Daily iOS App Updates

Our Daily App Digest – December 15, 2011

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today…

MyMeetingPro HD


The first iPad app to include intuitive tools that help meeting leaders plan, conduct and document effective meetings has gotten even better. Creative App Design is announcing a major update of the premier effective meeting app, MyMeetingPro HD. The new update builds on the user friendly, comprehensive look and feel of the original MyMeetingPro (MMP) with many new advanced features.

Major new features include additional currencies, meeting navigation, calendar integration, improved virtual flip-chart tools and improved options for meeting & note modification. Whether the user is the facilitator/leader, time-keeper and/or note-taker, MMP helps any participant conduct effective meetings.

Jerry Newman, one of the co-designers of the MyMeetingPro suite of apps and President of Creative App Design says, "We have found that CEOs, company presidents and business owners love the design and functionality of the original MyMeetingPro HD. These leaders understand that running effective meetings can save considerable time and unlock the power of collaboration within their organizations. MMP can power highly desired teamwork by making meetings more pleasurable and effective for all involved."

Dale Perryman, co-designer of the MyMeetingPro suite of apps and Principal in the Center for Organizational Learning says, "MMP HD 2.0 is designed by meeting facilitators for meeting leaders. We designed a product that we want to use. Trainers will find that the methodology used in MMP is consistent with ‘best-in-class’ effective meeting principles. We designed features for a wide spectrum of users including those who want to organize, conduct and document meetings or those who just want to plan and organize their notes for meetings. I am very pleased that the introduction of MyMeetingPro HD 2.0 has moved our flagship app from a very good effective meeting tool to a truly great weapon in the fight to eradicate ineffective, inefficient meetings. There should no longer be any excuses for running a bad meeting. Join us in our fight to eliminate bad meetings."

This release of MyMeetingPro HD marks the transition to full internal design and development of all Creative App Design tablet apps. Mike Newman, Chief Programmer for Creative App Design and MMP HD 2.0 says, "Including users’ most often requested features while keeping the well-accepted look and feel of the original app was the key to this comprehensive ground up redesign."


Chinese 13 Card Poker


In a response to player requests and popular demand, Smappsoft today is proud to announce the release of Version 2.1 of Chinese 13 Card Poker for the iPad / iPhone / iPod touch. This update, available in the iTunes App Store at no charge for current users, adds Twitter functionality to bring together larger numbers of users to play this popular card game app.

This release of Chinese 13 Card Poker comes on the heels of the recent addition of Game Center technology, which has greatly expanded the scope of the game. The addition of on-line play technology created a need for users to reach out to new players, share their winning hands with other players, and discuss Chinese 13 Card Poker strategy. "The addition of Twitter functionality solves these needs and provides the user with an even more enjoyable platform to play Chinese 13 Card Poker", said Mark Rubin, Smappsoft’s Chief Engineer.

Chinese 13 Card Poker now includes the following features:
* Twitter functionality
* Online play using Game Center
* In-game text chat for online and bluetooth play
* New and improved game setup
* Choice of Easy and Hard levels for Computer AI Players
* Game Center Achievements
* Improved graphics and new icon


iStopMotion for iPad


Boinx Software, a multi-award winning software developer for Mac(R) platform and iOS devices, is pleased to announce the availability of iStopMotion for iPad, a new addition to the widely popular iStopMotion family of products. Debuting at a special price point of 4.99 USD, iStopMotion for iPad sports camera overlay for visually orchestrating one exciting frame to the next, instant playback for instant smiles, a beautiful timeline, and export options that make sharing movie masterpieces with friends and family simple. iStopMotion for iPad also has a companion, iStopMotion Remote Camera, which lets movie makers use their iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch (4th generation) or a second iPad 2 to capture frames, expanding the creative possibilities.

"iStopMotion for iPad is so easy to use, your kids will master it before you do. Just watch them enjoy and be amazed at what they create," says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software. "Stop motion animation is the easiest way to tell a story in a movie. No need for talented actors, a big stage or even a script. Just make your toys the stars. With iStopMotion for iPad, we’ve turned stop motion animation into a fun activity for kids and adults alike… receiving immediate feedback and immediate gratification. And when you’re finished, you can proudly show off your work of art."

