Daily App Digest – June 26, 2012

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes app store today…



GlasseyStrategy today introduced StratBoard, its business intelligence (BI) dashboard for the iPad. StratBoard is the latest addition to StratPad, the world’s top-rated business planning and strategy app for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Entrepreneurs can use StratBoard to track any of their key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, cost of goods sold and customer satisfaction. Results, targets and trend lines are displayed instantly in vivid graphs. Progress notes can be embedded in graphs to help explain peaks and valleys. Reports print in full color and are easy to email as high resolution PDFs.

StratBoard is the first business intelligence tool to be offered for a one-time fee in the mobile market and is completely self-contained. Other mobile BI apps usually require subscription fees and external database connections.

"StratBoard is a powerful new addition to the StratPad family of strategic business planning apps for iPad," said Alex Glassey, managing partner of GlasseyStrategy. "StratPad now offers everything business owners need to think rigorously about their business, develop a clear and concise business plan, and monitor their progress towards strategic goals."

StratBoard is available as an in-app upgrade to StratPad Plus and StratPad Premium for an introductory price of $24.99 USD until July 2, 2012 ($29.99 USD thereafter). StratPad Plus ($9.99 USD) and StratPad Premium ($34.99 USD) are available worldwide exclusively through the iPad App Store in the Business category.

Brandnew Boy


Brandnew Boy, Oozoo’s Unreal Engine powered iOS action anime-themed martial arts game has just unveiled an exciting new update in the iTunes App Store. Much more involved than a few bug fixes, this new update is packed with the features players have most requested, and overflowing with extras.

The game’s title refers to the main player character, an amnesiac adolescent martial artist known throughout most of the game simply as Rookie. Prior to this new update, those who would have preferred to play a female version of Rookie were out of luck – but Brandnew Boy now features the option of playing a female character. The ability to choose a female avatar becomes available at level 5, and there is already a selection of different looks for the new lady of the hour. Rookie’s wardrobe has been considerably expanded as well, with the option to use in-game currency to completely transform the look of the character. The changes aren’t all cosmetic, however – new weapons have been added, as well as new abilities. Some of the new abilities are exclusive to playing as a female character.

The addition of Infinity mode gives players a chance to bank some serious in-game currency by showing off their combat combos against a never-ending horde of enemies rather than by opening their wallet. While the stat and level boosts gained in Infinity mode aren’t retained, the cash produced by enemies players vanquish is.


Baby Monitor 3G


Baby Monitor 3G helps parents babysit their child as it allows them to listen to what is happening in the baby’s room, transmitting live pictures from there, or even letting the parents talk to their child. It is a first-of-its-kind application, working on both Wi-Fi AND cellular (3G, EDGE among others) networks. All that is needed are two iOS devices.

"3G network support is wonderful. When you are staying in the hotel, usually Wi-Fi works successfully in rooms, but not so well in hotel restaurants. However, thanks to 3G, you can have dinner with complete peace of mind", says Jindrich Sarson, CEO of TappyTaps, when speaking of his personal experiences as a father of three. "We are also aware of the tight data limits of roaming plans, therefore, the network effectiveness of Baby Monitor 3G is an essential feature when you are on vacation", continues Sarson.

After only 5 months on the market, more than 50,000 parents worldwide already love the Baby Monitor 3G, and Apple have also selected it as "App of the Week" in German-speaking countries.

Since its launch many requested features have been implemented, such as enabling optional camera light while taking pictures. It means that the Baby Monitor 3G can be used in dark rooms and yet you can still see your child.

Cannibal Cookout


MeYuMe today is pleased to announce Cannibal Cookout 1.8 free for iOS, an update to their gruesome action game, where players must master the art of cannibal cuisine. The update allows players to add the names and photos of Facebook friends, who appear within the game as "guest" Nibblers. The game posts humorous messages on the player’s wall and the wall of the friend who is cooked or has escaped being cooked. With more than 70 levels of play, the highly detailed game challenges players to cook pygmy Nibblers, obtain all the necessary ingredients, keep the fire going under the giant pot, and fend off attacks from enemies. Featuring dozens of lovable characters, successfully cooking friends earns gold coins and skulls.

