Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – November 9, 2011

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…

Classique Camera


Panorama Concepts has released Classique Camera 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Do you love the vintage photo and video effects of photoshop related software but do not want to waste money and time on expensive software? Well, with Panorama Concept’s release of Classique Camera Pro, you can travel time and create amazing retro images and films with the simple tap of a finger on your iPod / iPhone / iPad.

"Discover the beauty of the Retro & Vintage era, awaken your lost nostalgic memories and feelings", says Alan Kong, CEO of Panorama Concepts. Classique Camera Pro allows novice users to create new memories in old-school style and is also a great tool for professional photographers and filmmakers seeking to produce original and authentic work of art.

Feature Highlights:
* Take Photos and Videos in live Digital Preview
* Activate flashlight and select Front or Rear Camera on compatible devices
* Choose from the following Lens / Filters: Classic, Rosa, Hippie, Gothic, Blues, Sunset, Disco
* Re-process existing videos with the app’s inbuilt lens / filter to match your desired mood
* Save your images and videos to app’s folder or camera roll, share with your friends on email


Snow Globes 3D


The Snow Globes 3D! iPad activity book delivers fun for the whole family this holiday season. The interactive book app features gorgeously illustrated interactive snow globe scenes tied together through an open-ended holiday storyline. The book travels from New York City to a quiet winter forest, from a magic gingerbread house to Santa’s North Pole. Readers can touch characters to watch them spring to life and tilt the iPad to make realistic physics-driven snowflakes swirl around the screen.

Newly updated by award-winning app developer See Here Studios LLC, the iPad activity book combines the warmth of shared family storytime with the surprising elements of a pop-up book and the unique virtual reality features of the iPad. The book can be viewed in either 2D or stereoscopic 3D for a truly immersive and captivating experience. According to an iPhoneMom.com review , "The app can be experienced in 3D (with glasses) or in 2D. Either way it’s an amazing looking experience."

An iTunes User Review describes the iPad book: "This app brought magical laughter into my house from my children. They loved the interactive musical tree and how the screen would fill up with snow. Make sure and tilt the iPad to see the snow move just like it is inside a real snow globe! I am so glad that I bought this app for my children! They will enjoy it for many Christmas’ to come."


uGreet Pro


Vetri Holdings LLC is proud to announce the launch of iPhone/iPad/iTouch app called ‘uGreet pro’. It is a fully custom e-greeting card that you can share on Facebook in an instant or send via email. You get to use 26 cool templates or create your own. Unlike other cards apps you can send/share uGreets to any number of people any number of times for one time cost of $1.99. Plus it has many other features such as calendar and reminders alarms to go with custom tool suite to create your own cards.

Share Greeting Cards on Facebook Through Your Apple Device. Currently available in two versions, users can enjoy the basic features using the UGreet Lite version for free or buy the Pro version to take advantage of the full set of features.

Users can get to their creative best to greet friends on multiple occasions. UGreet first lets the user choose from a list of occasions. They are then given an option to create their own custom greeting or get it done quickly by selecting one of the in-built templates based on the occasion selected. Users have the option to add clip-arts, images, texts or even capture live photos to their greeting card. Once the greeting has been created, it can either be mailed to friends or shared on the friend’s Facebook wall.

UGreet also comes equipped with an event organizer. Go ahead and set events in the calendar app that comes with UGreet and set reminders or alarms. The app will even remind you to send greetings for your friend’s birthday or Christmas. Forgot what is happening today? Just turn on the app and at the bottom, you have your events for the day listed out.




CultStory Inc. today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of "PhotoCal – Sorting photos by date", its new application now available in the App Store. PhotoCal analyzes metadata of the photos automatically, and rearranges all of them on iPhone by date.

The iPhone default photo app also shows the photos by date, but it does not allow users to check the date or the location of the photos. Moreover, it’s not easy to find any photo taken a long time ago when users have many photos on their iPhone. PhotoCal will be useful for those users because it provides three different viewmodes. The first view is a photo thumbnail view with date section bar. All photos thumbnail view in any folder will show the date of the photos taken.

