Sponsored Post – Are tablets rivalling games consoles?

Since their launch tablets such as Apple’s hugely successful iPad have been promoted as the missing link between mobile phones and computers – offering many of the functions and bigger screen size of the former coupled with the handy size and overall convenience of the latter – and they have proven to be pretty successful on that level. However, with surveys showing that the vast majority of those using tablet devices like the iPad seeing them primarily as a vehicle for gaming, could these devices now be set to offer a serious rival to games consoles as well?

One person who appears to think so is the president of Nintendo – Satoru Iwata – who has suggested that the increasing availability of top quality games for tablet devices like the iPad, at a far cheaper price than they would cost for Nintendo devices and other games consoles, is a threat to the future of the games development industry. However, given that being able to produce games for the Apple device market – which is arguably wider than that for traditional games consoles like Nintendo – has the potential to offer serious financial rewards for enterprising games developers. After all, these devices are used by a wider demographic than would ever use games consoles, so there is the opportunity to introduce gaming to a wider audience through the use of tablets.

The fact that top games are cheaper to download to tablet devices will also make them a potential rival – as who wants to pay over the odds? However it should be noted that tablets still have much smaller screens and no physical controller, which arguably makes the experience less satisfying. With the ever more sophisticated graphics offered by games such as the casino ones at sites like, the smaller screen provided by a tablet will have a significant impact on the gaming quality, so tablets may be rivalling games consoles, but they are not overtaking them yet.


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