"iStopMotion for the iPad gives me the tools I need to record and fine-tune time-lapse movies while staying within the iOS environment. Nice touches include being able to adjust frame rate (even after the movie has been recorded), onion skinning, grid lines, remote camera with iPhone 4S, time-lapse interval controls, and a variety of export choices. I was truly impressed with the quality of movies I could make with this software," says Derrick Story, professional photographer and publisher of The Digital Story. "And since the software is compatible with iMovie, I have the flexibility to shoot scenes, then assemble them right on the iPad. First, I record the video in iStopMotion, then save the clips to the Camera Roll on the iPad. At that point, I can open iMovie on iPad and import those scenes for further fine-tuning. It’s a fun environment for creating great content."

More than just fun, iStopMotion for iPad is educational too!
Parents who homeschool, K-12 teachers and technology instructors can easily add iStopMotion for iPad to the lesson plan and give students a hands-on learning experience that unleashes their creativity with the added benefit of learning life skills. Breidenbach adds, "While being tremendous fun, animating with iStopMotion for iPad effortlessly hones essential life skills such as communication, storytelling, teamwork, spatial coordination, time management and many more."


iThemes HD Designer Gold


mobivention releases new fea-tures for iThemes HD, a theme design app with extensive individualization possibilities for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Through numerous combinations of background images, shelves and icon frames the phone’s menu can be personalized in accordance with the user’s taste.

iThemes HD gives users a set of background images, shelves and icon designs to  combine them. With the designer app the user creates an individual theme to style the background of the menu or the lock screen. Prepared designs can be saved in the phone’s gallery. From there, the selected theme can be set as the home or lock screen. Additionally users can with iPhones can also add icon ornaments to style their icons with different hats. This feature gives even more individualization to the phone screen.

This version includes:
* 65 background images
* 65 icon frames (for iPhone/iPod only)
* 65 shelf designs (for iPhone/iPod only)
* 20 icon ornaments (for iPhone/iPod only)
= Thousands of combination options for home and lock screens!


Bizzy Bear on the Farm


Independent publisher Nosy Crow is pleased to announce that its Bizzy Bear on the Farm app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. This interactive picture book app, recommended for children ages 2 to 4, is the first in a series of apps based on Nosy Crow’s popular Bizzy Bear board book series illustrated by Benji Davies.

Children follow Bizzy Bear on his day at the farm and play inside the story. Using the touchscreen, they help pick apples, collect eggs, drive the tractor, feed the pigs and take the horse out for a ride.

"Toddlers and preschoolers love stories about animals and farms, and this app draws them into Bizzy Bear’s day," says Kate Wilson, Managing Director. "Parents will enjoy seeing their children listen to directions, complete tasks and feel a sense of accomplishment as they help Bizzy Bear do his farm chores."

The app is based on the Bizzy Bear book series published by Nosy Crow in the U.K. and by Candlewick Press in the U.S., where the first titles in the series will be released in December 2011. The books include Bizzy Bear: Fun on the Farm; Bizzy Bear: Let’s Go and Play!; Bizzy Bear: Off We Go!; and Bizzy Bear: Let’s Get to Work.

"This is the first time we’ve used a Nosy Crow book as a springboard for an app," says Camilla Reid, Nosy Crow’s Editorial Director. "It’s been exciting to bring the interactive features we’ve developed in apps for older children to a younger audience. Like the Bizzy Bear board books, which feature chunky tabs to push and pull, the apps include simple ways for little fingers to explore the story. In the app, we’ve added sound effects and music to make things even more fun."

The Bizzy Bear on the Farm app follows two award-winning apps released earlier this year by Nosy Crow, Cinderella, and The Three Little Pigs. A second Bizzy Bear app, Bizzy Bear at the Building Site, will be released in January 2012.


Toy Shot


Gamevil, a leading mobile games publisher, announced that physics-based puzzle game Toy Shot(TM) is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The title is developed by Appnori and published by GAMEVIL through its Partner Fund.

Featuring unique visuals reminiscent of beloved childhood toys, Toy Shot(TM) features over 100 distinct levels of casual yet brain-tickling physics-based puzzles. As a knight equipped with boomerangs, crossbows and more, players will aim to break the walls of the Undead Warriors guarding their block castles. By collecting gems across each level, players can progress further to rescue the kidnapped princess. When boss-size enemies get in the way, only skilled aim and smart puzzle-solving will be able to defeat them.

Defense levels present an additional challenge, as players will have to hold their position against invading toy soldiers. Players also have the command of a fearsome thunder dragon to summon when they are in a pinch. As blocks break and fall, or when flinging dart missiles and setting bombs off, the realistic physics of Toy Shot(TM) makes for a natural and fun touchscreen gameplay experience.

