Photography Tip Of The Day – Number 42


Digital Camera World is quite an interesting magazine and we we came across an article over the weekend packed with famous photographers tips. We’re going to publish one each day, they’re not mobile but have a broader reach. We think you’ll enjoy this.

The next one we’re going to mention is by Simon Roberts a Documentary Photographer who studied at Sheffield University before studying photojournalism. His work has been widely exhibited around he world. You can view some of Simon’s work here.

Take a look at Simon’s tips below:



One I particularly like from Simon is ‘be an author of your own work, not merely an illustrator of other people’s ideas’ – this is a hugely prudent point. He also recommends seeking out mentors whose opinions you trust and ask them to regularly edit and critique your work – now this is a key one. As we all know the mobile photography community is very close but that also has a danger if you like, I think of creating a creative echo chamber – at least this is my opinion – so stretch beyond it (this latter is my own tip btw 😉

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