The second view is a monthly-grouped mode. All the photos grouped by the month of the photo taken. This helps users access old photos. The last view is calendar mode. In this mode, photos are displayed on the calendar. Users can check their photos by date. Additionally, on the photo detail view, if the photo has GPS information, it can show the location on Google map.

* No needs to copy or move any photo
* Photos grouped by date on thumbnail-viewmode
* Photos grouped by month
* Calendar-view mode
* Location information on Google map
* Passcode lock


Remoter VNC


RafSoftware today is pleased to announce Remoter VNC 3.2 for iPhone and iPad, an update to their productivity app that enables users to remotely control Macs via Screen Sharing, and Windows or Linux computers using the VNC or RDP standards right from their iOS devices. The app uses Bonjour and NetBIOS to make setup a cinch, and it features a novel and highly praised "virtual trackpad" that allows to control the mouse cursor intuitively. RemoterFusion, which provides sound redirection and easy setup, RDP, Telnet and SSH support are available as in-app purchases.

The app offers one of the fastest implementations of the VNC and RDP protocols on the iOS platform. Operation is intuitive, with a well thought out interface that allows users to either tap on the screen and have taps converted into clicks on the remote system, or use a unique "virtual trackpad" that gives users precise control, and ease of use. A drag or stylus mode on the iPad version is also provided, which gives users the ability of easily dragging items, or drawing on their computers directly from their iPad just by using their fingers or a stylus.

On Macs, setup is now ultra-simple with the RemoterFusion add-on. Port-forwarding and/or dynamic DNS is no longer needed in order to establish connections from outside the computer’s network. This add-on also provides sound redirection, which allows listening to music tracks, or any sound playing remotely on the computer from the iOS device. RemoterFusion can be tested for free for 24 hours.

Otherwise, local session set-up is still simple, all the computers from the WiFi network are found using both the Bonjour and NetBIOS standards. The user then taps on the desired connection, and all queried information such as computer name, IP address, service port, and more auto-populates the set-up screen. The user then only needs to enter the VNC password to complete setup. A button labeled "Advanced" reveals many useful advanced options, like color depth, server scaling setting, compression level and more.

The new RDP add-on allows connecting to Windows computers that include an RDP server (Remote Desktop Protocol). This allows connecting to these machines without having to install a server, as is the case with VNC.


Guardians: The Last Day of the Citadel


"Guardians: The Last Day of The Citadel," the arcade game developed by DrakkarDEV thanks to Unity technology for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and published by A-Tono, now it can be downloaded for free on the App Store in the Lite version.

In "Guardians" the players assume Loreena Eysgaard roles, she is the captain of the Royal Guard of the Citadel, an ancient fortress built to tackle the threat of demon "Vash" ‘s legions. When Vash’s terrifying armies besiege the Citadel, Loreena begins an epic trip toward salvation, punctuated by some unexpected and enemies to fight. In her run, in fact, the protagonist must avoid many dangers such as: hitting enemies with her arms, facing a lot of duels and using the magic power to cast some spells and to open magic portals.

The scenarios to cross to conduct Looren toward the safety are many and all of them very suggestive: an infested forest by giant insects, ancient Aztec temples teeming with the undead, green plains and crypts filled with demons and, again, environments inspired by the Middle Ages, by the Vikingsland and the Spanish Renaissance. With the addition of a fantasy touch!

Compared to the full version, Guardians Lite allows to play a level created specifically by the developers to show to the players the exact game mechanics: jumps, slides, swords, duels, and enemies are just some of the elements present in "Guardians".
This free version also supports Game Center – although with a limited set of achievements – and includes the opening movie.


Fantasy Vixens


"Fantasy Vixens" voted Best Holiday Gag Gift For Men. Welcome to Candi’s Wacky World of Fantasy Vixen Fun. Share some laughs with friends as you put your face into 15+ Funny iCards and send them to your friends.

