing, many campers and RVers are excited to get outdoors. Getting the most from precious vacation time means finding hassle free ways to plan a trip, as well as being able to change plans on the move. Camp Finder app gives campers and RVers a simple way to search for campgrounds and RV parks, and discover the perfect place to stay.

"Camp Finder puts 14,000 U.S. campgrounds and RV parks in your pocket," says Julian Fenn founder of Camping Road Trip. "We want to help people have a great time in the outdoors and also save a few trees by getting rid of the big paper based camping directories. Camp Finder app is all about giving campers and RVers the freedom and spontaneity to have a great time on the road."

The reality of being on the road means that plans do change. RVers and campers can now use the Camp Finder iPhone app to access the most up to date information and search for campgrounds and RV parks by name, city and state or current location. With just one touch campers and RVers can check out rates, amenities, camping discounts, contact details and even photos and reviews posted by others. "Camp Finder is even smart enough to give you directions to your destination. The only thing it won’t do is drive your RV or car there!"




OstinGames is happy to announce the release of the fresh update, version 2.8, of its Zepi apps for iPhone/iPod touch. Zepi:Classic, Zepi:Ultra, Zepi:Spring, Zepi:Dark, Zepi:Pirates, Zepi:War, Zepi:Kids have arrived to the AppStore for immediate download, with enhanced gameplay, power-ups, achievements, and Game Center support now.

Zepi is the reaction based app designed to test both users’ wits and reflexes and offer them a great source of excitement and fresh cool things. The dead simple gameplay is featured across all Zepis while the graphics as well as themes of each app is different to cater for players of any age and mood, with superb images and sound effects harmoniously corresponding to the overall theme. For example, Zepi:Ultra is for fans of emo, Zepi:Dark is gothic, Zepi:Pirates offers to discover the sea treasures. There is Zepi:Kids for children and Zepi:Spring for those who are in love. Zepi games also have a very user-friendly interface, with an easily navigable menu. Players can quit a game whenever they wish and resume it from the main menu at any time.

The basics are quite simple. The players’ mission is to tap skins of the same color to link them into a single string that flashes and blows up as soon as you pause. Of course, new skins start moving in to replace the burst objects. Simple as it may seem at first glance, the gameplay requires some practice and intuition to figure out the most efficient strategy for scoring high points and achievements. The longer you play the more intense the action gets. After a short while, you’ll have to tap the screen of your beloved device fiercely to cope with the flood of objects. Ultimately, the more skins are there in your chain the more points you earn for your total. Chances are great that you will boost your score with special power-ups and unique achievement!

Zepi Dark – $0.99/Download here

Fruit Steps


Elam Games has released Fruit Steps 1.0, a brand new exciting strategic game for the iPhone. Compete with other players to gain the Global High Score.

The objective of Fruit Steps is to create combinations of 2 or 3 similar symbols. Each combination of 2 or 3 similar symbols will step up to the next row. The higher a combination steps up, the higher the score. At the start of each new game you will have 2 lives available. Start placing symbols on the bottom row and try to create combinations. The Joker symbol is a wild symbol. After every decision you make, a new symbol will be shown for you to place somewhere on the bottom row. When the bottom row is completely filled a game round ends and you will lose 1 life. If you still have lives left a new game round is started. Extra lives can be won by achieving the next live target score.

There is no time pressure so you can think about each decision as long as you wish. Although there is some luck involved, the highest scores will be achieved by using the right strategy.




GoGoSushi is a simple and addictive Tycoon game. With it’s the biggest update to version1.7, it becomes a more powerful and exciting game. It offers Ranking, Combo System and more items. In GoGoSushi, the player makes sushi for customers. If the player gives excellent service, you will get special items or fish from a market owner in game. Besides, you have various achievements via Game Center. They are easy or hard missions.

On Combo System, the player can make over 300 combos if they know sushi, which customer like, on special day. Each customer loves 3 types of sushi. The player can find it out while they are playing.

The game offers a decoration system. There are a lot of items for the player’s restaurant. It helps the game play. For example, the customers waiting time, fish’s flashiness and so on. The player will ranked on Game Center if they save a lot of money. The player can engrave their name on Game Center.

$0.99/Download here

Merlin’s Magic Room HD


Children’s application publisher Googly has announced the release of "Merlin’s Magic Room HD." Merlin’s Magic Room HD is an iPad application with three games designed to help toddlers improve their motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. The interactive games have magical themes to engage young children and motivate them to touch and drag the objects they see onscreen. The application was released on June 7th and was recognized by iTunes as a "New and Noteworthy" app.

The app’s three games are: "Merlin’s Magic Room," an interactive space where children can discover magical surprises and meet creatures from the world of make-believe; "Dress a Fairy," a modern version of paper dolls where kids can create, save and send a fairy image of their very own design to friends and relatives; and "Dragon Cupcake Toss," a simple throwing game where kids can feed cupcakes to a sad dragon to make it smile. Merlin’s games are populated with friendly talking creatures like fairies, pixies, gnomes, mermaids, djins, flying pigs and unicorns.