The Joy of Cannibal Cooking has added an exciting new page, as version 1.8 of Cannibal Cookout now allows players to cook their Facebook friends. Players choose up to 12 friends from their Facebook buddy list, and they become "Today’s Menu." An ornate, hand-lettered bill of fare, the menu displays names and photos of Facebook friends under categories such as Appetizers, Entrees, Sides, Desserts, and Beverages. Once players have cooked the current menu, they can choose another 12 friends to cook and so on. Cooked and yet to be cooked friends also appear in the game’s Recipe Book, and can be cooked in many ways: fried, boiled, BBQ’d, grilled, marinated, cooked, toasted, etc. The method and date of cooking are permanently recorded in the Recipe Book.




Photobook Plus is pleased to announce the release of their new app "Photobook+" for the iPad, now with a reduced inductory price. Most families have given up on trying to print their digital photos and then actually gluing them into a real photo album. Simply collecting them in a photo data base isn’t the best and most satisfactory solution either.

The iPad now offers the creative Photobook solution. The app is able to create any number of virtual photo albums, that may be viewed right on the screen – in retina resolution. 47 beautiful, preset layouts are available to incorporate someone’s photos and really show them off to their best advantage.

The photo albums will accept pictures from the iPad Gallery. However, it is just as easy to import them from iCloud or Fotostream directly through the iPhone. By using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, photos from a digital camera may also be selected. Additionally, by going through iTunes, it is more than simple to use image folders from the hard drive.

With Photobook+ the user can really let his sense of creativity take over. The copy spaces of the photo albums don’t just accept pictures. They can also incorporate map sections, drawings that where painted with the finger, explanatory texts – and even the accurate weather to match the date and place of recording.

The pages of the finished photo album may be turned over with the finger – just like the ones in a real book. Furthermore, so your friends don’t feel left out, the album may be shared via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. A great way to watch the album might be if the iPad is being connected to a monitor or a TV and set up as a slideshow – this way everybody will be able to enjoy the "big show". If an AirPrint printer is close by, the album could be printed out in high quality and would this way still be put on paper, after all.




Developer Moritz Meschonat from mflux is pleased to announce the release of his newest app "WhatsApe 1.0". Have some fun. Ape yourself and everybody that has a sense of humor. The iPhone app "WhatsApe" lets you and your friends slide down the evolutionary ladder – mission CodeMonkey is under way. The app displays a number of great ape photos that may be previewed in an overview. All photos feature a blank copy space into which a face may be inserted, if you want to ape yourself.

"WhatsApe" now engages the camera of the iPhone (or the iPod touch / iPad). The user may take a self-portrait with the front camera, or utilize the back camera to capture a picture of a friend. The app will insert the live picture of the camera into the copy space of the ape photo. The trick is to maintain the perfect distance to the "subject" in order to achieve the right size photo for the ape mask. After just a few seconds of practice the result will come out absolutely perfect. All that’s left is to push the release button and the ape photo is done. You – or your friends – have aped yourself.


The Magnificent Travelling Palace


The Magnificent Travelling Palace 1.0 for iPad is an adventure told through the eyes of four children on an amazing journey.

The storybook’s splendid original music and sounds, together with more then 26 astonishing 3D illustrations and animations by Rakesh Nanda, create an enchanting, movie like, atmosphere through which the story comes alive.

"Throughout the tale, the book embraces the splendor of Indian culture while remaining fun for kid. The Magnificent Travelling Palace is one such app that both educates and entertains," shared Jennifer Allen, 148Apps.

Similarly, Mary Buchanan, of Best Apps for Kids wrote, "The Magnificent Travelling Palace is such a perfect book app for kids and the whole family. This interactive app has graphics and background music that are breathtaking. This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!"

Understanding that tablets are great platforms for providing children with experience depended high educational values, PlaneTree Family Productions set out to develop a storybook app that incorporates the iPad’s strength to experience, learn and enjoy as well as preserves traditional literary values to improve linguistic abilities.

Shoham D. the founder of PlaneTree Family Productions is a mother of two boys. Her initial goal was to create an experience based platform which will introduce children to exciting worlds of different cultures, while stimulating their imagination, natural curiosity and encourage the creation of empathy to one another. In light of this goal, PlaneTree Family Productions’ first project was produced.