15  Funny Vixen-O-Grams (i-Cards) include:
* Wrestling Vixens (hair colors: fuschia, fire red, midnite black & summer blonde)
* Sporty Vixens (Weightlifter, Baseball, Boxing, Motocross & more)
* Outlaw Vixens (Beer Smuggling, Wanted Dead or Alive, Too Good Lookin’ & more!)
* Special Occasions (Happy Birthday, Congrats, Cheer up, Happy Anniversary)
* Doggie Greetings

9 New Unlocked Mini-Games include:
* Rocket Vixen – try to land a flying Vixen into a speeding sports car
* Vixen Darts – aim for the bulls eye while the Vixen moves around the screen
* Vixen Machine Gunner – have a Vixen blast an enemy photo to pieces
* Super Vixen – guide your Vixen across the sky to avoid flying saucers and building tops
* Fortune Teller – what’s your destiny -ask our Vixen
* Vixen Morph your Face – take a photo and completely morph your face

One of the favorite mini-games is the Vixen Machine Gunner where you add the face of your choice to the background, then use the Hot Vixen’s Machine Gun to blast the photo to pieces. Ahhh don’t we feel good without going to jail! Other fun mini-Vixen games include: Super Vixen, Fortune Teller, Vixen Morph Your Face, Vixen & Rocket Vixen.


The Princess and the Frog


A&R Entertainment today is pleased to introduce The Princess and the Frog 1.0 for iPad, their new, interactive Book of the classic fairy tale by The Brothers Grimm. The story can be read aloud in any of five languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish), or a parent may read to their child. The professional narration, original music, humorous animation, and glorious artwork provide a truly entertaining experience for both child and adult, a goal rarely achieved by eBooks for young children. The app features two mini-games that include elements from the story, and a touch-to-speak review of vocabulary words used in the book.

A fairy tale known by children in cultures the world over, The Frog Prince was published by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in 1812. It tells the story of the princess who accepts a favor from a frog, and in exchange, the frog is granted a kiss from the princess. When the frog requests his reward, the princess is reluctant. But she realizes the value of her promise and concedes. The frog turns into a handsome prince who has been held prisoner under a magic spell. They fall in love, marry, and live happily ever after.

Re-told again and again, the story has been the source of numerous variations, plays, films, musicals, etc. The story is filled with wonder, humor, surprise, moral lessons, and psychological truisms. The Princess and the Frog for iPad is a significant addition to the corpus of interpretations this tale has inspired. Right from the title page, it is clear that this eBook is the result of great care, creativity, and cooperation between visual, musical, and vocal artists.

The style of the illustrations is quite unusual and highly effective. Each character and important object is a cartoon cutout. For example, the beautiful young princess appears in different sizes and in full view, in medium view, and in closeup, and in each case she appears as a cutout, roughly the same shape as her outline. She is a separate, independently animated layer, in a collage of cutout characters and objects against a fixed background. Paper-thin, each cutout has a life and layer of its own. In highlighting her status as a pictorial entity, rather than a part of a single picture, the reader’s imagination is given the freedom and impetus to give her life.




Prosoft Engineering, Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of PictureParty for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. PictureParty turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a picture frame that expresses emotion and tells a story with the themed frames and music for all occasions and events in your life. Easily create fun and interesting slideshows for your Christmas pictures, Halloween, Graduation or that trip to Paris. It’s all very easy with PictureParty.

"Prosoft is excited to be releasing PictureParty, a great new way to show off your pictures by creating moving slideshows with eye catching frames and music on your iPhone or iPod touch," says Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft Engineering, Inc.

PictureParty is Prosoft’s 4th application (Data Rescue 3 LE, Drive Genius 3 LE and Klix) in the App Store. It currently comes in 3 different versions:

Holidays ($1.99):
4th of July, Christmas, Easter, Fathers Day, Halloween, Mothers Day, New Year, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day.

Milestones ($1.99):
Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, First House, Graduation, New Baby Boy, New Baby Girl, Retirement, Wedding

Travel ($1.99):
Cruise, European Trip, Safari, Summer Vacation, Travel, Trip to Asia, Trip to South America, Trip to U.S., Wine Tasting  

PictureParty Travel $1.99/$1.49/Download

Video Clips – 1000+ iMovie Ready Clips


Announcing that JENS Ltd., the developers of Video Clips – 1000+ iMovie Ready Clips, has released the 2.1 version of their unique product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The application represents the first of its kind in its industry, offering users very fast and easy royalty-free licensing of video clips via simple in-app purchase. Videos are ready-formatted and ready to use or edit in iMovie immediately. Licensing fees are competitive and users can also contribute good quality videos in order to make some money through licensing.

