The Latest 10 iPhone Photography Apps To Be Approved By Apple – 10/13/10


Take a look at the very latest iPhone photography apps to hit the iTunes store today…

Camera Flash+ Pro


– 2 times flash light
– 3 times flash light
– customize flash light
– 5 times zoom

Price: $0.99/Download

Photo Tips


In this app, learn strategies, and information like the pros do! All made extremely easy to follow. Lets say you need to lookup a quick definition, open the app and tap "Quick Definitions"! Its that simple! The subjects in this app include:
Flash Tips
Night Tips
DSLR vs. Point and Shoot
Quick Definitions…

Price: $0.99/Download



SeeSee give you advanced Photos and Videos management. With SeeSee, you can view more details of your Photos taken by camera, organize them in different albums, protect them with passcode. And another, you can easily download your Photos and Videos in camera roll to your computer through WiFi connection.

Price: $1.99/Download

12.0 Mega Camera+ZOOM


– 12.0 Mega (iPhone 3GS, iPhone4)
– 8.0 Mega
– standard camera
– 5 times magnification

Price: $1.99/Download

Talk To Me Photos


Talk to Me Photos is an easy and fun way to display your favorite photos. It is also an innovative way to help children identify and name friends and family members. This app allows you to record a name or message that will play each time that photo is displayed. For example, when a picture of Grandma Becky comes up, Grandma’s voice is heard saying her recorded message. Another option is to simply record “Grandma Becky” in order for your youngster to learn to identify the important people in their lives.

Price: $1.99/Download



AFOcalc is a tool that helps you choose the right settings and / or the right equipment when you are going to take pictures.

The special feature of AFOcalc is that it can calculate any value or values of focal length, aperture, distance, depth of field (DOF), object size (or magnification) (depending on camera setup) and background size on the basis of the other values. AFOcalc has also a unique feature that shows ’out of focus’ as a graph and as a value depending on the settings and how far from the focus point the background is located.

Price: $3.99/Download



* Automatically grabs your GPS location
* Creates a street address based off of your GPS location without having to manually enter it or figure it out
* Allows you to enter in a name for the location
* Lets you make notes specific to the location that you just found
* Want to get directions from your current location to any of your saved PocketScout locations? 1 tap and you’re there!
* Share your location with anyone (including all images, notes, longitude & latitude, street address, directions & map link) with 1 tap!

Price: $2.99/Download



Access Millions of photos, Search & Download photos on the go, create albums to organize your photos, protect your sensitive albums with a password, and share all your photos by USB, Email or wifi !

Price: $0.99/Download



DropImage is a simple app that allows you to select photos from your iPhone photo library and queue them up for sending to your Dropbox account. DropImage makes it fast and convenient to transfer photos from your phone and synchronize them across all your Dropbox computers, iPhone, or iPad.

Price: $0.99/Download

iPicBox Uploader


iPicBox Uploader is a photos uploading application, which provides users conveniently share their photos using iPhone/iPod. All rights reserved by National Digital Archives Program, Taiwan / Digital Archive Architecture Laboratory.


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