Announcing that CABA Designs, the developer of Flight2Cal, has just released the latest update for iPhone and iPod touch users. Flight2Cal 2.1 is an all-in-one trip planning and organization app that puts the user in complete control of their travel itinerary. With this latest update, the app retains it already practical, easy to use options, and adds the ability to search online flight schedules for flights between locations.

Many travelers have an affiliation with a particular airline, and Flight2Cal 2.1 gives them the option to search all flights with a specific brand, as well as sorting results by date and time. Flights can still be entered into the app manually, without an internet connection, but this new search feature makes it faster and easier than ever to find and enter flights.


Happy Scales


Digital Heaven today is proud to announce the release of Happy Scales, an iOS app that tracks weight loss in a unique, fun and motivational way. The concept behind Happy Scales is simple – the user’s progress is indicated with a happy or sad face magnet on the front of a refrigerator door.

"There are many weight tracking apps on the market but they tend to overwhelm the user with data and graphs." said Martin Baker, Founder of Digital Heaven. "We wanted to do something different with Happy Scales and make the whole experience far more fun and rewarding."

Simple on the outside, clever on the inside:
Natural daily fluctuations in weight can make it difficult for users to gain any meaningful perspective on their progress. Happy Scales analyses their overall trend, smoothing out ‘lumps and bumps’ to give a clearer indication of whether they are on track to reach their target, and can even show an estimated date.

A little motivation goes a long way:
In addition to tracking progress, Happy Scales displays a photo on the main screen to keep users focused on their goal – maybe to slim down for the beach or look good in a favourite outfit. The user can choose from 12 included photos, their own photo library or take a new photo directly inside the app. From time to time users may also see messages, congratulating them on their progress or encouraging them towards their target weight.


The Movie searchOmeter


Announcing that KPL Studios, the developers of the iTC Calc Suite for Filmmakers for iOS devices, organizes a new giveaway to promote their newest free iPhone app, The Movie searchOmeter 1.5.

To enter the giveaway, entrants must like The Movie searchOmeter’s Facebook page. This will give them one (1) chance to win a New iPad (aka iPad 3). By tweeting a special tweet found on giveaway’s page at our website and following @KPL_Studios’ Twitter account, entrants will get a second chance to win the iPad.

Winners will receive The New iPad (16GB Wi-Fi). The amount of winners is based on the number of "likes" on The Movie searchOmeter’s Facebook page. The more "like" the page has, the more chance to win everyone has and the more iPad KPL Studios will give away.

The giveaway is free and open to everyone worldwide and the full list of rules and terms of conditions can be found at the giveaway’s page at our website. So like, like, like and… win a New iPad!


iTraps Mini


The return of a great classic game from the past, now in the iTunes App Store. Vittorio Cazzadore today is pleased to announce the release of iTraps Mini 1.0, his new game available now for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’s time to conduct a perfect race, it must demonstrate your ability to control and guide the steel balls from start to goal within the allotted time. But look around, the track is like a river with 10 treacherous obstacles. To start press the dial time. To put a ball in play, press the next ball and use the push button to dodge obstacles and reach the goal.


Green Up


Isygames a burgeoning mobile application and software solutions developer, has announced the launch of Green Up onto the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Green Up is a wild new educational app created specifically to help young children learn how to grow plants, gives main gardening concepts, and learn  the basics of ecology and biodiversity. The app makes learning a vibrantly colorful and highly intuitive experience, and even comes complete with the detailed description of seeds and  plants parts. Guaranteeing that kids have an avenue to adopt plant’s knowledge into their daily repertoire, Green Up is currently available for download on the App Store for $1.99 in the Education category.

Green Up reinvents the mobile educative app and turns it into a visually stunning educational experience simple enough for kids of any age to use, yet handy enough to provide them with a basic facts about nature, plants all over the world and  and  that is nothing if not practical. App explains in a very clear way  key facts of ecology and biodiversity such as climate and its features, climate shapes the landscape, how to  to grow  plant in its own habitat, pesticides and fertilization role in the gardening process.

