Samsung announces “launching people” campaign to support people’s potential around the world


Today, Samsung Electronics kicks off its global “Launching People” campaign, an ambitious programme rooted in discovering, sharing and supporting the potential of individuals around the world who are using technology to explore their dreams and passions.
Inspired by people everywhere who use Samsung products to do amazing things every day, the campaign invites passionate individuals to submit their dreams and ideas in several categories, from Film and Sports, to Art and Entrepreneurship. The winners of the “Launching People” campaign in each region around the world will have the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality with Samsung’s support.
Andy Griffiths, Managing Director, Samsung UK and Ireland, commented: “At Samsung, we live and breathe innovation. But innovation doesn’t just come in the form of technology. When that technology is put into the hands of human beings, incredible things can happen. ‘Launching People’ is all about doing just that – launching people’s potential through technology. Giving people with passion and ambition, a launch pad for their ideas. Samsung is committed to creating opportunities and opening doors for people through access to technology, experts and skills development, and we are excited at the prospect of helping people to realise their dreams, and inspire others in the process.”


Starting with France in June of 2013, Samsung’s “Launching People” campaign will turn peoples’ dreams, passions and potential into reality in 13 regions across Europe, Latin America and the Middle East in 2013, and expects to expand the campaign further in 2014. Samsung will focus on providing ambitious consumers the chance to realise their potential by teaming them up with renowned mentors, start up funding and products to help them on their journey.
The campaign promises to invest not only in technology, but also in the ideas of passionate people—whether this potential is related to a personal journey, a larger cause, or both. Samsung will spread the word about “Launching People” with real consumer stories on and across all social media channels, including Facebook and YouTube.

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