iPad Photography Apps – VSCO – Now Available for iPad, New Journal and So Much More!


Today, celebrate with the most transformative release to date for iPhone and iPad. With VSCO Cam 4.0 for iOS 8, the developers are thrilled to introduce new ways for you to broaden creative expression, connect more meaningfully with creatives from around the globe, and share a truly cohesive body of work like never before.

Check out the new features below:

You can download the newly updated VSCO here



In the spirit of solidarity, the VSCO team invite you to share your unique worldview, process, and vision through original long-form content on your Journal. The combination of visual imagery and the written word can be powerful, inciting feeling and creating change. Extending this new layer of creative communication will further empower and fuel a global arts movement. In the future, they will be  adding Vimeo, YouTube, and SoundCloud compatibility.

To commemorate this new feature, VSCO are excited to announce collaborations with famed music publication The FADER and street photographer Tommy Ton. Illustrating the vast ways in which Journal can be used for creative expression, The FADER will be sharing retrospective narratives from their 15 year archive, and Tommy Ton will give an exclusive behind the scenes look at his process and philosophy on a shoot.


For the first time, Sync is available, enabling you to select images to shoot, edit, and share across iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

New Web Uploader Tool

They have also added a new web uploader tool for importing photos to your VSCO Cam Library to simplify editing and sharing to your Grid.

A VSCO Account gives you access to these new features, a Grid and Journal, the ability to find and follow other creatives, download previously purchased presets, and more.

New Features

A variety of other updates create a more seamless shooting and editing process. View a side-by-side comparison of presets on your image with the iPad-exclusive Preview Gallery. Customize your experience by choosing a black or white camera skin. Explore photos, Journal articles, and people within the VSCO Community through enhanced search functionality.


Use a simple swipe gesture to easily navigate throughout the app on iPhone and iPad. Find inspiration on the curated VSCO Grid, view original content highlighting Community members from around the globe on VSCO Journal, and celebrate the creative life by following other creatives in your Feed.

Android 3.1

Android 3.1 launches today alongside 4.0, introducing several of the same updates. Sync functionality, as well as the web uploader are now available for Android. VSCO are also proud to offer improved camera features and image quality, along with auto launch to camera and spilt focus on select HTC devices.

DOWNLOAD VSCO Cam 3.1 for Android


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