Alongside with the theoretical information Green Up provides users with the practicing activities where kids can use info learned at school about the parts of a plant and parts of a flower, experiment with concepts like pollination and extend their knowledge about  plant’s life-cycle as well. Kids can grow their own plants using tools to grow and protect plants, such as a watering can, fertilizer and when a plant’s cycle is complete, they can collect the plant in the album. Its simple as that, even simpler in practice then in explanation. Since the app is built for kids its also uniquely designed to help them jump in and start growing their own plants with little preparation. The iPad version includes supporting text linked to the issues raised by the app.

iDoctor Pro


PSgSoftware today is proud to announce the launch of iDoctor Pro, its latest app for iPhone that provides doctors, nurses, and medical professionals with a time-saving way to create and access their patients’ complete medical histories, including written records, images, and voice notes. Instead of having important records scattered in many places, this breakthrough new app puts all medical information in one convenient place, helping doctors more easily find what they need to treat their patients.

iDoctor Pro features a powerful database where medical professionals can enter important information on their patients such as: contact details, address, gender, age, date of birth, date of admission, weight, employment data, and general illness. Medical history reports can be quickly generated as PDF files and sent by email to yourself or colleagues.

"With iDoctor Pro, you will have all your patients’ information in your pocket," said Luis Medina, Founder of PSgSoftware. "We designed this revolutionary medical app specifically for doctors to save you time and help you treat your patients more effectively."

The app helps doctors create, maintain, and access a complete medical history of their patients. After each consultation, they can enter information on symptoms, prescriptions, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome. All clinical analyses can be tracked along with the results, images, and laboratories. Radiology, surgeries, and other medical studies can also be recorded and easily accessed.



lightroomapps. is pleased to announce the release of their updated app GoDocs v3.1 for iOS for Google Docs. With GoDocs you can view, edit, manage or share all types of documents at your convenience. The app contains a professional PDF viewer and allows you to open links in pdf files. With this application you are able to search for text in documents. GoDocs allows you to create and move new documents and folders from within the app. This app supports improved push notifications for document changes and sharing, and notification on backgrounding session expiration. With GoDocs you can view and manage revisions as detached documents. GoDocs contains an option to enable auto-sync of sharing roles and revisions.


Encrypt A Pic


Light Paint Pro, an innovative mobile applications developer, has announced the recent release of Encrypt A Pic for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.0 or later. This app was built to help users protect and hide their personal photos from suspicious eyes of the others. Encrypt A Pic is a wildly unique new photo sharing app that was developed to hide photos – maybe surprise gift for a loved one or a scanned bank statement. Encrypt A Pic is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free in the Photo and Video category.

Going above and beyond the functionalities of most secure photo-sharing solutions that exist on iTunes store, this app provides users with a perfect balance of practicality and flexibility. Encrypt A Pic has the power to secure photos on mobile devices easily and effectively. Users can easily encrypt their pictures in 3 simple steps and set a 4-digit password for it. Once your image is encrypted, you can save it to your Camera Roll or email it to a friend. Decrypting the photos is simple as well and takes only 3 steps.

Encrypt A Pic was made with one specific goal in mind: create a security solution that would effectively keep prying eyes away from users’ private content while ensuring that users themselves maintain seamless access to it. The free version comes with most of the functions like decrypting of encrypted photos, taking photos within the app, and auto-detecting encrypted images. Users can upgrade the app via in-app purchase when they want, save an encrypted photo to one’s camera roll, and also email these photos to friends.

Total Defense 3D


DaSuppa Company is pleased to announce today that their widely popular tower defense game called Total Defense 3D – previously compatible with iPad only – is now ported to iPhone. The iPhone version of the game features the same well-balanced mix of strategy, smashing gameplay coupled with a catching plot, and breathtaking 3D visuals.

With Total Defense 3D users immerse into the action set in a faraway galaxy where people are languishing under the rule of the cruel Tyrant. Players’ should protect their mining bases by building upgradable powerful towers. Each of the 23 absorbing missions is based on a story, which brings the gameplay closer to an action movie. Users get a chance to test their strategic planning skills and inventiveness by switching between Normal, Hard and Hell levels of difficulty.

The landmark feature of the game is its true to life visuals with sharp textures and detailed 3D models. Players are able to discover unknown planets and view exotic alien landscapes in 360 degrees. The exciting gaming experience is enhanced by the futuristic electronic soundtrack created exclusively for Total Defense 3D.



