Mobile Photographer & Artist Directory – BRAND NEW


Last week I mentioned that we were creating a brand new Mobile Photographer & Artist Directory. Completely different from our Portfolio section, our directory enables each mobile photographer and artist to list their contact details, all social media links, their workshops, courses, images, links to interviews and so much more. Please take a look. We have taken the liberty of adding Rad Drew to our directory.  Each listing will be personalised to each artist.

We can categorise the genre of photography, eg street, portraiture, still life etc for searches by clients and we can also include your location in the world, down to the city. Therefore, for example when a prospective client is looking for a Portrait Photographer, in Cape Cod, United States they will be able to view the artists’ working in that area and contact them directly.

This is vast project and one that is desperately needed to ensure all mobile photographers and artists find work and all clients are satisfied. As you can appreciate to offer and maintain this vast directory will incur some administrative costs, so we are asking for a nominal fee of $8 per month or $80 for a paid up 12 month listing from each artist that we add to the directory (two months free).

If you would prefer a ‘premium listing’ inclusive of a biographical information, additional notes, or even a specially created ‘custom field’ and an image, the charge for this would be $15 per month or $150 for a paid up 12 month listing (two months free).

To join, please send your details to email –, and select the donate button below to help to cover our administrative costs.

There’s no obligation for anyone to join this directory, it’s purely optional but as a central and vastly popular website, dedicated and committed to mobile photography and art, we felt we needed to offer this facility.

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