"We’re excited to publish Appnori’s Toy Shot(TM) as the latest title in our Partner Fund," said Kyu Lee, Head of GAMEVIL USA, "Toy Shot’s unique look and premise combined with solid gameplay mechanics is what caught our eye, and we’re certain casual and puzzle fans will love it as well."


Koto Go Silence


Light Sleepers Studios, an imaginative new mobile application developer with a focus on animated e-books, has today announced the recent release of "Koto Go Silence" for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

"Koto Go Silence Offers Innovative Animation That Kids Will Love … The animated sections of "Koto Go Silence" impressed and entertained me. Koto looks adorable in his makeshift Samurai outfit." – Pad Gadget

"We wouldn’t lie to you: We’ve seen our fair of children’s applications for the iPhone and iPad here at the iPhone App Review. In fact, we’d be willing to bet next week’s paycheck we’ve seen more than just about anybody. Which is why we feel apps like Koto Go Silence, by developer Daniel Shneor, deserve a special shout-out." – The iPhone App Review

Boasting an engaging story geared towards young readers, "Koto Go Silence" is a beautifully animated storybook app that throws users into the adventurous world of a young samurai dog named Koto. The app’s story follows Koto and the mysterious chases he embarks on while trying to maintain peace and quiet on his night watch. This kid friendly e-book is a guaranteed blast for young ones and features dynamic original animation and optional audio narration as well. "Koto Go Silence" is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $2.99 in the Books category.

With vividly colorful computer generated animation and automatic narration options in hand, this children’s e-book engages young users with a simple-to-follow story that is at once engrossing and relatable. This leisurely app was developed by Light Sleepers Studios for kids to be able to use whenever they find some free time, whether it’s during lunch or before bed.

The app stars a clever, bold and cutely designed samurai dog named Koto and follows the nightly adventures he gets into after noticing mysterious noises during his night watch, including his mission to get silence and serenity in the house once and for all. Recognizing it’s young audience, "Koto Go Silence" utilizes basic easily comprehensible words and audio narration that kids can use if they have trouble reading through certain sections or if they simply want to sit back and enjoy the app’s story more passively.

This storybook is very well rounded and user-friendly as a whole. It features an intuitive interface, animation designed by professional artists specifically for the app, as well as a uniquely entertaining plot-line. The storybook is easy to navigate, and if they’d like to enable audio narration they simply click on the sentence they want to hear read to them and enjoy. With a healthy mix of action, comedy, and adventure, "Koto Go Silence" is a robustly entertaining children’s romp that’s as dynamic as the digital platform its presented through.




Ilya Platonov releases his first iPhone app, ComedyDevice, a tool for face-to-face communication. It is designed to be used in various ways and there still more to discover. How can that be? Let’s see. ComedyDevice can work in Manual or Automatic mode. It’s best to review those modes apart.

In Manual mode you can stress any spoken phrases with Sitcom Laughter and other effects by pushing the vivid Big Round Buttons (see Screenshot #1). As adopted at TV studios, during the SFX playing appears a display board that urge your audience to show corresponding emotion (see Screenshot #2). You can interrupt playing by touching that display board.

Buttons are present in pairs, opposite/complementary in meaning.
Available pairs are:
* Laugh/Boo – basic sitcom effects.
* Applause/Whistles – useful for commenting on other’s words.
* Yes/No – useful when you don’t want to strain your vocal cords speaking to someone, so you can give answers with your iPhone instead.
* Drumroll/Crash – useful to dramatize situation with classic circus drumroll-crash sequence.

In Automatic mode ComedyDevice listens to your conversations and applies effects all by itself when the buzz level exceeds the threshold (actually, there’s more sophisticated algorithm, but basically it’s right). When the sensitivity threshold level is well adjusted, ComedyDevice will react to spoken words in a very natural human-like way.

Upon entering the Automatic mode there appears a new set of controls – Buzz-o-meter Dial and Sensitivity Control Knob (see Screenshot #3). Sensitivity threshold level can be adjusted in convenient visual way by rotating the Knob and watching the readings of the Dial. The next step is to activate automatic operation of ComedyDevice and enjoy.

Automatic behavior for various pairs slightly differs:
* Laugh/Boo – just laughs and booes according to your speaking with Laugh effect is more frequent.
* So are Applause/Whistles – with Applause is more frequent.
* Yes/No – works as some sort of decision making machine or digital oracle that will answer your questions.
* Drumroll/Crash –  will produce drumroll-crash sequence timing it according to your speaking.