DokRemote is a new iPhone app which enables users to control their device’s music playback remotely – from a web browser on a laptop, desktop or tablet device.

A recent survey, conducted online from June 21st – 24th, 2012, has shown that 74% of iPhone, iPod and iPad users listen to music by connecting their device to external speakers. But 84% of them don’t have any means to control the music that’s playing other than getting up and manually changing the tracks on the device itself.

DokRemote is a simple app provides browser-based control of music playback. A user simply opens the app, connects their iPhone, iPod or iPad to their speaker system and then uses a web browser on another device to access the DokRemote control interface.

The clean, intuitive design on the DokRemote web interface makes it easy for users to start, pause, skip or change tracks all without leaving their desk or chair.



Calabughi today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Cheecoting, their new gaming title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Have fun as you used to with the game of cheecoting (seaside marbles). Live again the sensational challenges of summers past, cradled in the palms of your hands. You shoot the marbles by simply touching the screen, make them dart along the straight, leap over the jumps and take the bends. Now you can challenge your friends or the computer or play solo, to practice and improve your game. Choose a track and plunge into a real 3D graphics. With sandcastles, drinks cans, lollipop sticks, pits, parabolic bends. It’s just like being on the beach.

The LOLpipe


Looking for something free, fun and interesting in the app store? Everyone knows the internet is made up of a series of tubes. The LOLpipe is your conduit to a world of extreme LOLs through your iPhone. Turn every day situations into viral internet memes with one-tap sharing to your social network. You’ll learn very fast that Facebook users love to Like and Share LOLpipe images!

Okay so what’s the app actually do? LOLpipe allows you to mash up your photos with text and artwork for hilarious effects. Got a photo of your friend but think he would look better with a Rage Face or a rainbow? That’s the LOLpipe. Only LOLpipe brings you nearly 400 pieces of high quality HD artwork to include in your images.

LOLpipe Features:
* LOLpipe is 100% free of ads without any crippled features in the free download
* 4 professional fonts with ability to change colors
* 140  pieces of artwork in the FREE version. Unlocking all art packs provides for nearly 400 pieces of HD artwork
* • All of the artwork in LOL pipe is vector art making for crisp scaling and stunning images
* Intuitive UI makes building images easy with gestures for: resize, rotate, flip, or use a control panel to fine tune other attributes
* Set and forget configuration provides one-tap sharing to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Imgur, Reddit, and email. You can also save to your photo roll
* Images shared with your services (ex: Imgur) go directly to an album within your own account. You can even set the album and/or photo permissions from the app itself
* Built in album and photo browser for Facebook, Flickr, and Imgur
* Retina graphics



Brain Parade, will be exhibiting at booth #1919 at the 33rd annual ISTE Conference and Exposition in San Diego, CA June 24th-27th. "This is our first time participating at the ISTE event and we are excited about meeting with many of our customers, and introducing See.Touch.Learn.(R) to those who havent yet had an opportunity to experience its benefits.", said Jim McClafferty, Brain Parade Founder and President. "We felt ISTE 2012 was the perfect venue to announce the latest significant update to See.Touch.Learn."

Brain Parade’s premiere product, See.Touch.Learn., is a 21st Century Picture Card Instruction app being used by educators and parents in 104 countries around the globe. See.Touch.Learn. improves on traditional picture card instruction that has been used in special needs and traditional classrooms for decades. See.Touch.Learn. combines the proven effectiveness of picture cards with the power and excitement of the iPad and offers parents and educators an extremely flexible, customizable and effective instructional tool.

Since its release in March 2011, See.Touch.Learn.(R) has been embraced by the education community who have downloaded and updated the app over 400,000 times. This summer, Brain Parade will release a major update to See.Touch.Learn. which will provide substantial enhancements and new features requested by our users. "From day one we have solicited feedback from our users to improve our products, and we have already implemented numerous changes and enhancements based on their suggestions. This new release is our biggest update yet and will offer a significantly enhanced user interface, much improved search and organization capabilities, as well as the introduction of the Brain Parade(R) Community", says McClafferty.



