Blackjack Bets that People Tend to Use


With Blackjack being one of the most popular games in any casino, it is recognisable in most countries. Thought to have originated in France centuries ago, the French love for this game quickly spread. It has now spread to frequently being played online via mobile sites and apps, as well as being played in a live capacity where a dealer can be seen and other players can be communicated with in real-time. People enjoy playing Blackjack over many other games associated with casinos and online gaming sites because there is so much more skill involved to be able to play this game well as opposed to slots, for example, where your ability to win is solely based on luck! Played by beginners and professionals alike, Blackjack strategy bets are placed in their droves and it is easy to see why this game has remained so popular for centuries in various countries. 

Basic Blackjack Betting

The most basic rules to get your head around in Blackjack is the concept of what you receive and what the dealer would receive depending on the outcome of each round of the Blackjack game player. Put in the most simple of terms if you lose then the dealer keeps your bet. If you win, then you get to keep your bet and the dealer gives you the equivalent money. If you draw, you will see the money that you initially bet returned to you, with the dealer not taking any money from you, but you not gaining any more money than the money you bet. The aim is to try and beat the dealer so that the cards in your hand total 21 or the closest to 21 without going bust. You always want to be higher than your dealer so that you do not lose playing Blackjack but never want to be over the number 21. 21 is the magic number in this game. 

Double Down

When your first two cards are revealed as the dealer has dealt the hand, you have the opportunity to double your wager or the amount of money you initially placed on the table. You do this by placing exactly the same amount of money by the side of your original bet. The dealer will know exactly what you are doing so no explanation will be necessary. There is a general rule applied in brick and mortar casinos as well as applied to many online casino sites that once you have chosen to double down, you are only able to take one card. It is also very common that casinos only permit for doubling down to occur when your two cards total 10 or 11. This is because of the likelihood of your being in receipt of another card representing 10 or more is much greater than a card less representing nine or less. 

Splitting Pairs

This is a common Blackjack betting strategy that tends to be used when the two cards someone has in their hand are identical. This means that you have the opportunity to not only double your chances of being able to win but also to be able to place a second bet. You split the two identical cards and gain a second card for every single identical card which equates to you playing two hands. These are played separately and can both win, both lose or both draw depending on the dealer. 

Insurance Betting

A very popular betting strategy in Blackjack is the use of the insurance bet. This can occur, and can only occur, when the first card of the dealers that is turned over is that of an Ace. There is no way of knowing whether the second card of the dealers’ hand will result in a natural Blackjack, but many players choose to take that risk and place a bet on the fact that it could be. Though it is not always advised to bet using an insurance bet strategy, you do so by placing half of your initial wager which, if you win, it will be doubled, but if you lose, you lose your insurance bet but can continue to play with your initial wager for your own hand. Placing an insurance bet is not right or wrong, it is more of a subjective way to play Blackjack but it is a very common betting strategy. See what works best for you and how you feel about it. If you are good at predicting the outcome and aren’t just throwing good money after bad, then this could be a good way for you to increase the amount of money you can earn when playing Blackjack. 

The Martingale

A strategy used by the wealthy or professional players only, the Martingale is a way to see a large potential return on the bets you place as you play Blackjack. But you need to have substantial funds to be able to benefit from it and you need to be rather plucky, too. The idea behind it is not for the faint-hearted because you every time you lose a round of Blackjack, the Martingale strategy sees you double your bet. You might lose a lot of money on consecutive runs and this can be scary for some players, but when you win and you have placed a giant bet, winning double your wager can completely turn your world around. In just one move with this strategy, you will be able to cover all of the money that you lost in previous rounds and still be quid’s up to continue playing this strategy if you chose to do so. This Blackjack betting strategy is good for expert and professional players, people with lots of cash and players wanting to play a short game of Blackjack. It is good to remember that this technique will benefit you financially if you cash out as soon as you make some extra cash and don’t get too greedy assuming that just because you have doubled your money once, then another money double is just around the corner! It frequently does not work like that and you don’t want to lose it all!


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