Introducing Adobe Photoshop Camera – AI-First Camera App that Brings Photoshop Magic to the Palm of Your Hand


The smartphone camera and social media have fundamentally changed the way people of all skill levels create and share their own stories. And while the industry has pushed the limits on hardware, the software magic for photography on your phone has been limited, so say Adobe.

Adobe believe the world is ready for the next chapter, where it’s not just about more mega-pixels, but how you can tell your story in a unique way.

Given Adobe’s mission to empower creativity for all, they’re excited to introduce Adobe Photoshop Camera, an app that re-imagines what’s possible with smartphone photography. Photoshop Camera is a new, AI-powered mobile camera app that brings incredible Photoshop magic directly to the point of capture. It’s available now as a preview for iOS and Android devices and targeted for general availability in 2020.

Adobe has a long history of delivering breakthrough experiences for creatives. And for the past few years, they’re leveraged the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver amazing features to the creative community through Adobe Sensei, their AI platform and framework. They have built Photoshop Camera as a Sensei-first app on their journey to expand their focus to deliver creative tools, including Photoshop, to everyone. With Photoshop Camera and Photoshop Express, they’re increasing your choices for creating with the magic of Photoshop.

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Mobile Photography / Art – Deco Sketch is Back and Better


For over four years Deco Sketch has languish in app obscurity but now it is back. Developer Ben Guerrette has revitalised Deco Sketch and there’s more to come. Sporting a new and highly motivated work force, Deco Sketch is primed to be one of your key, go to, apps once again. Featuring over 130 geometric … Read more Mobile Photography / Art – Deco Sketch is Back and Better

Camera+ iOS Photography App – Updated with RAW and More!


Camera+ has been updated today with extensive support for the dual lenses of the iPhone 7 Plus. “You’re now able to explicitly choose to shoot with the wide angle or telephoto lens so you can get exactly the lens you desire for the given shooting situation. If you prefer the simplicity of not having to think about those sorts of things like lens pickin’, you can just keep the lens switcher set to Duo mode and let your iPhone 7 Plus do its magic”, explain the developers, taptaptap, of this hugely popular (over 10 million sold) app.

Interestingly, they say, “one thing worth knowing along these lines is that in Apple’s Camera app, the 2× zoom button sort of implies that it behaves as a wide angle / tele switcher, but it’s actually not (sometimes it’s a wide/tele switcher… sometimes it’s a 2× digital zoom button… and sometimes it’s something else altogether). The “tell” here is if you set it to 2× then put a finger over the tele lens (the one on the right side if you’re looking at the back of the phone). If you’re expecting to snap a pic of your finger, you’ll be surprised in some situations… when lighting conditions are relatively dark, the system will use the wide angle lens (to prevent an underexposed photo, since the tele lens has a higher ƒ-number of 2.8 than the wide angle lens’ ƒ-number of 1.8… in other words, this somewhat confusingly means it has a smaller aperture, which therefore lets in less light). Now to make a long story even longer, one of the benefits of the dual lenses is that the system can combine info from both lenses, resulting in a better photo than one taken with a single lens. In any case, we’ve implemented our Duo lens mode to be consistent with Apple’s Camera behavior, but we’ve also enabled you to choose precisely which lens you want. Hopefully at least some of you will have found at least some of this informative. Undoubtedly, some others of you have had a flashback to some high school science class, have fallen asleep by now, and are drooling on your desk.”

Camera+ retails for $2.99 and you can download it here

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Mobile Photography Apps – Black Friday Sales


There are some really great mobile photography and art apps on sale today. Take a look at the following and click on the links to make these savings. If you hear of any more, that we have missed, please add them to the comments below.


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New App on the Streetography


There’s a pretty cool smart new app on the street, going by the name of Streetography. Now this app helps you to explore new areas by crowd sourcing locations and information. It’s like a Maps for Instagram. By utilising 500px, Streetography essentially puts other photographers images on the map to help you explore.

By viewing images of streets, through other photographers lenses, it helps you, discern where you might want to visit. Interested in street art? See if you can see any images of street art in that vicinity via the app.

This is a new and upcoming app, it aims to branch out with locations portrayed throughout the world. I think this app has promise.

If you want to try it, you can download it for free, here.

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iOS Photography App – Facetune – on Sale Today


Facetune is a hugely popular mobile photography app, it’s held the number one spot in the App Store around the world for a long time.  Usually Facetune retails for $3.99/£2.99 but today it’s only $0.99/£0.79.  There are two separate versions, we have added the links to both below:



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iOS Photography App – Fragment – Updated


Fragment is a popular mobile photography app, developed by Pixite Apps. It enables the user to instantly fragment their image into a myriad of prism-like glass pieces.  It has just been updated to include six new shape packs and with the addition of video import (iOS 8) only. Fragment retails for $1.99/£1.49 and you can download it here.

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Adobe’s New ‘Project Rigel’, says Goodbye to Photoshop Touch App


Yesterday, Adobe announced that as of next week Photoshop Touch will no longer be available in iTunes, Google Play and other app libraries. If you have previously purchased this product, it will still work but Adobe will no longer update it.  The last major update to Photoshop Touch was in 2012. I reviewed both the iPad and Android versions of this app for DPreview in 2011 and 2012, (see here).

We are excited about Adobe’s codenamed ‘Project Rigel’, there are plans for image retouching on a mobile device extending up to 50-megapixels , presumably via the cloud.

Take a look at Adobe’s sneak peek mobile retouching video below…

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‘Sponsored Post’ – iOS App


This is a sponsored post of the app – it is sponsored in so much as it’s a paid for post. Our review and opinion of this app are not biased in anyway.

Hostelworld allows you to search fast over 27,000 hostels in more than 180 countries and it comes packed with a huge array of user reviews to help you make a selection – this is hugely valuable.

The app is simple and straightforward to use, just set up an account on via your email address and add a password and then log in and start searching and/or booking immediately.  Hostelworld prompts you to search by city or property, just add the dates you’re looking for, the number of guests and nights you would like to stay. Hit Search and it will bring up a list of suitable hostels available. If one takes your fancy, just select it and view more details, such as the previous user reviews, facilities including information like wi-fi, hot showers, housekeeping etc. By selecting Rates, you’ll also be taken to a selection of room types available, for example, 8 bed mixed dorm or 16 bed mixed dorm.  Once you’re happy your decision, just click on Book Now and you’ll be asked for a 12% deposit to secure your booking, there’s no booking fee if you book through the app. The balance is payable when you arrive at the property. To pay the deposit you will need to use a credit or debit card.

The settings feature allows you to set the currency you would prefer to operate in as well as the distance units and language (it’s available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portugese).

This is a very simple and efficient app to help you navigate hostels around the world whilst on your travels. A very useful tool to have with you.

Hostelworld is free and you can download it here


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iOS Photography App – StillShot – Temporarily Free


StillShot is a popular app for iOS photography and video capture, it allows users to create a full resolution photo from video files by loading the video and analyzing the frames one by one, letting the user to choose the best frame. The app can extract frames from any video, with no special requirements. StillShot … Read more iOS Photography App – StillShot – Temporarily Free

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