Daily iOS App Updates

Daily App Digest – February 14, 2012

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes app store today…

ProtectStar iShredder Pro


An award-winning provider of intelligent and forward-thinking IT security solutions, comes a mobile application that ensures iPhone users do not leave vulnerable personal information behind on a device. The ProtectStar iShredder Pro for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allows for the convenient and secure removal of any and all traces of private data that remain following the deletion of some apps and programs. ProtectStar iShredder Pro features a selection of military-grade erasing methods.

“Personal data is so overwhelmingly difficult to protect these days, and with ProtectStar iShredder our goal is to give iPhone users access to an easy-to-use, but very powerful, shredding application that can give them the confidence of knowing that they can eliminate all traces of their private data, especially if they intend to sell a device, pass it along or, dispose of it,” said Mariah Bears, PR Manager for ProtectStar, Inc. “Besides the powerful array of military-grade erasing methods, we also offer a wealth of features, and a top-tier technical email support service. This is because we understand just how crucial the protection of private information is, and – as a leading provider of modern IT security solutions for a new generation – we can provide that extra measure. iShredder is an example of what we do best.”


Soul Tamer KiKi


Minoraxis Inc., an industry leading mobile applications developer, is excited today to announce the recent launch of Soul Tamer KiKi for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Soul Tamer KiKi is the newest, most deeply engaging RPG experience from the creators of Exitum: Saviors of Vardonia! An enthralling mobile adventure, this game lets users embark on an expansive fantasy quest as a girl named KiKi, tasking them to save her parents, defeat the evil Demon King, and cement her status as a legendary hero in the process! Soul Tamer KiKi offers a wealth in-depth role playing features, including complex, open-ended gameplay, access to seemingly endless collectible items, skill options for players to hone, as well as epic fantasy graphics, locations, and more! The next great RPG heroine for the mobile gaming community, Soul Tamer KiKi is currently available for download for $2.99 in the Apple App Store in the Games category.

Playing as the title KiKi and embued with the power to take the animal traits and powers of beasts she defeats, players set of for action based RPG action in Soul Tamer KiKi! The game’s story revolves around KiKi’s quest into distant lands to find her parents – Heroes who’ve disappeared while fighting the Demon King – and beat the evil ruler to boot! On their travels players can battle and gain the powers of 12 unique creatures, as well as collect and improve found weapons, vehicles, potions, and equipment. Ostensibly in-depth, Soul Tamer KiKi offers a multitude of exciting side quests for gamers to play through, dozens of unique characters – allies and villains – for them to meet and interact with, and fantastical mythologies for them to unravel in addition to experiencing the game’s central adventure!


Zilla: Supercar HUD


Now anyone with an iPhone can have a powerful in-car computer thanks to Zilla, the latest app from chart-topping app developer Bonobo. Using the precise sensors and data connection present in the iPhone, Zilla analyzes a vehicle’s motion thirty times a second, plotting G-force, acceleration, braking and cornering forces across a series of stylish live graphs, dials and supercar-inspired gauges. All for less than a cup of coffee.

“Zilla has been a fantastic project to work on, and we think our passion shows throughout the app” says Jeff Gardner, developer on Zilla. “From the meticulous detail on the gauges, through to late nights spent tweaking our code for accuracy with algorithms originally designed to guide missiles down chimneys. It might sound crazy, but we’re confident people will notice these touches when they take it for a spin. In future releases, our goal is to push Zilla’s capabilities even further with features that let users log, playback and export data on their runs.”




To celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, A-Tono announces KeBouquet! universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, is available with 50% off today only. This wonderfully sentimental app lets users choose, design, and send or share uniquely customized virtual flower bouquets with their loved ones in a matter of minutes straight from their mobile devices without needing to go to the florist and without fear that flowers wither under the sun.

KeBouquet! is the perfect mobile solution for busy users to show their appreciation from on-the-go this Christmas holidays, and a great overall utility to have handy for Valentine’s day and any upcoming birthday, anniversary, Mother’s day, or other special occasion that may pop up as well.




