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iColorama Procedural – Limitless Horizon


We’re really pleased to publish this video by Jerry Jobe describing the steps he took to create the image below, really wonderful. Over to you Jerry (foreword by Joanne Carter).


“Here’s something I bet you didn’t know: I take requests here on my blog. So when I created the image you’ll see below and posted it on the iColorama Facebook page, a user named Chris Harbinson asked, “Pretty please could you describe how you achieved what you did here?”



When looking at the steps taken, I realized it would be better as a video tutorial than my standard screenshots-and-text entry. So here is how I created “Limitless Horizon” – set aside about 14 minutes to watch the whole thing. Enjoy!


Never content with just scratching the surface of what an app can do, Jerry Jobe decided to pass on what he learned about imaging apps to others. He’s constantly trying to figure out just what tools other artists have used, and trying to incorporate them into his own work, in an attempt to find his style. He’s written tutorials on over 145 apps so far, which you can find (along with his Song of the Day entries) at He lives near Atlanta, Georgia, where he also finds a creative outlet in acting and directing in community theater.


  • AlanH

    Thank you, Jerry, for this wonderful tutorial. I find iColorama to be a very robust app, but, at the same time, a bit difficult to really master. These procedurals you do are a BIG help!! Thanks, again.

  • Rosanne Cleveland-King

    I am a wanna be watercolorist, and a pretty good photographer. I haven’t tried your procedural yet, but am looking forward to doing so.
    Thank you for filming this, it was done very well, and you are very easy to follow and understand.