JENS Ltd. has released their 2.0 update for Video Clips – 1000+ iMovie Ready Clips. This app is an industry first, allowing mobile users to quickly and easily download legal royalty-free clips via a simple in-app licensing purchase.

"We are targeting the iPad and iPhone market mainly because there are no apps offering this service yet. Also, we wanted to allow private individuals to license material instead of only professionals," said Jens Wikholm, JENS CEO.

That means that this application is suitable for everyone. Once a licensing fee has been purchased for a video, it can be played and edited on iMovie, or in the case of professional filmmakers, can be emailed to their edit suite. All of the videos are ready-formatted, users simply select the file size they want and download.

JENS licensing fees are competitively low. Combined with the easy convenience Video Clips offers, it’s pretty difficult to pass this one by. Besides, the app is free to download, search, browse and play clips in the extensive library.


myShopi – Shopping List


Announcing that Agilys, the developers of myShopi – Shopping List, has released the latest version of their innovative product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This application is a powerful shopping list generator with unique features. It can handle multiple lists, which are easy enough for anyone to create, simply by tapping colorful images from the included product category, typing an item name, or selecting a Google image to add a new entry. Users are also able to track frequent purchases for easy adding to a new list, insert notes, and share their lists.

myShopi – Shopping List is a recent launch that makes generating lists fast, efficient, and a lot of fun. The application has an attractive, easy to use interface that’s inviting and offers a host of unique features. It’s also free to download.

The app can handle multiple list creations, which users can very quickly and easily do, simply by tapping the image of what they need or want. There’s an included product catalogue, with a database of more than 1,000 items. Users are also able to click the Google Images link to add their own specific products to their application library and personalize their lists.

Alternatively, users can begin typing to get a list of autosuggestions that they can click on. Everything selected is then added to the list of their choice. Multiple lists are typically used when shopping at different stores, or for different people within a family or group.


A Giant Radish


Announcing that Mochiviva, the developers of A Giant Radish, has launched a unique new product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Kids and adults alike can enjoy this beautifully illustrated children’s story, which can be read and listened to in six languages. Voices are provided by professional actors in their native languages. An interactive application, A Giant Radish allows users to drag images or text to move the story along, similar to a film effect and is simple enough for two year olds to use by themselves.

A Giant Radish is a newly launched application that appeals to youngsters and their parents. It’s a beautifully illustrated story that can be heard, as well as read.

The app is a children’s tale about an old man with a beautiful garden. Users are able to read the text at the bottom of each page with or without accompanying voice reading in any of six different languages. The selection of languages includes English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and Italian. Users are also treated to the beautiful strains of a peaceful countryside throughout the story.

All of the voices in A Giant Radish are spoken by professional actors in their native tongue, for authenticity and prime learning of a foreign language. Face icons that appear on the pages have been designed to look like the real story readers, to further add an authentic feel.


Who Owes What


DMS Interactive, Inc. unveiled an app called "Who Owes What" for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Launched under the Finance category of the App Store, Who Owes What makes sharing social expenses a quick and easy deal in four areas: tip calculation, IOU tracking, check splitting, and keeping track of whose turn it is to foot the bill.

Users can take advantage of a host of helpful features in this application, which acts like a portable accountant. Gone are the days of figuring out split checks on a napkin, trying to remember who should be picking up the tab, or who owes what to whom. The app takes care of it all, allowing users to just relax and enjoy their socializing.

The application is easy to use and boasts a clean, clutter-free interface. Functions require a minimum of input to the one-screen data entry display, and calculations and tracking only need a tap or two.