In honor of Valentine’s Day, Xamgacom GmbH is announcing its latest app, youBonobo, a revealing look at sexual activity worldwide. The company is encouraging users to try the free, completely anonymous app and see how they compare as lovers in the quickly growing community of users around the globe.

youBonobo allows users to track their hook ups and also peel back the curtain on a racy but taboo topic. The app offers up-to-date sex statistics reported anonymously by users around the world, which can be broken down by gender, time period, and country.

At this time of year when romance is in the air, youBonobo app is also a fun and sexy way for users to see how they compare as lovers.

“Everyone wants to know how sexy they are, and youBonobo shows you exactly that,” said the founders of Xamgacom GmbH. “You can easily compare your performance with others around the world.”

With the youBonobo app and website, users can view sex rankings across the globe. World mode shows all users on a map, marked by blue and pink stars. The curious can select any country to see users there or search by nickname to locate specific users.

“Put your country on top of the ranks, or just see how you stack up,” the founders said. “youBonobo has a quickly growing community of people who believe in making love, not war.”

View rankings broken down by male, female, last 7 days, and country. A user’s position in the “male” and “female” ranking is calculated by daily activity over a period of the last 30 days. Position in the “7 days” ranking is calculated by daily activity over the last week. The country ranking is based on the performance of the top 10 users in each country.

You Jump!


Bald One Media, an innovative new mobile application developer, was excited today to announce the recent release of You Jump for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. An exhilarating first of its kind vertical platformer with a personalized twist, You Jump is a fast paced jumping adventure filled with addicting arcade action in the same vein as classic mobile titles like Doodle Jump, but with a major twist!

Instead of piloting random characters players can transport themselves right into the game, integrating photos of themselves taken with their iOS device right onto You Jump’s awesome character template. To boot, photos of friends or family can be plastered into pesky flying saucers to serve as personalized in-game villains too. Already featured in Apple’s coveted “What’s Hot” App section, You Jump is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $0.99 in the Games category.

You Jump isn’t a simple photo based gimmick, it’s a world class mobile arcade adventure in the purest terms. The game encourages you to Put Yourself in the Game by using photos taken with your iOS device to quite literally let you become it’s jumping spaceman hero and take in hours worth of cathartic excitement and addicting action spread across five unlockable worlds.

The goal of every level in You Jump is simple: Use all your hand-eye coordination and reflexes to jump up from one small platform to another as quickly as possible while collecting coins, avoiding pesky personalized enemies, and making sure you don’t fall along the way en route to the top! Furthermore, like any self respecting arcade game, You Jump offers up a wide variety of power ups and bonus items on every level to keep gameplay fresh and give players an extra edge when they play.


Secret Folder 2012


Secret Folder 2012 is the most advanced and secure APP on the Apple store to protect, hide and download your private photos and videos on iPhone. Thanks to the gesture based login and the GPS access log that tracks each unauthorized login attempt by keeping a photo and GPS coordinates of the intruder. My Secret Folder 2012 is actually the most feature rich and advanced App to securely store and download photos and videos on iPhone and iPod touch.

My Secret Folder 2012 Key features:
* Special Gesture based login: Connects the DOTS to access
* Panic gesture: covering the iPhone screen with your hand, the App will return to the login
* Camouflaged icon on iPhone and iPod Springboard that looks like a standard folder
* Video download feature, to download videos from internet directly to private albums with the integrated browser that doesn’t save any History. Nearest all video hosting sites are supported
* Photo & video rearrange feature
* Photo cropping feature
* Create unlimited protected collections of photos and videos
* Import photos and videos from camera roll or libraries in a very fast way
* Import photos and videos from pc by using an ultra fast wifi transfer or the standard USB cable
* Import photos from Facebook, thanks to the native integration that allows to select photos and downloads in batch
* Private browsing: thanks to the integrated browser, that doesn’t save any history, users can safely browse on internet and download any image or video by tapping with two fingers
* View photos and videos with the integrated viewer that supports multitouch features (zoom, pan, etc.) and provide also an automatic slideshow
* Copy or move photos and videos between collections
* Export any media to camera roll by simply long tapping on them
* Share photos by email, Twitter or Facebook


