Photoshop CS3 HD Video Training – Intermediate Level – iPad


Adobe Photoshop CS3 Video Training – Intermediate Level

With the self-paced PhotoShop CS3 tutorial video installed on your iPAD, you can learn the ins and outs of using PhotoShop at your own pace.


While traditional classes are a good way to learn, you can’t beat the PhotoShop CS3 training videos. The full motion videos have high production values. More importantly, they have the information and instruction that you value. Watch the videos and demos as often as you need in order to master each task.

The PhotoShop CS3 training video puts you in charge of your education. If you want to learn a specific feature of PhotoShop, you can jump ahead to that section rather than waiting for the rest of the class to get to that point. You can also work at a pace that is best for you, either fast or slow. You can’t fall behind because you are the one calling the shots and deciding when and how fast to study.

This format is ideal for anyone who needs to learn how to use PhotoShop CS3 and wants the most control over their learning experience.

Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Intermediate Outline:


1.0 Advanced Cropping
1.1 Creating a Freeform Crop
1.2 Using the Ruler Tool
1.3 Editing Presets
1.4 Using Guides and Snap Settings

2.0 Selecting Elements of an Image
2.1 Using the Magic Wand
2.2 Using the Quick Selection Tool
2.3 Using the Marquee Tool
2.4 Using the Lasso Tool
2.5 Making a Selection

3.0 Working with Color
3.1 Adjusting Color Balance
3.2 Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
3.3 Replacing Color
3.4 Adjusting Other Color Parameters
3.5 Creating Shadow and Highlights
3.6 Using the Eyedropper and Color Sampler
3.7 Adding Tints

4.0 Working With Layers
4.1 Inserting a New Layer
4.2 Duplicating a Layer
4.3 Hiding and Grouping Layers
4.4 Creating a Layer Mask
4.5 Creating a Layer Based Slice
4.6 Creating an Adjustment Layer

5.0 Performing Touch-Ups
5.1 Removing Red-Eye
5.2 Healing Blemishes
5.3 Using the Spot Tool
5.4 Using Dodge and Sponge
5.5 Replacing with the Clone Stamp

6.0 Adding Style
6.1 Adding Shadows
6.2 Adding Glows
6.3 Creating Overlays
6.4 Using the Blending Options Dialogue Box

7.0 Additional Touch-Ups
7.1 Erasing Unwanted Elements
7.2 Using Blur, Sharpen and Smudge Tools
7.3 Using the Color Replacement Tool

Price: $4.99/Download

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