Carol Wiebe Joins TheAppWhisperer as New Columnist for ‘Draw the Line – Mobile Art as an Expression’ A Brand New Column

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We are delighted to announce today, talented mobile photographer and artist, Carol Wiebe is joining us as New Columnist and Editor for our brand new Column entitled ‘Draw the Line – Mobile Art as an Expression’.

Wiebe explains what this group is all about; “this group is about mobile photos with the added touch of applied line. If you are a mobile artist who is in love with line, this group is for you! You might apply line work in the form of drawing, adding patterns, lines, and marks. Perhaps your lines are stitched,  or glued, with thread or string.  Lines can be a major element, placing drawn components into the photo that help to draw out (yes, pun intended) the meaning you, as the artist, want to express. There will be examples provided for inspiration, but we are counting on your imagination and talent to marry these two venerable art forms into a fascinating hybrid.”.

Within ‘Draw the Line’ Wiebe will curate the very best mobile art. She will interview successful artists, create challenges, engage in their processes, showcase their work and more!

We have a Facebook group dedicated to ‘Draw the Line’ and like our other Facebook groups, this will provide a platform for discussion on the techniques, aesthetics and goals that all mobile photographers bring to this art form. Please join this group.

We have also set up a special Flickr Group for ‘Draw the Line’ where we would like you to submit your images to for curation in showcases. In addition, we have a hashtag for Instagram for this group too, entitled #tawdrawtheline – please use that when taggin images on Instagram. Please join this group too.

TheAppWhisperer is growing at a phenomenal rate and trying to include as much unique content and variety from the mobile photography and art wold as our readers can possibly digest, you really don’t need to go anywhere else!

Please join us in welcoming Carol Weibe to TheAppWhisperer family, Welcome Carol!

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