Official Man Card Box


Kevin Andrews Industries, LLC is excited to announce that it has released a brand new smartphone app called Official Man Card Box. This game brings new meaning to “losing your man card”. We have all been embarrassed by our guy friends doing unmanly things in public. Have you ever wished you could do something about it? Now you can! The Man Card app allows users to take their friends’ man cards away at any time and in any place. Whether you’re at a restaurant or just chilling at a friend’s house, this app is bound to provide hours of fun!

The idea and concept behind this game is pure genius! If you catch your friend doing something that causes you to question their manhood, you take their card away – no questions asked. The object of the game is to collect as many man cards as you can whenever you catch your friends acting unmanly. The Official Man Card Box app uses the latest in the iPhone’s “bump” technology to easily transfer cards from one iPhone user to another. The app allows you to not only collect another user’s card, but also the reason why you took it. Each smartphone user starts off with one and only one man card so make sure to keep yours safe! So what happens if you do happen to lose your man card after a long night of bad decisions? Not to worry! Additional man cards can be purchased in the app for only $0.99.

The app’s developer shared a memory of how the idea for this app was originally birthed. “While we were on tour with an entertainment company some of the guys we work with were doing things to get the attention of some girls. We kept telling them that they were all going to lose their man cards. Then it clicked. Almost everyone has an iPhone so why not make man cards a real tangible thing?” Kevin Andrew Industries, LLC has done just that! The app’s simple yet easy-to-navigate interface makes it an app that can be used by any iPhone user. The app’s main home screen is where users can trade their cards. Once traded, users are prompted to store who’s man card they just received and why their received it. Now you can always remember those times when you stole their card! Download this fun and addicting app in the Apple Store today.


90º – Get your head in a spin


Widebeam Digital, in a collaboration with FoxDevil, today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of 90 Degrees, an addictive mechanical puzzle game with a twist for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. 90 Degrees is a tense, skill-testing game where players have to match the shapes and colors of the gears with the wrench. The goal is to collect as much energy as possible whilst turning the wrench to get to the end.

With every 90 degree turn, gamers get closer to the goal. As the number of rotations is limited, users are encouraged to use their strategy and logic skills to make as less rotation as possible to collect the energy and turn on the light. There are different obstacles on their way, like moving stations, switches, explosive stations and lights.

The gameplay is simple to pick up, but complexity gets added in later on with more mechanics and tougher levels. There are 60 different levels to play through, with more to come. Game Center leaderboard integration is included which makes 90 Degrees puzzle a quality title wrapped in a very feature-rich package.

“We are excited to be publishing FoxDevil’s 90 Degrees, as we believe it is a truly unique and fun app, that has the potential to become an all time classic puzzle game.” – said Joe Morsman, Senior Developer, Widebeam Digital Ltd.


Farm Up! HD


Realore Studios today is proud to announce the release of Farm Up! HD 1.02, its new free game on iPad. The action is set in the 1930’s America. The game’s main protagonist Jennifer decides that the best way to upkeep her family wellbeing is to buy an old farm which should help them get through the difficult times. Very soon Jennifer realizes that her proactive life position and farming talent are capable of much more than just helping her own family out. She begins to support local farmers and the good word spreads across America bringing Jennifer international fame.

The gameplay of Farm Up starts off as a casual farming simulator. Players plant vegetables and fruits, grow cattle and step-by-step rebuild the mansion and the surrounding territories. Later in the game, when players are more or less familiar with Farm Up’s core mechanics new opportunities arise. At first local farmers start asking for Jennifer’s assistance. Later, as her fame grows, help-seeking businessmen from all over the country start contacting her with profitable propositions. To be able to deliver her goods to other states, Jennifer will have to restore the infrastructure: rebuild the roads, the river port, and the railroad, all of which have declined because of the crisis. Of course Jennifer can not handle all the business on her farm alone, so she is helped by her husband and grandparents.