Maya Collapse Match


Maya Collapse Match is a quality game where you must save the Mayan civilization from destruction. You must join the colorful glyphs in groups of 3 or more to generate connections to destroy the whole level. You have 10 lives to meet the challenge of overcoming the collapse of mayan civilization. Compete with your ipad, iphone, gamecenter and facebook friends in the same leaderboard! Are you able to do it? Prove it now!

Immerse yourself in ancient Mayan civilization while having fun:
* Tribal Mayan music.
* Realistic scenarios based on what we know of this civilization.
* Glyphs of up to 9 colors. (Try to beat our 10 levels with 9 different colors).
* Mayan Effects Sounds.
* Leaderboard accord of all the experience of the game.

Try our new system multiplatform leaderboard , competing at the same time to:
* Facebook friends.
* Iphone friends (Maya Collapse Match and Maya Collapse Match Lite).
* Ipad friends (Maya Collapse Match Hd and Maya Collapse Match Hd Lite).
* GameCenter Friends.

All at the same time , and you can see when you overcome your friends and post in her facebook wall some joke.


Foodie The Bug


MegaCubic Entertainment, a mobile game development company, has been holding a "Luck n’ Roll" sweepstakes in celebration of the launch of its official website. This one-month event, which allows participants to get the first chance to meet MegaCubic’s adorable game characters, will end today. Lucky winners will each receive a specially designed MegaCubic keychain. Furthermore, the company will be giving away six $10 iTunes gift cards to their Facebook fans, including the Luck n’ Roll participants.

According to MegaCubic, its website is designed to serve the recreational needs of its visitors through pleasant interactions. "Considerable thought has gone into the presentation and contents of the website" said Kenny Su, CEO and founder of MegaCubic. "We’ve recently added a holiday theme to our website, hoping people can enjoy the happiness of the holiday in advance.Also, we would like to share this exciting moment with everyone by inviting them to participate in our sweepstakes."

The company has just released its first game, Foodie the Bug, on iPhone App Store in early December. Other projects that are currently under development will also hit the market in the near future. "We invite gamers of all sorts to take advantage of the final day of Luck n’ Roll to win some great prizes" said Chris Su, Product Design Director of MegaCubic.


eWeather Pro HD


Elecont Software released eWeather HD 2.4, an update of popular iPhone, iPod and iPad Weather application. In this update added the most wanted feature – Temperature on the iPhone/iPad Home screen using Apple’s push notification services. Real-time updates for outdoor temperature comes directly to your iPhone/iPad even if the app is not running. You’ll be able to tell with one look at your Home screen whether it’s cold or warm outside. Push Technology saves battery life and bandwidth and keeps you informed of the latest weather in your area.

New version introduces additional format for displaying negative temperatures on the home screen. You can easily recognize if it is above or below zero. New feature solves the known limitation of iOS.

eWeather HD 2.4 includes more than 10 important improvements including:

* Temperature right on your home screen via the Apple push notification services
* New format for negative temperatures for home screen icon
* Sound alarm when temperature drops below zero
* Geomagnetic forecast (10 day & 24 hour)
* Black ice advisory
* Moon day


The Artifacts


Slap Happy Larry has announced the release of their first storybook app for middle grade readers. ‘The Artifacts’ is a 21-page interactive digital picture book is a new story developed exclusively for Apple touch screen devices by author/illustrator Lynley Stace and developer Dan Hare.

"’The Artifacts’ is about a boy who loves to collect," says author Lynley Stace, "but at a deeper level it is about valuing what is really important in life: education, memories and experiences." While younger children can enjoy the story for its pictures and interactive elements, older children will better grasp the metaphorical undertones.

‘The Artifacts’ makes the most of Apple technology. The storytelling is enhanced by narration, integrated touch interactivity and soothing sound effects. The soundtrack was created especially for this story by New Zealand film and game composer, Chris Hurn.

"There are currently very few original storybook apps available for middle grade children and above," says developer, Dan Hare. ‘We created an app to help fill this gap, with the belief that picture books can be enjoyed by children of all ages."

"There is no real need to abandon picture books even after a young reader has advanced to chapter books," says Lynley Stace, drawing upon former teaching experience. "Picture books offer the chance to develop visual literacy. This kind of literacy is more important than ever, now that we live in a world of ubiquitous advertising and lead compartments of our lives online."