"We’re delighted to receive recognition for this app. Our team worked tirelessly for months to bring all of the perfect elements together. Merlin’s Magic Room HD really does have some magic – the magic of effective teamwork," noted Googly’s Technical Lead, Arsalan Ansari. Merlin’s producer, Lisa Steinmann, adds that Googly brought in stellar musical and artistic talent: "We were very lucky that pop artist, Fum Fum and film composer Dave Klotz could fit our project into their busy schedules. The whole focus of this app is to engage children by delighting them – the music and artwork for Merlin’s Magic Room HD really deliver. Kids of all ages love magic, but some magic worlds are too frightening for little kids; Merlin’s Magic Room HD is filled with smiling, friendly creatures that are appropriate for young children."

$1.99/Download here

NxtApp 4 Kids


From the makers of the acclaimed NxtApp – iPhone/iPad Brain Gym – comes NxtApp 4 Kids 1.0. NxtApp was featured in The Washington Post as "the perfect app for mental math" and is also featured by Apple in the "What’s Hot" section of its iTunes stores in the US and UK.

NxtApp 4 Kids is a fun new math game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch where the gamer has to complete sequence of numbers and is timed against the clock. The game also includes global leaderboard with Apple Game Center that adds competitive edge.

NxtApp 4 Kids is an exciting interactive game that helps kids reinforce counting and practice adding and subtracting in a fun-filled atmosphere. NxtApp 4 Kids comes with 5 stages with varying levels of difficulty so it is appropriate for all ages.

In addition, NxtApp 4 Kids allows the gamer to explore the wonderful world of farm animals with engaging animations and illustrations. The gamer can touch the animals to hear their sounds.

$0.99/Download here

Reversi Reloaded


mobivention has announced the release of their modern version of Reversi as a freemium edition for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Through a customizable play Reversi gives its players a new feel for the popular classic game. The basic version can be downloaded for free at the App Store and offers useful add-ons via in-app purchases.

Reversi is played by 1-2 players on an 8×8 board. The pieces are two-faced, each in 2 shades and they are being placed alternately on the game board. The players need to place their piece on a free field which borders an occupied field in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. The goal of the game is to enclose as much opposing pieces as possible. All enclosed pieces then transform into the own colored pieces. Whose color eventually dominates the board wins the game.

mobivention’s free version comes with the following features:
* One or two players
* Computer opponent
* Three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard)
* Hints
* Selectable player names
* Undo function
* Sounds

Free/Download here

Current Temperature


Current Temperature, the original temperature badge application for iOS, has been updated to push the current temperature to users’ devices with custom format options. The app is simple, and to the point. It is not meant to be a full-fledged weather application with maps, forecasts, etc. It simply displays the temperature and data that helps determine the feels like temperature.

Current Temperature now uses your latitude and longitude to get your location anywhere in the world (used to be US only, based on zip code). Current Temperature can push the temperature in your choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit. Current Temperature can push the actual temperature, the heat index, or the wind chill. So you can get the "feels like" values pushed to you. Push cycle runs on server every 30 minutes.

Note: Temperatures below 0 degrees will not display a badge icon. This is a limitation of the Push Notification Service, as negative numbers cannot be pushed at this time.

Key Features:
* Push the current temperature as a badge icon twice an hour
* Push temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
* Push the actual temperature, the heat index, or the windchill (the "feels like" temperature)
* Works anywhere worldwide using GPS coordinates

$0.99/Download here

Little Miss Liberty


KwiqApps has released another original children’s picture book on iPad, Little Miss Liberty, in collaboration with independent children’s book author and illustrator Chris Robertson. The enhanced book app with embedded mini-game is available in Apple’s App Store for the introductory price of $1.99. The app features high resolution graphics to take advantage of iPad’s large display.

Little Miss Liberty tells the story of a personified Statue of Liberty who was born in Paris. She grew and matured quickly and eventually made her way to the United States.

According to Chronicle Kids, Author-illustrator Chris Robertson has used his talents to create a humorous yet uplifting story about one of the world’s most symbolic monuments.

"iPad is the idea platform for children’s picture books. We are thrilled to bring another children’s title onto the platform." said Yadong Liu, Founder and CEO of KwiqApps Inc., "We made a great choice in working with independent author Chris Robertson on this book. Mr. Robertson’s talent inspired us to take on this project and bring his book to millions of children around the world."

$1.99/Download here



Koko is a new launch, an application that makes it super easy for users to share their location, in an SMS or map, with any internet capable phone. The app is ready to use as is, without the hassle of sign ups, logins, feature unlocking, configuration or installation for recipients and lets users know who their incoming location messages are from. Currently, Gani Software is offering Koko free of charge.

Gani Software is proud to announce the launch of their latest application, called Koko. The word Koko means "Here" in Japanese, making it the perfect name for a location sharing app.

Koko offers users a unique experience, where they are able to share locations via SMS or a map, with anyone who has an internet browser on their phone. Users are free to specify a location themselves or let the GPS automatically get a fix on their position. A map message can then be sent to others with merely a press of the ‘Send’ button.


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: [email protected]