Each character is able to do simple farming tasks like planting or watering, but certain jobs like chopping wood or building a paddock can be completed only by a specific person. With all the money coming from the business players will be able to rebuild the local school which allows to upgrade the characters’ skills. Players are also given an opportunity to mount industrial buildings, produce high-quality processed food and become a true beacon for the farmers in the times of hardships.

The North Carolina farm setting, tiny little graphics detail and a peaceful soundtrack perfectly recreate the atmosphere of the 1930’s America. The gameplay grows in scale as players progresses through the story. From planting a couple of potato sprouts it evolves into a great mission to help US farming industry. The farm itself is totally customizable so players are able to create their own dream ranch. There are plenty of decoration options so everybody could create an out-of-town mansion to their liking. The game features a big list of beautifully drawn plants, bushes and trees to grow, all sorts of bird and cattle to breed, and various gardening tools that players can upgrade.

InTime NextBus


TnT Brain GbR today is pleased to announce that their new iPhone App, InTime NextBus, is now available in Apple’s App Store. InTime NextBus is a utility App that shows real-time bus locations and arrival times for more than 1.000 bus lines and more than 50.000 bus stops in the United States and Canada.

With InTime NextBus users can always be just InTime at the bus stop even if the bus is too late. The App displays real-time arrival times and bus locations provided by NextBus (www.nextbus.com), which uses GPS-based vehicle tracking systems that have been installed in an incredible amount of bus lines from more 35 transit agencies in the US and Canada. NextBus is using the data from the tracking systems, calculates the estimated vehicles arrival times and provides the predictions on the Web. InTime NextBus is constantly getting those real-time data and is therefore always up-to-date.

“We are really happy that NextBus is providing the estimated arrival times and bus locations. The goal was to build an app that shows at a glimpse the arrival times of the buses the users are interested in.” said Torsten Geise, co-founder of TnT Brain. “It makes so much sense to display the times based on real-time data, because now users don’t have to wait any longer at a bus stop without knowing when the next bus will arrive. They are able to track the exact location of the buses and get the predicted arrival time at a glance. Using this App we have now the annunciator panel for our bus stops just in our pocket.”

Getting the information is really simple with the App: Users just have to select their favorite stops by choosing the transit agency (e.g. AC Transit in California), selecting the bus route and the bus stop and they will see immediately the estimated arrival times for the next buses approaching that stop. And like in the iPhone’s weather App, they can simply swipe from one favorite stop to another, without selecting them again and again.

TWIG Touch Dictionary


Better understanding of structure and an easier way of remembering information are the main concepts behind the new and revolutionary iPad application – TWIG Touch Dictionary, developed by Dynamic Interface Solutions Ltd.

In other dictionaries users read and scroll a lot to get what they want. TWIG is for creative people who learn smarter by getting to specific information faster and understanding its complexity more easily. Our mind needs structure and play to learn effectively. TWIG takes quality content, adds physical realism, and turns it into a positive learning experience. Learn and explore more intuitively and have fun along the way.

Features users don’t find elsewhere:
* Multiple consolidated dictionary and thesaurus titles
* Media – complete audio pronunciations in UK/US English + tailor-made illustrations on many entries
* A ‘gigabyte’ installation. All built in, no network needed. Unless, of course, you wish to share outputs
* For iPad (and only iPad) exclusively and from the ground up. No other dictionary deserves (or is deserved by) the iPad more. TWIG reinvents the dictionary using the best platform today to create something cool and original
* Advanced technologies. Breaking the traditional boundaries of app. categories, TWIG combines rich educational content with immersive experience. To do so, it uses dynamic interface driven by a powerful physics engine   efficient tree-structured database.
* Flexible search with lexical matches, hints, phrases, real-life sentences – move things around, pull up examples etc.
* Tree-based word view presented as a rich semantic/syntactic tree with realistic physical behaviour for understanding even complex entries with as much as 1000 nodes
* It’s all about gestures. As young children point their fingers at words when learning them, so TWIG makes you naturally do this while moving nodes around, tapping, scrolling, pinching/spreading etc. And it’s fun. Play with words, see how words collaborate, and see how you can interact with it to better organize your thoughts
* The cool think is users can even share word posters with friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, printer or save them
* Smart bookmarking remembering the exact point bookmarked
* Bird’s-eye auto-zooming/centring
* Smart expansion being able to expand entire or partial tree while keeping the work area tidy avoiding overlap and collision. Watch as complex tree grows organically in front of your eyes

