Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – June 29, 2011

Latest iOS apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…

Gogo Navigator


EnGIS Communications, a specialist in the creation of sophisticated, high-end navigational software, has launched the newest version of its popular Gogo Navigator USA & CAN app for iPhone and iPod touch. Version 1.2 of the popular app features real-time Live Traffic update capabilities; making Gogo Navigator – known for its rich and user-friendly interface – an even more powerful and user-tailored navigational tool.

Gogo Navigator USA & CAN has steadily placed in the top 50 of its category at the App Store – where version 1.2 is now available for $29.99 (USD). Live Traffic, powered by Clear Channel Total Traffic Network and now available for use with Gogo Navigator 1.2, provides up-to-the-minute, real-time traffic information including in-depth accident reports, lane closures and colored traffic flow speeds. Live Traffic can reroute users based on incoming accident information resulting in a more efficient and effective navigational experience for users.




JAS Applications today is very excited to announce the release of the latest update for their popular iOS App iLambo. If you love cool cars, this is definitely the app for you. iLambo 4.0 is the most comprehensive guide to Lamborghini Cars in the App Store with over 1000 HD Images and Videos. View every single model since the original 1963 350 GTV to the current 2011 range including famous models such as the Miura, Islero, Murcielago, Gallardo and Aventador.

The App launches with the 15 different Lamborghinis in an easy to use table. Simply tap on the car you want to view and another table is brought up to show the different variants of that model. Tap on the variant and then the images are brought up onto the screen. Slide or use buttons to scroll through the images and you can even save an image to your iOS Device’s photo library so you can set it as your device’s wallpaper.


Revolutionary War


Revolutionary War 1.1 for iOS is the latest release from MultiEducator’s History on the Go Series. This incredibly educational and engaging mobile program makes use of the newest iPad technology to bring the historic events alive for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. The program covers an incredible variety of topics all accessible by simple to use touch menu screens.

Major battles and events of the war are covered in depth with a short and lengthier text entry. Drawings, paintings and maps illustrate the entries. Most of the battles include multimedia presentations of the battle. Several first-hand accounts of the battles as well as reports by General Washington about the battle to the Continental Congress are also included.

One section focuses on Famous Stories and Sayings of the Revolutionary War. Each of these stories and words- such "We have only begun to fight" includes both an illustrated text entry on the true events surrounding the story or quote, as well as a multimedia presentation on the event.

$4.99/Download here



QHHD Inc., a development studio that focuses on web, PC, and mobile game creation, has today announced the recent successful update of Twin-Ball for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.0 or later. Twin-Ball 1.1 throws players into the fun and dangerous world of the chuzzles – a pair of conjoint tag-team heroes – for some uniquely quirky adrenaline-pumping arcade action. Players are tasked with guiding their chuzzles from level to level while picking up enough stars to achieve victory! Newly released, Twin-Ball version 1.1 is currently available on the Apple App Store for $0.99 (USD) in the Games category.

$0.99/Download here

Karaoke Now


TriceraSoft, an audio and video solutions developer branching out into the mobile arena, was excited today to announce that Karaoke Now 2.02, their popular sing-along application, is still growing in popularity and been recently updated as well. Karaoke Now – compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.2 or later – represents the first fully realized and professionally organized mobile karaoke experience available through iTunes. The app allows users to choose from a licensed song catalog that’s unmatched both in depth and sheer variety. Version 2.02 of the app builds on its most recent incarnation, adding the option to hide or remove Ad banner during play for a more engrossing experience. Karaoke Now 2.02 is currently available on the Apple App Store for free in the Music category.




Mind Cafe, an innovative new mobile solutions developer, is celebrating the continued growth of AGMethod 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.0 or later. This unique pain management application doesn’t simply explain where users can find the tools to remedy their aches and sores, it IS the remedy. The app utilizes state of the art sonic induction technology together with a clear set of steps for users to follow in order to give them the power to sooth localized pain in a fairly quick an non invasive manner. It may sound out-of-this-world, but over 85% of patients report this unique approach to pain and insomnia management worked to help them. AG Method is currently available on the Apple App Store for $1.99 (USD) in the Healthcare & Fitness category.

$1.99/Download here

Balanced Scorecard Lite


Business & Strategy today is pleased to announce the release of Balanced Scorecard Lite 2.0 for iPad. What’s a business application? It’s one that helps our business. And what’s a useful business application? It’s one that helps to "improve productivity" and makes easier our Business. The difference is important, there are many business apps and we have to select those "useful business apps".

The Appstore categories differentiate their nature but do not guarantee their effectiveness in "improving our productivity." Let me tell you my experience as an entrepreneur and how iPad helps me: The first time I used an iPad I asked myself if I already had a desktop computer, a laptop and a mobile phone with an Internet connection, why buy an iPad? I firstly used to read emails and access Internet, later I used to read news and download interesting apps that help me in my work.

