Bob Weil iPhoneography Course – Final Day For 50% Discount


This is a complete online course on creating fantastic layered photo art compositions, where you learn not only how to take great photos and edit them into a striking artistic images, but also how to combine multiple images (as well as textures and graphic elements and typography) to create rich, intricate works of art — works you could immediately print to canvas and display.

Acclaimed award-winning photographer and artist Bob Weil (and co-author of the sensational book The Art of iPhone Photography: Creating Great Photos and Art on Your iPhone) will take you on a journey unlike any other.
You won’t simply learn to run some apps on an image and make it look cool. You will actually learn how to think through the creation of a serious work of conceptual art in the manner of a professional artist.

You will learn to gather an amazing library of images and graphical content, and learn how to draw the right images together to create fascinating works expressive of your unique sense of artistry.

Because ultimately it is a portfolio of art you are assembling: a range of works in your own individual style. As you develop your portfolio, you will learn how to get your work displayed online, learn how to enter your favorite pieces in a variety of contests, even learn how to get your work considered for inclusion in live gallery events all over the world.

Complete course available today with 50% discount – total cost right now is $84. Click here to find out more.


Course Content


5 Extensive Videos on Photo Artistry Fundamentals.
2 Substantial Essays on Shooting Great Images and Making Them Look Fantastic.
2 Essays on Configuring Your iPad Like a Pro and Handling All Your Images and Content.
4 Photo-Collage / Compositing Lessons (16 total videos).
3 Landscape Artistry Lessons (9 total videos).
3 Artistic Portraiture Lessons (10 total videos).
3 Abstract Design Lessons (coming soon at no additional cost).
1 Huge “Master App List” with the descriptions and links to ALL the best apps.
Plus 24 Bonus Pro-Designed Textures (and a Bonus Training Video) by DistressedFX.
Plus another 24 Bonus Pro-Designed Textures by 2 Lil Owls Studio.
And then, coming soon, you will also receive additional essays and videos on building a professional portfolio, displaying your work online and attracting a following, entering contests around the world, and submitting your work to galleries and exhibits.

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