When it comes to figuring out the split amount for shared dining expenses, users have flexible options; they can choose to split a check equally among diners, or make adjustments to allow for differences in each person’s order. As for tips, Who Owes What saves the last tip rate used, and users can either stick with that when calculating totals, choose a different rate from a range, or select one of the preselected rates with a single tap. The screen then displays the total bill, what the amount per person would be if shared equally, and what each person’s final total is.

Who Owes What is also a great tool for worry-free collection of loans and debts, as well as a reminder for whose turn is it to pay. In addition, all of the transaction lists for IOUs can be emailed to others, a feature that serves as a reminder of money owed, or informs people of the sequence of payments and transactions.




Finnish mobile games Developer Kukouri Mobile Entertainment announced the worldwide release and week long 50% off promotional sale of their first game Foozles for iOS devices. After their successful Nordic release Kukouri Mobile Entertainment is proud to release an updated version of their game to the Worldwide market.

Features include:
* 5 different worlds and 60 levels at launch
* Addictive skill based gameplay, you can always improve your performance
* 9 different mechanics to master
* physics based puzzles
* Music from new age duo Deep Sky Divers (be sure to check out their site at www.deepskydivers.com for more awesome music)
* Beautiful background visuals for each level

"Foozles started as your typical skill based puzzle game, but it quickly took life of its own. We feel that a more skill based approach is more rewarding to players. Surrealistic visuals and new age music create a very unique feel for the whole game", says Kukouri’s founder Kim Soares.




Publications International, Ltd. (PIL), the world’s leading publisher of favorite brand name cookbooks, is taking high tech hands-free cooking to the next level as they launch their critically acclaimed food preparation app iCookbook(TM) for Apple’s iPhone(R). Chock-full of the latest advances in app technology made possible with Apple’s new iOS 5 platform, the expansion brings a brand new array of iCloud(TM), Airplay(R) and other features to the biggest update for the cooking platform since its iPad(R) launch this past March.

iCookbook(TM) is the only food preparation app to use voice command technology for recipe preparation, leaving cooks free to cut, mix and saute without touching their iPhone screen. "iCookbook(TM) was created from the ground up to be a great in-the-kitchen cooking tool for the everyday chef," said Jerry Croft, President of  Cooking at Publications International, Ltd. "Our team of cooking experts and nutritionists have looked at every aspect of meal preparation and created an intuitive, powerful app that can be an everyday cooking companion." Indeed, iCookbook(TM) comes equipped to assist cooks every step of the way: meal planners, shopping lists, ingredient substitution lists, conversion charts and cooking timers are only some of the many tools offered.

iCookbook(TM) version 2.0, in addition to being developed for both iPhone(R) and iPad(R), boasts several brand new features that take advantage of everything iOS 5 has to offer including:
* How-To videos showing the proper techniques for some of the trickiest kitchen skills
* iCloud(TM) sync stores recipes and shopping lists to the cloud for sharing between iOS devices
* Airplay(R) video support allows recipes and videos to be pulled up on the big screen via Apple TV(R)
* User ratings of all recipes instantly show the most popular dishes


Classical Guitar: Bach


More than just basic classical guitar instruction, this app provides a celebration of Bach’s life with the help from the Bach Museum in Leipzig, Germany. It opens with a music box effect and allows you to enjoy an interactive look at the history of Bach’s life and his contributions to music while you enjoy listening to the guitar pieces you will later learn.

The included guitar instruction is a visual guide to playing four of Bach’s most popular pieces:
* Bourree in E Minor
* Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
* Air on the G String
* Minuet in G

The app includes a FULL 60 Minutes of educational video. There are three 20-minute instruction videos by Danny Gill, featuring both the right and left hand positions. Mr. Gill was a teacher at the Music Institute of Hollywood for 13 years and is the author of more than 30 guitar education books/DVDs.

This app is sure to be enjoyed by classical music and guitar enthusiasts alike. Originally this item was produced with a book and DVD priced at more then $20. The app with many added features sells for only $4.99. A true bargain considering all the added features and interactivity that this app offers. This is a beautiful app that can be enjoyed even if you are not planning to learn guitar.