Independent developer, Marc Guirao Majo has released iSwoop 1.0, his new space action-arcade game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. "iSwoop" is based on the classic "Swoop" by Ambrosia software. The former "Swoop" version available only for Mac OS 9, has been rescued for iOS devices. This new game reminds the best space classics such as "Galaga" and "Galaxian" but with its own style of play and unique sounds and background music.

You are a shock trooper in the alliance marines. Your specialty is guerrilla space-warfare, and your mission is to buy time for the surviving miners to get away to safety.

Haydens Times Tables


TheHermonApps is proud to anounce Haydens Times Tables 1.0, its newest app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. "Haydens’ times tables" isn’t about making money it will be a free app forever as the point of the app is to educate children, and this app is a fun and entertaining way of learning their times tables.

"Hayden is my six year old son and he was behind the idea and is helping me create the app (i.e choosing the back ground colours and testing the quizzes etc..)," said Craig Smart.

Why the app is different from any other time table app:
The app will come with each times table, from 2 times table right up to 10 times table. It will have a learning page which helps them learn the times table and a sound board which is sang in a way to help children remember what they are learning. After they have learnt their times table there is a 5 question quiz on that times table. When they have mastered there times table they can apply for there free certifcate, which wll be emailed to them with there name and location. Stating that they have mastered Haydens Times Tables.



Panoramas Northwest today is pleased to announce the release of EmoDraw 1.0, its new entertainment for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. EmoDraw uses the OpenCV libraries to process video from the front-facing camera on your iPhone 4 or 4S to find your face and draw an emo from it.

Usage is simple. Start Emodraw and point your iPhone at your face. A green oval will appear when it finds your face. In the upper left view on the display, an emo will be drawn in near real-time. A slider is available on the right side of the video view to adjust the threshold on the video. When the slider is adjusted, a thresholded image will momentarily appear in the upper-right view. touch anywhere on the video preview to ‘freeze’ the emo in the upper-right view.

To save the emo to the emo list, just touch in the ‘freeze’ view. To view your emos, touch the ’emos’ tab at the bottom of the display. A list of the emos will be presented. Select any of the emo thumbnails to see a larger view. Here you can rename the emo or save it to the photos library. A Facebook button will be soon be added, so you can share your mood with your friends.

Cars and Friends – Puzzle Game for Boys


Rainbow Stories today is pleased to introduce Cars and Friends – Puzzle Game for Boys 1.0 for iOS, their new animated jigsaw puzzle app for young kids. Each of the 30 different scenes can be set to one of three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, or Hard. Featuring puzzle pieces that double in size when touched, kids can create a large picture from small pieces that are presented just two at a time. The expansion of pieces, dragging them on to the picture, and placing them correctly or incorrectly are all animated actions with accompanying sound effects. The app also includes original, festive music.

At launch in landscape mode, Cars and Friends – Puzzle Game for Boys displays all 30 illustrations in Apple’s eye-catching, Cover Flow View. Kids can scroll horizontally to pick the puzzle they would like to do. Once selected, the illustration fills the leftmost two-thirds of the screen. Pieces to the puzzle slide on to the screen from the right, and only two pieces are displayed at a time. Compared to the illustration, the colors of the puzzle pieces are deep and realistic, so when they are correctly placed over the illustration it remains clear which pieces are still missing.

When the child touches one of the two pieces, it grows immediately to twice its former size, and is exactly the correct size to fit in the puzzle. This innovation encourages children to recognize puzzle pieces by their shape and graphical content, independent of size. Pieces lock into place perfectly, and if placed incorrectly return to the pieces area on the far right. The app features a special snap-in algorithm, so that pieces automatically snap in to place when moved in to proximity of their destination. On completion of the puzzle, a fanfare is heard and all the pieces dissolve into a single, brightly colored image.

The Witch with no name


The Witch with no name is an interactive book that will embark children  on a 3D animated adventure alongside the kind, nameless witch and her faithful companion, the little bat.

Designed for all the family to enjoy, the title is available from today on the App Store;


Wondershare PowerSketch


There are five spotlights make Wondershare PowerSketch standing out:

1. 16 realistic and creative sketches enable you produce high-quality sketches in seconds;
2. Real real-time preview of effects makes you capture better photo and video;
3. Support photo and video sketching;
4. Manage artwork with built-in album;
5. Share to the world via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Youtube and


Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website—— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: [email protected]