Designed to emulate the look and functionality of a real book, ‘The Artifacts’ features pages which are ‘turned’ by the reader. This invites readers to progress through the story at their own pace. Any of the 21 storybook pages can be accessed directly from the navigation menu. Narration offers extra help to emergent readers, though both narration and sound effects can be turned off from the main menu according to user preference. An auto-save feature remembers the reader’s place in the story.

The developers are philosophically opposed to advertising within storybook apps, and pledge to avoid in-app advertising in future projects equally. They also avoid hyperlinking to the Internet from within the story.


Dirty Salsa Pro


Just in time for the Holidays, Digifilm has released Dirty Salsa mini, a Salsa dance instructional app for iPhone and iPod for 1.99 only. Dirty Salsa Pro – iPad Edition is 3.99 only and sports a special iPad formatted multi-angle video of authentic Cuban Salsa dancing lessons by Gigi and Pedro. The Dirty Salsa apps are based on the award-winning and best-selling Salsa dancing DVD series The Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa. A series distinguished by it’s first usage of multi-angle video lessons

"This is the finest salsa instructional we have ever seen. The multi-angle view makes learning salsa so easy. Instruction is given for both males & females steps. If you can walk you can dance this style of salsa" said veteran dance video reviewer Neal Watson of Salsavideoreviews.org.

"When we released the DVD for 26.98 we thought we were democratizing Salsa dancing because Salsa dancing lessons can be expensive and most good dancers spend thousands of dollars for lessons. Well now Dirty Salsa mini is only 1.99 and Dirty Salsa Pro is 3.99" added Debdoot Das, the producer behind the series.

The two Salsa apps condense Miami-Cuban salsa dance instruction and celebrates a great Latin dance tradition. Gigi, the instructor, explains and demonstrates clearly and with authority, all the steps and moves starting with the basics and advancing to more complex patterns. More than 21 authentic Miami-Cuban salsa moves are covered in these two Salsa apps.




The makers of PLapp have announced a special price to celebrate its selection as the Apps Store (South Korea) Rewind 2011 Entertainment App of the Year.

Plapp is a totally unique mobile application that allows users to assemble and customize a selection of 3D model kits, right on their iPad, without the hazards of dangerous glues and pigments, and without having to spend a ton of money on expensive enamels and paints. Owing to its robustness and simplicity, PLapp has been selected as the App Store (South Korea) Rewind 2011 Entertainment App of the Year. This app, normally available for US $4.99 in the App Store’s Entertainment section, will be available – Dec. 15-29 – at the incredible celebrating value of just US $0.99 at entertainment category.

Developed by the Mobile Division of the renowned Korean engineering and technology company, SEMS International, and published by UbiNuri Inc. – a leading mobile gateway between Korea and the world – PLapp is blazing the trail when it comes to bringing model kit building into the 3D, digital realm. By taking the time-tested, and hugely-popular (worldwide) activity of Plamodel kit building, and transferring it into an absorbing 3D experience that offers smooth fluidity of motion and all of the familiar sounds and feels of model kit building, PLapp – which is slated for an iPhone version in  February of 2012 – is truly innovating the endeavor of model kit building.

"We really wanted to recreate the experience and allow fans of model kit building to be able to do this, anywhere and anytime – obviously, you can’t build a model kit when you’re on the train, or when you’re on your lunch break," said Jeonghoon Ahn, producer for SEMS International. "Now, with PLapp, users can, in fact, build 3D model kits, anywhere and anytime, and they can do so without having to consistently pay so much for new paints, enamels and pigments – many of which are, not to mention the expense, potentially hazardous."

Featuring a crystal clear, and highly-intuitive interface, and an optimized digital environment that captures every visual and audio effect of the model kit building experience, PLapp is a must-have for model kit building enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the luxury of being able to compose challenging 3D works, anytime and anywhere, on their iPad.


WorldCard HD


From the developers of the award-winning WorldCard Mobile app for iPhone and Android comes the next wave in mobile Customer Relationship Management. WorldCard HD for iPad – developed by Penpower Technology, a leading developer of business productivity software and intelligent interface technologies – is a powerful business tool that eliminates the need for the manual entry of new contact information. Leveraging the power of Penpower’s advanced, and exclusive, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, WorldCard HD allows users to easily scan the business cards of new contacts, alone or in large batches, and forever avoid the embarrassing typos, lost entries, and mass contact confusions that can quickly put a chill on your CRM practices.

