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Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 19 – By Donna Donato

Welcome back to the nineteenth article in the Column, Mobile Movies. We at TheAppWhisperer have been inspired by the Flickr upgrade of 1 Terabyte of storage for everyone and have wanted to launch a mobile movie section for some time. Now seems to be perfect, the new Flickr upgrade will allow for a full three minutes of 1080p HD quality video per single film and you can have as many as you have storage space for. Each week I (you can find me on Flickr here) will curate the movie uploads to our new Flickr group –MobileMoviesTheAppWhisperer – I will view all the videos uploaded and comment on the chosen ones.

”The internet has created other crossroads for films and videos. Mobile devices have democratized not only photography but also video-making. The availability of apps that give digital video the appearance of analogy film, such as grainy black and white super-8, is exciting and important. Now anyone with the desire can make a home movie or ‘film’ and upload it to the web. It is interesting to see what stories and messages people are creating and disseminating.’

All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices.

Here is TheAppWhisperer’s video showcase for February 8, 2014. We would like to thank this week’s contributors: Olivier_Olivierbxl, Elfinkenel_Annie Helmsworth, ScottinNC, Vanessa Vox, and Armineh_H for their submissions. Take a look at these latest gems; you’ll be glad you did. Please share our Column with your family and friends, encouraging them to create and submit their mobile videos. We are seeking all platforms, Windows, Android, iOS… Joanne Carter and I will also be scouring the web in search of mobiles movies to present to our readers.

Donna Donato


‘Countryside’ – Olivier_Olivierbxl

Flickr link

The film’s dreamy music and trancelike visuals of time-lapse clouds with shifting light and shadows provides a respite from daily activities. The piece reminded me of a film that was made from footage shot with a helmet camera worn by a falcon; you felt like you had a bird’s eye view of the earth below.

‘Mushing in Alaska’ – ’Elfinkenel_Annie Helmsworth

Flickr link

If you’ve have ever wondered what the experience of mushing would be like or even if you haven’t, take a look at this piece.  I now understand the allure of virtual travel; it was like  being on the sled with Annie, albeit warm in my chair, being pulled at a brisk pace by a dog team. The white landscape dotted with snow-covered trees looked vast, otherworldly and a tab bit formidable.

‘a very short movie about a horse’ – ScottinNC

Flickr link

This brief sepia colored film conjured up collective Hollywood memories of sitting curbside watching a horse-drawn carriage pass in slo-mo.

‘January the 31st, 2014 ’ – Vanessa Vox

Flickr link

This short film feels a lot like being in a reverie where one hears a bittersweet, nostalgic music box tune while your brain projects images. The slightly faded legs and feet dancing a little offbeat in vignetted frames felt more melancholic than joyful.

“Anticipation…’ – Armineh_H

Flickr link

Armineh_H has provided a silent piece about anticipation and/or anxious waiting. I like the crispness of the b/w images and the feeling of surrealism with a hint of mime.

Donna is an image-maker, historian by training and a film/video editor by vocation. From a very early age she was smitten with images of all kinds. Donna absolutely loves film and filmmaking. Currently she lives in Paris, a city that has had a long and passionate love affair with ‘the movies’ and is one of the crossroads for world cinema.