King’s Empire


King’s Empire is Tap4Fun’s third game in the Empire series after the successful Island Empire and Galaxy Empire. Half a year in the works, King’s Empire was developed by a top-notch team and is worth the wait. Set in the medieval period, players build up their cities and establish their own empire. Work with allies to capture territories and create a name for yourself.

King’s Empire includes many features requested by players from our previous games. The biggest addition to gameplay is the GvG, or alliance versus alliance system. Players can now join alliances that engage in full out war with other alliances in order to capture Capitals. Expand your empire by occupying enemy cities and establishing your own new cities. Communicate with thousands of other players around the world in real time chat or share strategic information through the mailing system.

* Found and join powerful Alliances
* Construct and manage multiple cities
* Occupy territory to expand your empire
* An online world with thousands of real players
* Enlist different tactics to reach your goal of world influence
* Real-time chat with players from around the world

Tap4Fun plans to provide continual updates and new content to King’s Empire, Galaxy Empire and Island Empire, thanks to a dedicated and talented team.

MapPocket LITE


Leaping Bytes has announced the release and immediate availability of MapPocket LITE, a free version of their popular map application MapPocket that can help you to save a lot on roaming charges while traveling. It allows you to put online maps in your pocket, so you can use them later without an Internet connection.

MapPocket LITE features:
* You record your own maps – no additional purchases necessary
* Access all your favorite maps offline
* Maps from 4 major providers (Google, Mapquest, Bing and OpenStreetMap)
* Use GPS online and offline to track your current location/distance/average speed
* Universal application: specifically designed to work equally well on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

There are 2 major differences between MapPocket LITE and full version of MapPocket. Free LITE version does not allow:
* Saving maps at multiple zoom levels
* Sharing recorded maps with all your devices using iCloud or DropBox



Applingua launches LinguaSearch, an App Store search engine that helps both Mac and iOS users find apps that can be run in their native language. Launching with support for 14 different country stores worldwide, LinguaSearch lets users from all major app markets search for apps they can understand.

Until today, App Store users worldwide would have to manually click through search results to find apps available in their own language. Thanks to LinguaSearch, users can not only find apps which can be used in their native language, but the results are also sorted by rating. That way, users can easily find the best quality apps available to them.

For example, when a French user searches the App Store, many results may not offer a French localization. With LinguaSearch, users can choose to only see apps that have been translated into their own mother tongue. The same might apply to a native Spanish speaker living in the USA, who can use LinguaSearch to find apps which are available in Spanish on the US App Store.

LinguaSearch ships with support for 14 App Stores worldwide and includes a localized user interface for each. Users can search both the iOS and Mac App stores, further filtering using the App Store’s standard categories. LinguaSearch is free to use and is being made available by app localization service, Applingua.

Contacts Duster


MyClickApps LLC has been hard at work perfecting the duplicate detection of Contacts Duster for iOS. Users will now notice the app is picking up even more complicated duplicates – particularly those related to company names and even individual entries within the same contact.

It’s also easier than ever to get in touch with the developer of this invaluable app. A new “Contact Us” button is embedded within the app. There’s also a new, easy way to share the app with friends via social media sites.

People around the world have clamored for an app that makes managing their iOS address book easy and fast. MyClickApps LLC saw the need for such an app and developed the most user-friendly address book available in the app store to date. Consumers have been thrilled with the ease in which the app allows them to eliminate duplicate address entries, eliminate zombies and merge multiples.

