Photographers Contract Maker Now Available On Android


The Number One Selling Contract Maker is now available on Android!

– Create, Edit, Sign and Email custom Photography Contracts and Releases from your Android Device!! Embed images and branding options. Pro Placeholder Pack (Included FREE) allows for even more customization options.

A few more notes-

– The developers state that they have had to charge more for the Android Apps simply because the development cost is much higher (about 4 times as much).

– PCM has all the custom placeholders and branding options already available, so there is no need to make any in app purchases to get them.

To purchase this app, go here:




– Comes with 5 great starter photography sample contracts:

1. Photo Shoot Contract

2. Model Release

3. Underage Model Release

4. Copyright Release

5. 2nd Shooter- Work for Hire


– "Settings" screen allows photographer to enter all of his/her information, including signature. This information is automatically embedded into templates. (Edit and Change your info at anytime.)

– Add, Manage, & Sync "Client" List to and from your device Contact list.

– "Auto Embed" Feature automatically inserts Photographers and Clients Information into template contracts. (This is a huge time saver, all you need to do is select which client you want. App will feed their info from your phone’s contact list).

– Select Date (Dual Feature Selection) and Time of Shoot 

– Shoot Date and Time
– Automatically embedded into each contract with shoot data fields.

– Create New Client Contracts (Unlimited)

– Create New Contract Templates (Unlimited)

– Edit Current Contract Templates, including "Add", "Duplicate", "Edit" and "Delete"

– Edit Single Draft Contracts (Allows you to change parts of a new contract without effecting a template)

– Clients can "Sign" and "Resign" using their finger on touch sensitive screen.

– Contracts are converted to PDF documents which you can then archive by emailing to yourself and/or your client.

– "Saved" Contracts allows you to access previously saved contracts, signed or unsigned.

– Unsigned Contracts can be signed later. 

– "Placeholders" allow users to create their own custom templates and still have auto-embedding features

- Save and Email Unsigned Contracts

- Contact your Clients from your "Client List"

- Trash Bin, allows you to recycle or empty deleted contracts and templates

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