Superimpose – Major Update


Superimpose is a very popular app for iPhone photography and it has just received a major update. With just with a few taps, create professorial grade superimposed or juxtaposed photos on your iPhone! You don’t need a computers and expensive software to superimpose one photo on top of another any more.

Check out what’s been included in this update below. This is a free update, if you have previously downloaded this app. If not, you can dowlnoad it here. It retails for $0.99/£0.69/download,


What’s New?



One of the biggest Superimpose update till date. Everything is now faster and smoother. So fast, that most operations are now gone real time! And the developers fixed the issue of blurry result as some users were having.

✭ You can now move around the foreground image in any blending mode and Superimpose will generate real time blended results.

✭ Changing the transparency in any blending mode works in real time too.

✭ Filters are applied in real time with live blending mode results, both background and foreground filters (except for blur filter).

✭ Color Range, Rectangle, Ellipse, Linear, Bi-Linear and Radial Gradient masking tools now generate real time previews.

✭ A whole new improved brush, designed for better results.

✭ Usability improvements of the gradient masking tools. You can now adjust the gradient multiple times before finally apply it with a double tap.

✭ In transform section, on the top left corner of the foreground image, a new control is added to make 90 degree rotations easier.

✭ Other usability improvements.

✭ Lot of other performance improvements.
✭ And yes, we fixed the issue of blurry image.

✭ Finally, of course, it works with larger iPhone 5 screen.

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