Similar to WorldCard Mobile – winner of the 2010 MOBI Award, and previously chosen at Macworld.com as the best business card scanner app for iPhone – WorldCard HD for iPad allows users a much more powerful, effective and efficient method for the ever-so-crucial task of managing contacts for business. Featuring an intelligent and intuitive combination of an easy-to-use interface and a powerful search tool – a search tool that allows required information to be accessed in mere seconds – WorldCard HD is another step in Penpower’s enhancement of the relationship between man and machine, and is a must-have for anyone who recognizes the benefit of being able to more effectively manage contacts for business.

WorldCard HD allows users to quickly and easily, using its powerful OCR, enter multiple contacts and their contact information; connect with those contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with nothing more than a tap of the finger; and, ultimately, create a streamlined CRM method with which business can thrive. Featuring Google Map connectivity, and fully integrated with iCloud and Dropbox – to enhance data exchange and backup – WorldCard HD is much more than a card-scanning app; it is a comprehensive, CRM platform that is truly disruptive in that it can be taken out of the office, and – used anywhere and anytime – foster business in real-time.

"We wanted to take our award-winning WorldCard Mobile app for iPhone and Android, and make it even better as a version for iPad," said Penpower Technology VP, DP Deng. "The iPad is such a unique mobile device, and we wanted to match the award-winning capabilities of WorldCard Mobile with the innovations and features offered by the iPad. To that end, WorldCard HD is an indication that we will always continue to improve, and find new avenues for, our powerful business productivity tools – especially those which are so critical to business operations and CRM. The feedback we have received from users, critics and peers, indicates that our WorldCard offerings are now a part of the CRM vernacular. And WorldCard HD for iPad is simply another powerful step in the right direction for our unique OCR innovations here at Penpower."




Polar Bear Farm is pleased to announce the release of Forms personal database for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Forms is the world’s most powerful personal database tool built from the ground up specifically for Apple’s iOS platform. Forms allows anybody to create rich, native iOS interfaces, and applets, just the way they want, all without writing a line of code.

Forms serves up an amazingly powerful web app called Forms Builder for creating and modifying your database solutions right from your computer, no separate downloads required. Forms offers a multitude of powerful features including:

Database Features:
* Single User Local Tables
* Fully Relational
* Calculation Columns
* Summary Columns
* Auto-Enter Column Properties
* Auto-Update Column Properties

User Interaction Features:
* Customisable Layouts With WYSIWIG Layout Editor
* Input Elements: Text Fields, Pop Up Buttons, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Related Lists, Media Views
* Data Formatters for displaying dates and numbers in user friendly formats.
* Customisable buttons for rich interactive workflows.
* Dynamically Generated Popup List Values.
* Fully Searchable.





Butterflies have escaped iGotIt headquarters and are now flying all over the app store with the latest update to Colorflys. Grab your iPad, iPhone or iPod and help collect them! Swoop your finger around the butterflies (or slash them!) to catch them in groups of like colors. Be careful nothing gets in your path, such as other colors or types of butterflies. Mix colors, collect butterflies, avoid obstacles, relax and have fun!

The release of Colorflys 1.3 to the iPad and iPhone/iPod brings help to those who were having trouble with color mixing by providing tips on the objectives screen. Other improvements were added to stage 3 to make the capturing experience easier. Also, stage 3 is now home to fireflies, who will casually buzz around while you play. The final addition that made it into the update is the ability to unlock all of the levels from the game. Minor bug fixes and user experience adjustments were also added into this update.

Feature Overview:
* Beautiful graphics which look absolutely stunning on retina devices and plays really well on iPad
* An outstanding learning tool for young children; dexterity, colors, counting, memory
* 60 awesome levels that take you through 3 different environments
* Original music with fantastic nature sounds
* Challenges that are introduced gradually which will twist the way you capture butterflies
* Features a mode for our really young players, which will allow you to modify the difficulty
* Leaderboards / Achievements
* Facebook and Twitter integration


Maps 3D


Movingworld is glad to announce the release of "Maps 3D 2.5" an 3D outdoor App for the iPhone. Thanks to Maps 3D (formerly GeoGuide 3D) you will never get lost on the slopes again. The outdoor tracking app retrieves the required off-line maps for the category "Ski, Bike & Hike" before the start of a trip, marks waypoints and keeps an eye on the destination. As a special Christmas present the new version 2.5 offers 340 ski areas in 3D. This way the next ski lift is easily located, even in heavy snowfall. Till December 20th the app is being offered at only $1.99 instead of $2.99.

