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Portrait of an Artist Column – Cover Photos of 2021

We are delighted to publish this video showcase of the cover photos of 2021 from our Portrait of an Artist group created by our highly qualified and Award Winning Editor, Maria Cecilia de São Thiago. All images were originally selected from our dedicated Flickr Group as well as our Instagram Group.

Please take a look at this video and the high level of work that continues to astound us. If you would like to be featured, in the future, please ensure you’re contributing your images to these groups so we can find and include your work. Huge thanks and many congratulations to M Cecilia Sao Thiago and to all she has included here. (foreword by Joanne Carter – TheAppWhisperer).


I learned to listen to dodecaphonic music with Herbert Duschenes, Professor of Art History, architect and filmmaker who taught me the most memorable lessons in my life. German born in Hamburg, he left his country in 1939 due to World War II and Nazism, opting for Brazil. Here, around 1940, he met his future wife Maria Ranschburg, a Hungarian-born dancer who also immigrated to Brazil for the same reasons. The two formed a couple completely united by love, the circumstances of life, art and music.

On periodic trips, the dear professor recorded everyday scenes in Super-8, architectures and urban situations in the cities he visited with his Maria, as well as art and architecture exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale and the Documenta in Kassel, and then he exhibited them in classes at FAAP University. 

I tell all this, to explain how twelve-tone music, without a constant rhythm, and with a different harmony for my unaccustomed ears, transformed me and transformed my way of perceiving and capturing art.

In my view, the estrangement produced by notes that I cannot guess, make me focus especially on the visuality of the projection, and with that they do not interfere with the understanding absorbed by the gaze. Since then, I believe that the more “Unpleasant” to the ears, the more the soundtrack makes us immerse ourselves in what our eyes see.

For that reason, I chose for this video with Cover Pictures of the Year by the Group “Portrait as an Artist” a very different song by our western standards. “Udaipur” From the soundtrack ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ by Thomas Newman. I take this opportunity to recommend both the soundtrack, the composer and the film.

About the images I hope that everyone makes their own judgment. All photographers are considered storytellers. Photos always convey something, and provoke others in the viewer. This is one of the biggest challenges for photographers. 

I end by wishing that 2022 will be a calmer, more productive, and especially healthier year. So I leave you the quote: 

“Everything will be alright in the end so if it is not alright it is not the end.”

― Deborah Moggach, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Pictures by:

Carla Berger 

Juta Jazz

Becky Menzies 

Edibe Taylan

Anca Balaj

Eliza Tsitsimeaua 

Rosalie Heller 

Brian Purnell

Jane Schultz 

Nora Griffin Bokor

Alon Goldsmith 

Oola Cristina 

Cynthia Anderson Morgan 

Catherine Schell Caddigan 

Deb Field 

Amanda Parker 

Peter Wilkin 

Rita Colantonio 

Fatma Korkut 

Bridget Robertson 

Jean Hutter 

Sukru Mehmet Omur 

Manfred Koschabek 

Barbara Howell Gould 

Debara Splendorio 

Bob Weil 

Roger Guetta 

Judy Lurie Wahlberg 

Jos Nijkamp 

Laurence Brugerie 

Meri Soylu 

Janis Brandenburg Lee 

Video Showcase

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