The new app, from the creators of iSupr8 film app, brings back the retro love of tube analog to iPod touch or iPhone music libraries. Users can add needle drops, snaps, and crackly pops and hisses to their tunes with three different vinyl samples, or select reel-to-reel to add a bit of tape noise. To complete the vintage transformation, users can select a 60s or 70s skin and enjoy glowing tubes, bouncing VU meters, and vintage knobs and switches.

The AutoValve application was designed by MEA Mobile for TRTV Media, LLC as a response to the huge craze of retro themed photography and video apps. The success of iSupr8, the High Quality vintage film emulator app, led the team to brainstorm ideas for more applications for the vintage genre. "We wanted to come up with an original idea and our background in music made us come up with a similar style app for audiophiles," says Bruce Seymour, Managing Director of MEA Mobile. "We imagined a classic audio environment with softly lit VU meters, chunky knobs and warm glowing tubes that would transform your iPhone into a vintage handheld device," adds Todd Reynolds, CEO of TRTV Media.

Features of AutoValve app include:
* Real Time Audio Filters
* Accesses Your iPod Tunes
* Functioning Meters
* Retro 60’s & 70’s Skins
* Tube Emulator
* Transport Control
* Real Time Audio Controls
* Bypass Option




 Umami, a New York-based technology company focused on enhancing the television viewing experience, today unveiled its first consumer product, a synchronous, content-driven companion TV app. The free iPad app is available now in the App Store. Working in conjunction with Umami‚s second screen publishing platform, the app uses proprietary audio fingerprinting technology to sync continuously to live or time-shifted programming from all major broadcast and cable networks. It then provides rich, program-related content, conversation and more in a fun, living room-friendly experience.

Led by TV technology veterans Scott Rosenberg and Bryan Slavin, Umami was founded to deliver on the promise of interactive television for consumers, networks and advertisers. „In building Umami, we strove to provide consumers with an interactive, social experience across all of their favorite shows, while also serving TV networks‚ need to foster deeper, more engaging relationships with their viewers,‰ noted Mr. Rosenberg, Umami‚s Co-Founder and CEO.  

At startup, the app automatically detects what a consumer is watching, then provides show info, cast bios, and photos, as well as one-click access to official show pages, fan sites, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and other content sources. Umami’s in-house editorial team curates enhanced content on many popular television series, and the app‚s Smart Search function recommends keywords and links to help consumers discover even more about their favorite shows. Viewers also have access to real-time social feeds to see what cast, critics and friends are saying about a show, and to make comments of their own.
In tandem with the launch of its app today, Umami is also debuting a publishing platform that empowers TV networks to create their own custom, branded experiences. „By providing both a consumer app and a publishing platform, Umami dramatically simplifies the creation of synchronous, companion TV experiences,‰ stated Mr. Slavin, Co-Founder and CTO.  „For example, one of our launch partners, National Geographic Channel, is leveraging Umami‚s second screen platform to deliver branded experiences around ŒExpedition Week,‚ airing the week of November 7th, and ŒKnights of Mayhem,‚ premiering November 15th.‰ A number of other partners will go live in the coming weeks, providing viewers with even deeper content across a variety of programming.


Status Doctor


Feeling blah? Say ah! With Status Doctor, a new free app compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you can search thousands of quotes and share them on Twitter and Facebook with just one click. Developed by Paragoni, LLC, creator of highly popular mobile and desktop apps, Status Doctor has sweet tweets, clever quotes, fine lines, intriguing updates and your next text, all available in an easy-to-install, easy-to-use and instantly intuitive app.

Choose from thousands of quotes in an ever-expanding list of categories: Love, Life, Friendship, Motivation, Movies, Marriage, Music, Humor, Family, Pets, Sports and Travel to name a few. If you’re feeling uninspired, at a loss for words and just can’t express yourself with a snappy Facebook status or tweet, the Doctor of Spin is in! It’s sick – in a good way!

Easy Search:
Find the perfect quote for every sentiment, situation or occasion. Search individual categories by keyword, author or subject, or simply browse categories for inspiration. You’ll never be at a loss for words again!

Easy Share:
Tweet it, Facebook it or email it – with a single click! Link to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and see their favorites. Check how many times a quote has been Facebook’d and Tweet’d and who’s posted it – where and when.