Contacts Duster is an user-friendly, universal, convenient contacts management tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app thoroughly analyzes user’s contacts and presents a full report in both list form and graph form. At a quick glance, users will see exactly how many contacts they have and how many duplicates and zombies are contained within the list.

With the simple touch of a button, users can merge and purge duplicate contacts in your address book. Contacts Duster is the first application to present address book contents within an easy-to-understand graph form. If iOS users are frustrated with their cluttered address book content becoming cluttered, fragmented bits of incomplete information, Contacts Duster is the ideal way to sort through and organize contact information quickly, easily and efficiently.

The following are some wonderfully useful features Contacts Duster offers: Detect and merge duplicates, even detect duplicate numbers within the same contact entry; edit contact information directly from within the app; batch delete contacts (up to 10 at a time within the free version); batch share contacts (up to 10 via the free version); offers a quick, easy way to delete all duplicates; detect, view and clean address book groups; eliminate zombies (imported email addresses not associated with contacts); any changes to the address book made within Contacts Duster are saved in the actual address book for user convenience; visualize address book contents using the easy-to-understand circle graph; free contacts analysis and manual merge of duplicates within the free version.



Vlad Polyanskiy today proudly announces the release of iShutdown 2.2, a new version of his iOS utility to Wake-on-LAN, shut down, sleep, hibernate or restart your MAC or PC remotely. iShutdown 2.2 works both with Wi-Fi and 3G, it will scan your local network automatically and will find the reachable hosts. Now you can turn off your PC without leaving your comfortable armchair or warm bed. iShutdown will make it for you. Easily. Quickly. Conveniently. Version 2.2 features a new great user-friendly interface.

New in 2.2 version:
* Ability to shutdown, Wake On Lan, sleep, restart or hibernate all your hosts with only one tap
* Every host record now contains both external and internal ip addresses or dns names for your host. So, you can use the same host record to shutdown or wol it from your local network or via internet
* Improved UI
* Improved energy saving
* Stability improvements


100 Demons


A-Net Digital, LLC has announced two new apps, Horiyoshi 3 & 100 Demons. You may never have heard of him, or you may be a die-hard fan of his work. Either way, Horiyoshi is a legend in the world of tattoo. His tattoos and artwork can be seen all over the world and have become recognized as the “traditional” Japanese style of tattoo called irezumi. He is an extremely gifted artist and illustrator and has inspired popular American tattoo artists such as Ed Hardy.

These two apps provide a convenient way to access this great talent’s body of work. Horiyoshi himself says “This app shows my life and history, it is great to have an app like this to show my work to the world.”

The first app is the Horiyoshi III App, which is best described as a visual compendium of his works. It includes his personal collection of photos and drawings, some which have never been released or seen by anyone else. You can also view photos of his studio and items from his famous tattoo museum in Yokohama.

* Easily swipe to navigate through thumbnails and tap to view full frame images
* Find specific images with keyword search
* Bookmark favorite images to quickly view later
* Share images with friends through email or save them to your device

Templates for Keynote Pro


emendo Media today is proud to announce the major release of Templates for Keynote Pro 2.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Templates for Keynote Pro is a collection of customizable templates designed to supplement the basic templates included with Apple’s Keynote application on the iPad. The release brings support for all iOS devices, a completeIy redesigned user interface and a significant reduction of storage used by the app.

“With the new interface we wanted to give our customers on the iPhone and iPod touch the best user experience possible and make our app even more mobile,” stated chief programmer Jan Heiermann. “With the limited space on the iPhone and iPod touch screen, compared to the iPad´s 9.7 inches, it was crucial to get a very open and easy to use interface. The significant reduction of the app´s size will allow users to faster download and update the app.”

