StreetVIEW – 7500 feet above the ordinary – The Stanley Hotel by Laura Peischl


We are delighted to publish this wonderful article by our Columnist Laura Peischl who’s travelling the US right now.  As well as writing the text, Laura sent us some beautiful mobile images from her trip. We have put these together into a video showcase with the music of her choice ‘The Shining Soundtrack – Masquerade’. Don’t miss this…


“I visited the Stanley Hotel… And it was creepy! And fascinating the same time!

The Stanley Hotel is a 140-room neo-Georgian hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Located within sight of the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Stanley offers panoramic views of the Rockies. It was built by Freelan Oscar Stanley of Stanley Steamer fame and opened on July 4, 1909, catering to the rich and famous, including the RMS Titanic survivor Margaret Brown, John Philip Sousa, Theodore Roosevelt, the Emperor and Empress of Japan, and a variety of Hollywood personalities.The hotel and its surrounding lands are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Stanley Hotel also hosted the horror novelist Stephen King, inspiring him to write The Shining”. 

Image ©Laura Peischl

Video Showcase

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