Free/Download here

911 Police Radio HD


Free the Apps!, the developers of 911 Police Radio HD, has launched a new version of their popular iPhone app for iPad users. The application offers thousands of emergency radio stations to listen to, lets users add custom feeds, shows the number of listeners on a station and allows users to save their favorite emergency radio channels. 911 Police Radio HD is the same easy to use app as their iPhone version but showcases new, custom graphics developed specifically for iPad. The app can play in the background while other applications are running, and also includes scrollable 911 call reference codes.

Previously, this application was only available for iPhone and iPod touch. The app was so successful, that it achieved a Top 20 Free Utility App ranking in the App Store. That prompted the developers to offer iPad users the same experience.




Mobile developer, Imperial Penguin today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Subterran 1.0, its first 3d tunnel flyer game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game is the first of many games planned to take advantage of the power that Shiva 3D brings to both mobile devices and desktop software. Can you make it to the rank of admiral? Find out by playing Subterran now.

Take the controls of a ship specially designed to fly dangerous missions through enemy tunnels in this exciting game. You will start off as an ensign, and if you play well, finish as an admiral. But don’t expect to make that rank on the first try. You’ll have to be the best of the best to achieve that goal.




The race of races, the Tour de France is coming soon. Take this opportunity to ride! But keep in mind that a well-fitted bike can make all the difference. SizeMyBike released SizeMyBike 2.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. SizeMyBike is the first iPhone bike fitting app. Essential to choose the right bike size and improve your position.

Define your morphology with 6 body measures and SizeMyBike will compute the optimal geometry of your road bike (comfort or performance) or your mountain bike (xcountry or all mountain). A multi-user environment allows you to back up mates data & yours. Bike measurement well fitted by SizeMyBike can be sent by email (PDF file). Note that Apple featured SizeMyBike on the App Store through a selection of "Apps for cycling".


Baccarat 88


Code Redman today is pleased to announce the availability of Baccarat 88, the fourth in a range of card game apps exclusive to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Baccarat 88 is a hand held version of the popular casino card game Baccarat. Baccarat 88 is a free download.

The aim is to bet on the outcome of two hands. The options are a banker win, a player win or a tie. This implementation of the classic game includes large animated playing cards, quick responsive gameplay and optional backgrounds and sound effects.

"Baccarat 88 is our fourth card game in the series. The previous games, Pontoon 88, Blackjack 88 and Poker 88 are proving popular with mobile card game players" said Chris Redman, founder of Code Redman. "Baccarat 88 keeps the idea of good planning and luck enabling you to play it free forever. If not, the game gives you free chips to play with after half an hour. You can buy more chips in the app allowing you to play for much longer with higher bets."


Galaxart HD


Dimlight Software, LLC. today is pleased to announce the release of Galaxart HD 1.1 for the iPad. Galaxart will allow anyone to create their own beautiful galaxies. There are many precreated assets including planets, galaxies, nebulae, lens flares and more. Users can also choose between Multiply, Overlay, Color and Screen blend modes. Other options include a scatter brush that will scatter objects as you draw and "Place" mode which will allow you to place objects exactly where you want them. Export your creations and send to friends or set as your wallpaper.


World’s Opinion


AppGeneration today is pleased to announce the release of World’s Opinion 1.0 for iPhone and iPad. If you could ask something to the World, what would it be? With World’s Opinion, you can ask anything to our worldwide community of more than 70.000 members and get the answers in just a few hours.

Is it about sex or politics? Is it about lifestyle or sports? Is it about secret habits or public opinions? That is all up to you! Just ask and know what people think about it all over the world. With members in more than 140 countries, you will be able to really get the pulse to the world’s opinion about any subject you can think of and get instant answers that you can check, in real time, with full graphics, inside the app.


RC Plane 2


Frozen Pepper, iDev2 and Ethervision have teamed up again to launch RC Plane 2, a ground breaking universal binary application that offers the ultimate in radio controlled plane flight simulation paired with exhilarating race and gaming challenges.

"After having our original RC Heli and Plane apps downloaded by over 3 million people and receiving such amazing feedback from our customers, we made it our mission to outdo ourselves with the second generation, " enthuses Ottavio Radicati, creator of RC Plane 2 and Founder of Frozen Pepper. "RC Plane 2 is our most ambitious release to date. In addition to Free Flight and twelve exciting races, it includes two visually stunning environments to fly in – Seaside and Tuscany – as well as six new game modes and seventeen different planes."

RC Plane 2 offers a wide variety of options designed to fit everyone from casual gamers to the most seasoned RC veterans. "Users can choose from a diverse selection of aircrafts, including everything from Cessnas and fighter jets to cargo transport and water planes," says Aaron Basil, Development Chief for Ethervision. "We’ve also included five training lessons so that pilots can easily learn the basics of RC plane flying from the ground up, or simply sharpen their existing skills." RC Plane 2 also features Game Center achievement and leaderboard integration, as well as an updated control scheme that allows custom rudder control, real time tweaking of any channel in-game and accelerometer support.




JAM Language is excited about the launch of their first iPhone and iPad application. They have collaborated with Lux HQ Ltd. whose headquartered in London, UK, to create the application 99.spanish.verbs flashcards 1.0 for iPhone and iPad. While this is their initial collaboration, JAM Language Ltd. and Lux HQ Ltd. foresee this as a long-term partnership. JAM Language Ltd brings the content expertise to the table while Lux HQ Ltd. enhances the partnership with their programming expertise and experience.