Update Highlights:
* Universal update: Existing customers can download the app for free for their iPhones and iPod touches
* Completely redesigned interface for even better presentations on the go
* Significant reduction of more than 60 percent of the app size
* Improved support and FAQ functions directly integrated into the app
* Improved template view within the app



To celebrate the launch of their newest iPhone app, G-Monkey Productions is giving away copies of its mouth watering iPhone app called iBacon for Valentines Day. The company is proud to announce the latest creation from the G-Monkey team called Hoot or Boot: the Rate Your Date Quiz.

Game play is simple, go on a first date, take Hooty the Owl’s 20-question compatilibitly quiz, and then score your quiz and see if there’s a future with the person you just went out on a date with. Answers are scored on a relative scale, with points awarded for your date’s Swagger, amount of Spark, issues related to Trust, and his/her general Stability. Hooty the Owl will advise you on how to proceed with this person:

* Should you give them a Hoot (Yes! Love is in the air!)
* Should you give them the Boot (Adios, don’t let the door hit them on the way out!)
* Is a second date a good idea?
* Should you avoid that person forever?
* Get married?
* Get yourself a new identity and go into a witness protection program?

Heartz Free


Following the success of their Heartz free app, this Valentine’s day, Mobile Applications solution provider WebileApps today is pleased to announce Heartz 2.0, the upgraded version of the innovative iPhone app. Besides the original feature of rendering animated photos among flying hearts, the upgraded version enables the user to create personalized musical greetings that can be used to express love.

Heartz is an interactive iOS application, which utilizes the Quartz core library from Apple to render animated pictures of the users’ loved ones in colorful hearts. Important features include the ability to take screenshots of animated hearts and save it as wallpaper and use of the quartz core library to let the hearts fly all over the screen. With the upgraded version Heartz V2.0, users can now generate personalized musical greetings for their loved ones.

Data Counter


-eXeltior today is pleased to announce Data Counter 1.1.7 for iOS, an update to their Productivity app that monitors the exact amount of bandwidth used by any iDevice, preventing extra charges being billed to those who do not have an unlimited data plan. Compatible for use with GPRS, EDGE, and 3G networks, the app works with any carrier, because it retrieves data directly from the device and not from the carrier’s portal. Data Counter can be set to monitor daily, weekly, or monthly usage, and it can provide a notification prior to the user exceeding a specified data limit. The current update adds the ability to monitor traffic usage in the background for timely notifications, a WiFi data monitor with download speed indicator, and a data log that records time and usage displayed in text or chart format.

Web surfing, watching YouTube movies, checking Facebook, downloading email and apps are activities so commonplace, few stop to consider cost. But if Internet access is via a mobile data network like 3G, there may be a limit on the amount of data users can consume before they incur data overage charges. Depending upon the carrier and the wireless plan, users may have a limit on their daily, weekly, or monthly data usage. Ironically, the only way to check their usage is to use more bandwidth to connect to the carrier’s portal. Now, Data Counter offers a foolproof method of keeping an eye on data usage anytime, whether online or offline.

After initial setup, the app displays a horizontal, neon bar indicating the exact percentage of allowable data usage for the prescribed period. For example, the user may set the app to a daily limit of 8 MB of data. As the 24-hour usage period comes to an end, the user can check the neon bar and numeric readout to find out whether they need to be cautious to avoid charges. Users can also have the app monitor daily usage in the background and send a reminder when they are approaching their limit.

BuddyCalc PRO


On 14 February 2012, just for one day, BuddyCalc PRO will be offered for free ($0.00) in the Apple App Store as a St. Valentine’s Day Special. Designed for iPod, iPhone and iPad, BuddyCalc handles cost sharing events, keeps track of expenses and makes dividing up costs between your friends easy. One of the unique features of BuddyCalc PRO is that it allows you to allocate expenses that are not shared equally by all. Try it out over dinner with your Valentine! BuddyCalc is targeted towards friends sharing costs at events, dinners or during trips, as well as business travellers, be it alone or in group. In addition, it’s a handy tool to keep track of your travel expenses and to file an expense claim using Excel.