In a nutshell:
* GeoGuide 3D is now called Maps 3D
* New version 2.5 of the 3D outdoor app for the iPhone has been released
* Worldwide 2D and 3D off-line maps
* Assists with GPS orientation and track recording
* Indicates POI, such as locations, mountain tops, lakes and forests …
* Importing and setting up of waypoints
* New: 340 ski areas worldwide in 3D
* New: sharper and faster map display
* New: waypoints can be linked with photos
* New: a line connects the current position with the destination
* Special Offer: from now till December 20th only $1.99 (instead of $2.99)

Venture of the road and the best navigation system is of no use. It’s now time for the outdoor apps. GeoGuide 3D is an established name in this area. However, in order to gain greater international attention, it changed it’s name. In it’s new version 2.5 it will now be the iPhone app Maps 3D.


Tongue Flied


Mezmo Media today is proud to introduce its latest app for iPhone and iPad, Tongue Flied, a fast-paced arcade game where players need quick reflexes and smart strategy to have their frog catch the insects flying high above in 28 levels. In Tongue Flied, players move their frog around ponds and swamps in search of their favorite food – delicious insects. With the bugs buzzing high above, players need to aim and shoot out their frog’s extra-long tongue if they want to eat.

"Tongue Flied is a fun, fast-paced game with the right mix of action and strategy," said Christopher Rioux, Founder of Mezmo Media. "You will need perfect aim and quick moves if you want to catch the bugs and win!"

Players choose from different frogs and hop around the pond by tilting their device. Pressing the screen reveals cross hairs that players can drag around to aim. With a lift of the finger, the frog’s laser-like tongue shoots out and snaps up any bug it lands on. Players of Tongue Flied can also bounce the tongue off trees to eat bugs in hard to reach spots. However, missing the target too many times means that the frog stays hungry.

Each new level in Tongue Flied brings fresh challenges as the bugs get harder to catch. To help, players can choose from 3 different frogs – each has their own strengths and abilities – but there is only a limited number of each so players need to think carefully.

Players can pick one of these frogs: an average all-around frog (eats anything), a super-long tongue frog (can’t eat certain bugs), or a short but strong tongue frog (can’t eat certain bugs but can break tree branches). Knowing which frog to use when can help players catch more bugs. Also, bouncing the frog’s tongue off trees at an angle lets them munch on bugs that are normally out of reach.

However, frogs must be careful what they eat in the game. Flies and mosquitoes are tasty. Lightning bugs are tricky – they can only be seen when blinking. Players get random bonuses for butterflies. But spiders are dangerous to some frogs and should be avoided.




Floating Radish, LLC is pleased to announce a temporary drop in the price of GroHabit, their personal development app for creating positive new habits. The reduction from $1.99 to $0.99 USD is intended to help people keep their New Year’s resolutions for 2012. The reduced price will be in effect from Thursday, 15 December 2011 through Sunday, 8 January 2012. GroHabit is available for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store.

"If you want big results, make small resolutions," says Floating Radish, LLC founder James Huddleston. "Changing your behavior isn’t the tough part. The real challenge is establishing those changes as part of your normal routine. That’s why it’s so important to focus on simple, repeatable behaviors instead of vague, overambitious goals. Habits are the key, and GroHabit can help."

About GroHabit:
GroHabit is a personal development app for iPhone and iPod touch that helps people build positive habits so they can reach their goals. Most meaningful goals (losing weight, getting out of debt, getting in shape, etc.) can’t be accomplished in one day, but can be reached by repeatedly performing supportive behaviors. GroHabit helps turn those supportive behaviors into easy-to-perform habits by tracking progress, identifying obstacles, and offering valuable tips and techniques.


Pixel Blend Pro


To help photographers transform their images into impressionist art, Michael Valdez today is proud to introduce the innovative new app Pixel Blend Pro, giving iPhone users unique and unexpected tools to manipulate their digital photos in dramatic ways previously only possible with film.

Pixel Blend Pro lets photographers scratch, smudge, and smear their photos in new ways to give them a painterly look that is unique in the App Store. Based on the innovative iPad app Pixel Blend HD, Pixel Blend Pro for the iPhone adds many new features including changing tool sizes, applying new textures, and an eraser tool.

"Pixel Blend Pro can help you find your inner artist by creating original photo art," said Michael Valdez, creator of the app. "You can easily create impressionistic effects by manipulating the pixels of your images."

