Flickr Group Showcase – TheAppWhisperer (TAW) – February 23, 2014


This weeks Flickr Group Showcase is so emotionally powerful, many of you are expressing feelings in the best possible way, it is particularly noticable in the portraiture. There are also some phenomenal street and travel scenes, many bringing in the winter skies and atmosphere. Then we move to some outstanding still life floral images – we hope you find this showcase as mesmerising as we do.

If you would like to be considered for our weekly Flickr Group Showcase, Please upload your images to our dedicated Flickr group, for this section, here.

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Each image can be viewed on Flickr by clicking on the relevant artist below:

Erik Beck, sofia torrao, n.naej, Allison Pistohl, Nyanjiroo iCloud_9, Tuba Korhan, Meri Walker, Susan Blase, Trish G, Masaki, Rob Depalo, Steve Hatchett, Joel Adam, Nick Kenrick, la_ma_rie, Davide Capponi, Tamas Andok, Cindy Buske, Gina Costa, Lee Atwell, Laura Peischl, Aldo Pacheco, Shel Serkin, _N_X_, Anne Highfield, Candice Railton, Ioannis Sidiropoul, Ade Santora, Cedric Blanchon, Vanessa Vox, Christopher Baxter, Jane, Alice LaComte, Ginger Lucero, Eduardo Mueses, J.A.D.A., iris.river, Heline Lam, Richard Pilon, Jennifer Bracewell, Erika Brothers, Roger Guetta, Darrell Jesonis, Stephanie Roberts, Antii Tassberg, Pirmin Follmi, Cindy Buske, Cary Larrabee, Alexey Ovsyannikov, Brendan O Se, Matthew Clements, Michal Koralewski, Fernando Cruz, Jun Yamaguchi, Albion Harrison-Naish, Federica Corbelli, Gianluca Ricoveri, Amo iPhoneography, Juliana Longiotti, Cathrine Halsor, Cecily Mariece Caceu, Kathleen Mercado, Jennifer A Thomas


Flickr Group Showcase


9 thoughts on “Flickr Group Showcase – TheAppWhisperer (TAW) – February 23, 2014”

  1. gorgeous and breathtaking images – congratulations to all! such a beautiful film and selection, joanne! the music is transcendent as well. heartfelt thank you!

  2. Thank you so much. I am inspired by so many compelling images……such feeling in the compositions and edits. Wow!


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