With BuddyCalc Free, you can become familiar with the look and feel of BuddyCalc at zero cost. Exceptionally, and only on 14 February, BuddyCalc PRO (normal price $2.99) will also be offered for free ($0.00). This offer is only valid for one day on February 14. With its increased functionality, BuddyCalc PRO allows you to:

* Create your own cost categories: by name or company cost item
* Use online or manual exchange rates in your Multi-Currency event
* Use the App in English, Spanish, French, German or Dutch
* Allocate cost items to one or more individuals instead of sharing by all
* Import data in Excel for further processing
* Join & leave events later/earlier
* Store up to 99 events in your mobile device
* Synchronize events to your personal web account
* Store and archive events on your personal web account
* Send event data by e-mail directly from the App

History of Rock


From John Lee Hooker to Kings of Leon, the evolution of rock music has supported careers, given rise to new media, and touched the hearts of people the world over. Relive the storied lifecycle of music from the 1950s to the present with History of Rock, a comprehensive new app for the iPad from ditter.projektagentur based on the essential music history book from Parragon.

Named iPad App of the Week by the App Store in North America, UK/Europe, and Australia, The History of Rock is a definitive guide to rock, punk, metal, and beyond, presented in a multimedia timeline format designed especially for the iPad. Special features include:

* Year-by-year highlights scroll spanning the years between 1950 and 2011
* Breakout sections on key figures and moments in rock history, from an overview of surf rock to profiles on modern artists like Blur and Radiohead
* In-app YouTube integration of essential rock videos
* Full-color pictures of rock greats from jazz favorites like Miles Davis to hip-hop’s Biggie Smalls
* “Sounds of the Decade” iTunes playlist samples and download recommendations

Spud Gun Attack


A Father & Son team have developed a brand new mobile game for iPhones and the iPod touch. Tyler Mckellow, aged only 7 years old, worked with Dad, Philip for over a year to create the game, “Spud Gun Attack”.

Like most young children, Tyler was a huge fan of computer games, but as explained by Dad, Tyler was to develop more of an interest in how games worked and how they were created. Philip explains, “Tyler from a very young age has always been into art and drawing in general, but when Tyler started to get interested in computer games, he started to come up with ideas for games that he would like to play and ideas for brand new games. So Tyler began to sketch down ideas and explained exactly how those drawings would work in a game environment”.

With Tylers designs and ideas, the idea for the game was born. Philip began the process of programming the game, and developed Tylers ideas and integrated then into the app.

“Spud Gun Attack” was born. The concept of the game is simple. The main character, “Spud” must use his Spud Gun to point, aim and then fire at the targets, with a wide range of varying levels with increasing difficulty.

The Physics based puzzler requires the game-player to use their initiative and plan their shots with precise timing to be able to defeat the targets.



Wendr, a new social media service that aims to simplify the way in which people coordinate nightly plans, announced the release of its iPhone application at the onset of Social Media Week in New York City.

“Wendr solves an everyday problem very directly,” said Sam Zises, Wendr’s creator and CEO, a social media and branded content specialist. “We’re about making your real life more social. Instead of wasting time calling, texting and messaging all of your friends to see what they’re doing tonight, Wendr allows you to coordinate plans with your friends more efficiently, so you can stop ‘checking-in’ and start hanging out.”

Like Twitter, Wendr asks users to answer one simple question. The question Wendr asks is: What are you doing tonight?  With its sleek user interface, Wendr lets users set plans for the night, and see what plans their friends have made. Wendr saves you the frustration of contacting multiple friends to make plans, only to learn that some are staying in to study, catch up on work or are still recovering from last night. Now with Wendr you can see which friends are “Going Out”, “Staying In” or “Open to Suggestions”.

Wendr addresses privacy concerns by allowing users to create customizable “Crews” of friends, giving users ultimate control over who can view their plans for the night. And to differentiate itself from competitors in the space, Wendr focuses solely on tonight. In fact, plans reset every day at 6 a.m.


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: joanne@theappwhisperer.com