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Mobile Photography & Art – Portrait of an Artist Video Showcase

We are delighted to publish this video showcase from our Portrait of an Artist group by our highly qualified editor, Maria Cecilia de São Thiago. She has selected the very best images from our dedicated Flickr Group as well as our Instagram Group.

Please take a look at this video and the high level of work that continues to astound us. If you would like to be featured, in the future, please ensure you’re contributing your images to these groups so we can find and include your work. Huge thanks and many congratulations to M Cecilia Sao Thiago and to all she has included here. (foreword by Joanne Carter – TheAppWhisperer).

Photographs had the ability to reveal, startle, confuse and estrange. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious

__________________________________________Albert Einstein

Today, more than ever, I realize that an interesting image can have several points in its favor such as Subject, The Photo’s Composition, How Light is used, etc … but there is no rule, and mainly the rules learned years ago are all being broken down to a new view of what is right or wrong.

Anyway, what we have is a profusion of tips, techniques and tricks, but what is good, stands out.

So I want to share with all the last months of the Cover Photos chosen by me, for “Portrait Of An Artist” – a TheAppWhisperer Group where we have a large number of artists publishing their Mobile Arts. 

I really appreciate everything Joanne Carter does for all of the Mobile Artist’s, I can’t thank you enough 🌹🌿

Don’t forget to tag all your portraits and self-portraits on IG 



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