Easy Submit:
Got a favorite quote that isn’t on Status Doctor? Add it yourself and discover who likes it as much as you.


THE aMAZEing Labyrinth


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its release, Ravensburger Digital today announced its parent company’s most popular board game will be coming over to iOS. The aMAZEing Labyrinth launches today on both the iPhone and iPad and hopes to continue the success of the original, which has sold over13 million copies to date.

The original game had players racing each other to collect all of their treasures. However, on each turn the labyrinth itself shifts: so the hallway or junction needed to get the next treasure would suddenly be gone the next time it became your turn.

The iOS version keeps the gameplay of the original untouched, but adds three new ways to play, including two new single player options. With Puzzle mode, players must accumulate the most prizes in the shortest amount of moves possible in order to proceed to the next level. The Time Duel option pits you in a race against the clock by adding more time with every treasure obtained.  Finally, in Duel mode players compete off against each other to complete identical boards before their opponents can do the same.

Filled with the beautiful HD graphics one would expect from one of the world’s largest gaming companies, The aMAZEing Labyrinth is sure to please the eye of any maze competitor. Built in GameCenter allows players to play with people either in the room or across the globe.

And for anyone who’s ever tried to bring a board game on a trip: there are no pieces to assemble, no batteries to install, no set up to be had. Get started playing the aMAZEing Labyrinth with your family and friends with a few simple taps of your finger and be ready to have some fun in finding your way out of the dreaded labyrinth!


Today in History


For the history buff, the lover of trivia, and the historically-inclined (and just about everyone else) comes a daily world history app with the most factual and interesting information available anywhere. Today in History for iPhone, created by best-selling software developer Downshift Interactive, is the best way to get the daily historical information that you want, when you want it, and is chock full of features – including Wikipedia links – to ensure that even the most knowledgeable history buff will be astounded, time after time, to find out what happened ‘on this day’ in history.

Today in History – which features a whopping 100,000 historical events and allows users to add and share their own events with friends – provides the most comprehensive and interesting historical information. Posting more than 100 entries per day, Today in History can keep you in the know when it comes to what happened on any given day throughout history, including notable births and deaths, holidays and unique observances, and major historical events.

Today in History provides multiple Wikipedia links with each entry – meaning users can easily access the most interesting information with which to inform and impress – and allows users to share their added event information with friends, connections and family via Twitter and Facebook. In a booming historical trivia category full of apps promising the most impressive daily historical information, Today in History separates itself from the pack by offering a more all-around historical knowledge experience; and clever tools with which users can personalize their experience, by sharing their own important ‘on this day’ events and personal timelines.

"Obviously, there is a huge demand for applications such as our Today in History app, because so many people – and not just history buffs and trivia geeks – are interested to know what happened on different dates throughout history," said Manuel Zamora, Product Manager of Downshift Interactive. "What differentiates our app is greater interactivity and the available features that make Today in History something more substantial that your run-of-the-mill daily history app – many of which simply text users stale chunks of information. At Downshift Interactive we aim to stimulate users with our dynamic apps, and that is why Today in History is different than the rest; that is also why we felt it was important to let users add their own events and share them with their friends and connections."


PirateFleet for Friends


United Toy, a German upstart dedicated to pirate theme games is thrilled to announce achieving a number one ranking for PirateFleet for Friends on the iTunes App chart in two categories: Games/Trivia and Games/Board. This game, only launched in April, 2011 has also reached another impressive milestone with seventeen million plays to date.

PirateFleet for Friends has already boasted engagement numbers that are twice the industry average at four plays per day and recently introduced "Chat" which allows players of this popular game the ability to communicate in real time while in play. The chat feature has proved to be very popular and well used by Pirate Fleet for Friends players worldwide.

"These are terrific milestones that not many games achieve." said Ralph Hesse, United Toy, Creator and Founder. "We are just really happy that iPhone gamers are having so much fun with our game."
And, the accolades continue to roll in. These recent posts have enthusiasts worldwide buzzing about this friendly and entertaining game.


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: joanne@theappwhisperer.com