Pixel Blend was inspired by Polaroid SX-70 time zero film manipulation, a process that used original tools such as paperclips to distort the film’s soft emulsion into a beautiful new look. In the app, photographers can choose from unique tools to manipulate their photos in subtle or dramatic ways. A slider can be used to increase or decrease the size of each brush.


Animals Stories & Songs


imksoftware is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Animals Stories & Songs 2.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, a complete new version of their novel children’s app. Animals Stories & Songs is now a Universal application, supporting iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and features new 15 animals with songs or stories and more. Version 2.1 corrects small issues with "fish", changed icon, and now supports HD graphics inside.

* Chose one of 29 different animals, and hear story or song
* Each letter of alphabet is nicely spelled in English
* Very colorful application with animals
* Thanks to app Kids learn name of each animal
* Our app is completely Universal
* Designed for Full HD, all images are 200dpi
* Prepared and tested for iOS5
* All songs / stories are in very good quality

And there is more – this app was tested on kids from the neighbor Kindergarten. Thanks to that we know what we deliver. A richly illustrated, interactive game, which the children do not get bored after 5 minutes of play. We encourage you and your children to hear stories such as "Ugly duckling" or sing together with Bee the "Bea Maya Song".


StratPad Plus


GlasseyStrategy announced today that StratPad Plus, the second of its iPad products, is now available in the App Store. StratPad Plus helps owners and managers of small businesses create a high-quality summary business plan quickly and easily with a unique step-by-step approach.

"Small businesses need an easy and compelling way to tell their stories to bankers, investors and potential partners. A two- or three-page business plan is often all that’s needed. But many small business owners either don’t have the time to do it themselves or can’t afford high-priced consultants," said Alex Glassey, managing partner of GlasseyStrategy. "With StratPad Plus, they can do it themselves quickly, easily and inexpensively."

The StratPad series of iPad apps was launched on December 1 and has met with world-wide success selling in 16 countries and receiving glowing ratings and reviews.

StratPad teaches users about business strategy and planning and then helps them create their own strategy with a step-by-step template. Users can share their strategy with nine high-quality reports including a summary business plan. Other reports include a Project Plan, a Gantt chart, and a detailed Agenda. Reports are prepared instantly and can be viewed on screen, printed wirelessly or emailed as high-resolution PDFs.

New StratPad users will also learn from the three professionally developed sample business plans that come with the product.


Christmas Camera+


MobileChamps today is pleased to introduce Christmas Camera+ 1.0 for iOS/Android, their Photo & Video app that offers 20 different Christmas themed, decorative frames for photos shot on any camera-equipped iOS/Android mobile device. Photographers can see the subject inside the frame as they shoot, or they can put a frame on any photo in their Photo Library. Offering four types of frames: Holly & Wreaths, Rainbow of Lights, Santa & Presents, and Christmas Tree & Ornaments, the app produces memorable Holiday photos instantly that may be saved or shared via email, Facebook, or Twitter. MobileChamps is well known for its 50+ iOS/Android apps, and Christmas Camera+ employs their latest technologies to achieve professional results easily.

On launch in portrait orientation the app displays four different rectangular frames, also in portrait orientation. The back facing camera is activated by default, and amazingly, all four frames contain the exact same camera view. Aimed and centered on a subject, the photographer can compare all four photos to select the best one, or they may shoot all four simultaneously, creating a kind of photographic tetraptych. There are five different pages of frames available, accessed by swiping right to left, and picture takers can sample all of them, scrolling the frames horizontally while viewing their subject in the camera viewer. Having decided on a single frame, the user just touches it, and the frame fills the screen, while the camera shutter button is ready in the bottom tab bar.

The results are remarkably good. There are no fuzzy borders where the frame and photo meet, and the colors are bright and true. Particularly impressive are the delicate wisps of greenery and ornaments that remain razor sharp as they gracefully frame the subject. Also visually arresting are the four frames in the Rainbow of Lights collection. Colored Christmas tree lights surround the outside perimeter of the photo, and the subtle colors of the string of lights are visible on the face of the subject. Included within several of the 20 different frames are built-in photo effects, such as: black and white, sepia, mirror images, etc.

Self-portraits are also easy, just by selecting the back facing camera. Once snapped, a photo can be saved to the Camera Roll, emailed, or posted to Twitter or Facebook via the app’s integrated email and social media connectivity. A holiday frame changes an ordinary photo into a Christmas keepsake, and Christmas Camera+ provides a lot of colorful choices and great results.


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: joanne@theappwhisperer.com