Why Slot Game Cheats Don’t Work Anymore


Just a few decades ago slot games were in the midst of a crisis. More and more people were cottoning on to the fact that you could cheat on the machine using various methods. You can imagine how the casinos reacted to this right? With every successful cheater they lost exponentially more money through illegitimate practise – something simply had to be done.

But what could the casinos do to stop this torrent of illegal play? Well, for a while the most they could really do is increase security measures and try to catch people in the act. But, as technology slow got better casinos were able to stop age-old techniques pretty much immediately. Let’s have a deeper look at why slot game cheats don’t work anymore when gaming on the internet.

The magnet slot cheat

A popular method of cheating the slots was by using powerful magnets to change the combination the reels stopped on. Criminals would use this to great effect, consistently altering the combinations so they almost showed up as a win. For a while all the casinos would do was beef up their security measures, but after a while they created some foolproof methods to counter this cheat.

All slot machines were eventually incubated from any outside influence, meaning that magnets would no longer work on the reels. This was done, more often than not, by strengthening the outside of the machine, thus meaning that magnets would not be able to penetrate through the machine’s exterior. Job done.

Coin on a string slots machine cheat

At the same time as criminals were using magnets to influence the spinning of the reels, other cheaters were using an equally ingenious method. They would drill a hole through a standard coin and place a small thread through the middle of it, after a machine recognised the coin they would simply lift it back out and repeat the process. A very simple yet effective trick that paid dividends.

Again, casinos would have to wait a fair amount of time before they got their hands on the technology to stop this method at its root. But, once they figured out a coin mechanism that would be able to differentiate between legitimate coins and fake, or stringed, ones the problem was quickly averted. Another case of technology trumping the cheats of petty criminals.

Casinos have CCTV now

The 21st Century can become an incredibly scary place when you consider the absolutely ludicrous number of CCTV cameras dotting about pretty much everywhere you go. Indeed, people these days spend more than 80% of their lives under some kind of surveillance, you are almost always being watched, even if it is just by a computer.

This fact spells serious trouble for cheaters, especially at heavily regulated casinos where there are hidden cameras everywhere. Gone are the days where someone could quite literally climb inside a machine in order to cheat.

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