JAM Language Ltd has been looking for a partner for some time in an effort to expand the platform and deliver their products to consumers on various different formats. They have been particularly interested in Apple because unlike Amazon Kindle, Apple does not have language restrictions. This is particularly important for JAM Language Ltd. which looks to become market leaders when it comes to Arabic content.

The Apple application of 99 expert selected key Spanish verbs in a fun flashcard format for easy memory recall. It takes the user back to the basics with simple to use and relevant essential verb information for anyone learning Spanish.




GeoSphere is a new gaming app launch that offers wild fun for all levels of players, even hardcore gamers. Players select from a list of weapons and sub weapons then head for the geometric planet of GeoSphere. There, an intense battle is played out in cool, 3D graphics, using the device’s accelerometer and directional pad for movement, direction, shooting and control.

While the game has an intuitive interface and gameplay, players must pay attention in order to survive the fast paced action and win the game. Quick reflexes are extremely helpful during a battle, as the dozen different types of enemy may approach from any direction.




Terminology is a language browser for the iOS, combining dictionary and thesaurus features into a playground for those curious about words. It sets itself apart from other dictionary and thesaurus Apps in the iTunes App Store with its rich, readable interface and easy access to further research with the built-in browser. Since it’s release, Terminology has topped the App store reference charts, and been listed in "New & Noteworthy", "Staff Favorites", "Words for the Wise" and other App store features.

The 2.0 update is a major release, including:
* Rewritten user interface improves look and performance
* Ability to customize fonts and font sizes
* Ability to customize links to other apps and web resources
* Automatic searching for clipboard contents
* Many other minor improvements




Riverstone Labs is proud to announce the recent launch of their latest product, called DialZone. This is a useful, time-saving application that automatically generates and displays the local time zone of every person in a user’s contact list. The app does all the work, placing the local time zones beneath the phone number of each contact, eliminating the need to find and calculate time zones before placing a call.

Additionally, DialZone allows users to search for a specific country to find a time zone. All time zones can be displayed on a map. Using the same search function, users are also able to quickly and easily access every country’s calling and ISO Alpha-2 codes, making it much faster to place international calls.



Card Drop


Independent game development company, Kuyi Mobile today is pleased to announce Card Drop version 2.0.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Ever been stuck waiting for a delayed flight or been forced to endure a doctor’s waiting room for an hour? Listen up because those mind-numbing situations will never be a problem for you again, once you have Card Drop!

Card Drop turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a stimulating and addictive game machine. It’s really easy to figure out what you have to do but challenging enough that you will never want to stop playing. Card drop is the new millennium version of solitaire, but don’t worry – it is definitely not your grandmother’s card game. This app is a souped up version of that old classic–solitaire on steroids!


Screenplay for iPad – Your Mobile Screenwriting Solution


As any screenwriter knows, an idea for a potential scene can strike almost anywhere. Whether you are in the car, on the bus, or on the train, you need to capture the idea and put it to paper before inspiration leaves you. For the past two years, Screenplay for iPhone has been the key tool for screenwriters who want to remain connected to their script no matter where they are. Black Mana Studios is proud to present the launch of the long awaited Screenplay for iPad.

Screenplay for iPad was created with specific input from a team of professional screenwriters. Black Mana Studios’ design relied heavily on the team’s opinion of which features are vital to the success of an iPad screenwriting app. Says Aki Yifrach, founder and creative director of Black Mana Studios, "Professional screenwriters were heavily involved in the development of key new components that will allow screenwriters, whether amateur or professional, to seamlessly create a script on the go." The result is an affordable screenwriting application that is both feature rich and user friendly.

$13.99/Download here

Sprinkler Times


Sprinkler Times easily and instantly calculates the correct settings for automated sprinkler systems so that landscapes get the optimal amount of water for specific regions and plant types all year long. Using regionally-based, historical climate information together with industry-regulated soil and plant data, the easy to use Sprinkler Times app determines the best possible settings required for automated sprinkler systems for healthy lawns and landscapes all year round. Garden Apps has been using this data successfully for decades to eliminate overwatering, leading to healthier landscapes and household savings of hundreds of dollars annually. Now the company delivers Sprinkler Times for year-round water optimization.

Free/Download here

Tickets on the Fly


Tickets on the Fly, the ingenious minds behind the first mobile buy-to-seller ticket sale forum, are excited to announce that the recent update version 1.8 of Tickets on the Fly for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has made the organization’s free public ticket sale/ re-sale portal quicker to use and more practical than ever. The Tickets on the Fly app is a unique spin on the direct buyer-to-seller sale/ re-sale forum model that enables users to search out and buy event tickets straight from the owner of the ticket right from their mobile devices without dealing with price hikes and services charges that normally litter heavily marketed "middle-man" ticket outlets such as StubHub and the like. Helping event-goers get in touch with their tickets as directly and cheaply as possible, Tickets on the Fly version 1.8 is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free.

Free/Download here

Share Board

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