Mobile Shorts Tiny Shutter Advantage – By Keith Tharp – PureShot Walk Through


Late last week the developers of 645 PRO released a wonderful brand new app called Pure Shot. ‘PureShot is your top-quality filter-free (or #nofilter) app. It helps you capture digital photographs with the highest possible technical integrity’, quote from Mike Hardaker developer of Pure Shot. This app retails for $1.99/£1.49 and you can download it here.

Don’t miss this excellent and extensive video walk through by Keith Tharp, you’ll enjoy this a lot. (foreword by Joanne Carter).



15 thoughts on “Mobile Shorts Tiny Shutter Advantage – By Keith Tharp – PureShot Walk Through”

  1. Excellent walk through, Keith!!! Thanks so much for posting this video.
    Love PureShot but nice to know the tidbits for the settings.

  2. Great tutorial on this new app. I am just exploring it now. Does it store your tiff photos fully in your library?? I thought I heard something about having to access them threw iTunes. Maybe in 645 pro not sure. Hey also where are you in New England? I am in Maine.
    Thanks for the lesson

  3. Hi Jeffrey—PureShot saves all its images (including TIFFs) to Camera Roll.

    645 PRO defaults to saving TIFFs in its private folder, where they can be reached via iTunes (although you can copy them to Camera Roll in-app if you prefer…); you can opt to save 645 PRO TIFFs directly to Camera Roll if you prefer.

    • Would be great to add back the panoramic aspect ratios. I love that about 645 Pro but hated the clutter of its layout. Who needs to see ISO, shutter speed or a histogram when there is nothing you can do to affect them? Nuke the eye candy and add back pano!


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