Mobile Photography Awards 2013 – Winners & Honorable Mentions Announced!


We’re delighted to reveal that the Mobile Photography Awards (MPA) 2013 Winners and Honorable mentions have now been announced. As always we (I speak as a member of the Jury) were succumbed by the wealth of talent displayed across our screens. We’ve had more entries to this competition than ever before and the quality of submissions has been totally outstanding across all the categories.

For my part, I was Lead Judge for one of the largest categories, if not the largest category ‘Digital Fine Art’. I am very pleased to announce that Cedric Blanchon took First Place here. The image that Cedric contributed ‘Unilateral Selection’ matched the criteria for this category explicably. Described in the literature as ‘this category is for manipulated and altered images using additional elements like textures, multiple exposures and app effects to change a photograph into something from the imagination of the artist’. Cedric certainly captured this and also provided a brutally powerful and compelling image, many congratulations to Cedric. Our Second Place for this category goes to Alison Pistohl for her image ‘Young Girl at Window’. My fellow Judge for this category described this image as ‘it’s just so ethereal and gorgeous with that palette, it’s simply beautiful and fresh’ – I couldn’t agree more. Many congratulations also to Alison Pistohl. There are also a wealth of Honorable Mentions including works by Victoria Thornhill, Giulia M, Helen Breznik, Azlan Arzaghi, Sherry Chen, Brendan, Christian J Sweet, Clint Cline, Patryk Pat Kuleta, Mika Trottier, KSeven, Lynda Martin, Cindy Patrick, Liz Traynor, Sara Tune, Cristian Margarita, David Booker, Massimo Scavazzini, Eric Dijkstra, Karen Divine, Lola Mitchell, Vickii Paton, Sheila McKinney, Ioannis Sidiropoulos, Aylin Argun, Tony DeMartile, Wojtek Papaj, Rhonda Brynko and Barbara DuBois.

Of course, I have described above a little ‘behind the scenes experience’ to the category that I Judged but there are many more winners throughout all the categories. I have infact, listed each image for First Place Winner and Second Place for each category below, many congratulations to Eloise Capet, Pat Kuleta, Erin McGean Cindric, Jim Baab, Matthew Gee, Mariko Klug, John Gamble, Eric Ludwig, Andrew B White, Justin Gould, Lee Atwell, Sean Hayes, Marie Matthews, Carmellina Pascoe, Mark Chilvers, Renzo Grande, John Nieto, Paula Gardener, Giulia M, Markus Anderson, Carol Boleman, Tan KH Victor, Kristine Norlander, Elin Liavik, Masaki Tanaka, Aylin Argun, Marina Varuolo, Mariela Angela, Akbar Makarti, Giuseppe Capozzo, Roger Clay, Ali Jardine and Barbara DuBois for securing these placements.

There are also a huge number of incredible Honourable Mentions for each category and I am sending my heartfelt congratulations to all Entrants, Prize Winners and Honourable runners up. You have all submitted first class work and it was such a pleasure to be involved in another year of Judging your art, thank you all.


First Place Winner in Digital Arts Category – Cedric Blanchon


‘Unilateral Selection’ – Cedric Blanchon

Second Place to Alison Pistohl in Digital Arts Category


‘Young Girl at Window’ – Alison Pistohl

First Place Winner to Eloise Capet – Black & White Category


Image – ‘I have been watching you’ – Eloise Capet

Second Place to Pat Kuleta – Black & White Category


Image – ‘Cut’ – Pat Kuleta

First Place Winner to Erin McGean Cindric – Food & Beverage Category


Image – ‘Naturally Bue’ – Erin McGean Cindric

Second Place to Jim Baab – Food & Beverage Category


Image – ‘Morning Muffin’ – Jim Baab

First Place to Matthew Gee – Landscape Category


Image – ‘No limits’ – Matthew Gee

Second Place to Mariko Klug – Landscape Category


Image – ‘Into the unknown’ – Mariko Klug

First Place to John Gamble – Nature & Wildlife Category


Image – ‘Mutual Wonder’ – John Gamble

Second Place to Eric Ludwig – Nature & Wildlife Category


‘Sandbox’ by Eric Ludwig

First Place to Andrew B White – Olloclip Category


‘Snowflake’ by Andrew B White

Second Place to Justin Gould – Olloclip Category


‘Dandelion Detail’ by Justin Gould

First Place to Lee Atwell – People Category


‘Bedside’ by Lee Atwell

Second Place to Sean Hayes – People Category


‘The Butcher of Bruxelles’ by Sean Hayes

First Place Winner to Marie Matthews – Performing Arts Category


‘The Juggler’ – Marie Matthews

Second Place Winner to Carmellina Pascoe – Performing Arts Category


‘It seemed like a good idea’ Carmellina Pascoe

First Place Winner – Mark Chilvers – Photojournalism Category


‘The Boss’ Mark Chilvers

Second Place to Renzo Grande – Photojournalism Category


‘Killing Time” by Renzo Grande

First Place Winner to John Nieto – Portraiture


‘Easter bonnet for Diane’ – John Nieto

Second Place to Paula Gardener – Portraiture


‘Day Dreamer’ by Paula Gardener

First Place Winner Giulia M – The Darkness Category


‘Immerse’ by Giulia M

Second Place to Markus Anderson – The Darkness Category


‘Ligature’ by Markus Anderson

First Place Winner Carol Boleman – Travel Cateogory


‘No Parking’ – Carol Boleman

Second Place to Tan KH Victor


‘Nine Emperor Gods Festival’ – Tan KH Victor

First Place Winner Kristine Norlander – Still Life Category


‘Paper Abstracts’ – Kristine Norlander

Second Place to Elin Liavik – Still Life Category


‘Dancing Cherries’ – Elin Liavik

First Place Winner – Masaki Tanaka – Self Portraits


‘Surf Beat’ – Masaki Tanaka

Second Place to Aylin Argun – Self Portraits


‘The 5th Dimension’ – Aylin Argun

First Place Winner – Marina Varulol – Street Photography


‘The family vacation’ – Marina Varolo

Second Place to Mariela Angela – Street Photography


‘The Waitress Viola’ – Mariela Angela

First Place Winner Akbar – Transportation


‘Untitled’ – Akbar Makarti

Second Place to Giuseppe Capozzo – Transportation Category


‘Challenge of a New Perspective’ Giuseppe Capozzo

First Place Winner – Roger Clay – Water Category


‘Big Sycamore’ – Roger Clay

Second Place to Ali Jardine – Water Category


‘Fly with the birds’ – Ali Jardine

First Place Winner – Visual FX Category


‘Field of dreams’ – Barbara DuBois

Second Place to Cedric Blanchon – Visual FX Category


‘Desperate House Clothing’ – Cedric Blanchon

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  1. Thank you, Joanne, for the recognition in this article! I am delighted to be grouped with so many strong images. I look forward to learning more about the 2014 traveling exhibition and the additional recognition it may bring to this art. Cheers! – Jim


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