Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr/Instagram Group Showcase – 3 March 2019


Enthralling, unexpected, beautifully assembled this weeks Mobile Photography & Art Showcase will please all; for it upholds our passionate belief in the continuities of mobile art. Nothing comes from nothing: In the truest sense, these works are a sign of the times, each one, committed realism. This is a showcase bursting at its seams with astute pieces exposing meaningful disruption. Enjoy!

Thank you to all the talented artists for submitting your works to our showcase this week. If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. You can also submit images to our Instagram tag for this section #mobilephotographyandimagery.

Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured this week:

Oola Cristina, Scott Simpson, jon jon, Robin Robertis, Amo Passicos, Eduardo Llerandi, Deborah McMillion, Clare Pickett, Anastasia Potekhina, Jon Arne Foss, Y F, Karen Axelrad, TheiPhoneArtGirl – Meri Walker, Jun Yamaguchi, Enio Godoy, Rob Pearson-Wright, Debara Splendorio, Tricia Dewey, Lindy Ginn, before.1st.light – Jane Schultz, Gianluca Ricoveri, Clint Cline, Hanni K, Tracey Grumbach, Liliana Schwitter, Kate Zari Roberts, Susan Rennie, jilllian2 – Jill Lian, Barbara Nebel, Susan Maxwell Schmidt, Salwa Afef, Candice Railton, Victor Reynolds, p.a.hamel, Poetic Medium, Rita Colantinio.

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