New Bowie Exhibition to Take Place in London


I know there are a few Bowie fans among our community, so I thought you might appreciate this… A private, invitation-only viewing will be held on Thursday 9 January 2020 at Masterpiece Art, Holland Park, London entitled BOWIE: From Major Tom to Major Arcana.

The exhibition will present a case study of a rare set of five hand-pulled silkscreen prints, known as the Arcane Series, created by David Bowie in November 1975 the works offer an intriguing window into the alternative influences of the mystical and esoteric that pervaded the singer’s private and public personas of the late 1960’s and through the 1970’s.

The Arcane Series reflects iconography which manifests boldly in such songs as Quicksand (1971), Station to Station (1976) and fascinatingly also Lazarus, from Bowie’s final album, Blackstar (2016).  This life-long spiritual journey takes us into the study of Zen Buddhism, the teachings of Kabbalah, tarot cards, divination and wider occultism, reconstructing the complicated network of imagery that drove Bowie’s quest for higher answers.

Speaking about the event Mark Maurice, CEO and Gallery Founder, said, “In addition to these rarely exhibited works, unseen by the public since Bowie’s first solo exhibition David Bowie: New Afro/Pagan and Work 1975-1995, we will also be showing drawings, paintings and iconic photography from the many fruitful collaborations Bowie had with other leading artists across the years.”

Featured artists include: David Bowie, Derek Boshier, Brian Duffy, Tony McGee, Geoff MacCormack, Tony O’Neill, Masayoshi Sukita and others.

All artworks will be available for purchase on the night.  Masterpiece Art are offering a donation from artwork and catalogue sales to support the Friends of the Children of Orissa, a charity who finances a boarding school for over 400 deprived or destitute girls in Orissa, one of the poorest states in India (

The private viewing is sponsored by Supreme Jets and Sandie ‘The Spice Guy’ Vara and promotion by Business Live UK Ltd.  Applications for tickets to the private view are available from Eventbrite:

Photo – L to R

Left: Alex Cousens, Gallery Director; Sandie Vara, The Spice Guy; Annette Vignere, Art Director; Victoria Beale, Business Live UK / Friends of the Children of Orissa; Tola Bashir, Supreme Jets; Mark Maurice, CEO and Gallery Founder; Athena Diego, Digital Media Assistant

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Mobile Photographer Marian Seid Rubin’s Photography Exhibition – December 2, 2019 – Montclair, New Jersey

mobile photography

You may know of leading mobile photographer, Marian Seid Rubin‘s work but now you can experience a complete exhibition of twenty Award Winning images, previously displayed in curated gallery exhibitions both in the US and Europe, in one place, together.

Rubin’s imagery is intuitive, the presentation of each set is perfect, she architects it that way. Her street portraiture is so raw and natural that the figures reflect themselves. She manages to blur the lines between portraiture, documentary and staging. She captures the small gestures and glances of everyday experiences whilst subverting traditional notions of documentary and street photography.

Her photography has been marked through the years by its shifts in style and by her determination to avoid the traditional. This exhibition can appear wilfully haphazard both in terms of their seemingly unrelated subject matter – street photography next to florals next to cityscape and her eschewal of the accepted norms of a gallery show.  Each image in this exhibition is unframed, it has to be against a tin background and this enhances her style, of breaking the rules. She doesn’t want to brush up against tradition, she doesn’t want to emulate anyone, she does not want to do, what has already been done. This exhibition, epitomises the essence of her deep-seated commitment to exposing photographic truth, both in front and behind each photograph and is perfectly blended with her hybrid way of seeing.

This exhibition will be on display at ‘Local Coffee’ 107 Watchung Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07043 between December 2 – December 30 2019.

A reception will take place, with the photographer, Marian Seid Rubin on Thursday, December 12 between 6 – 8 pm

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Exclusive TuMobArt ‘Mare Nostrum’ Exhibition Opens in Paris and Online Today – 28 October 2019


Journey through ‘Mare Nostrum’ – ‘Our Sea’ as twenty two mobile photographers from the Turkish Mobile Artists Group (TuMobArt community), exhibit their unique and limited edition art at La Petite Galerie 35, rue de Seine Paris 75006, between 28 October 2019 to 4 November 2019.

Organised by Sukru Mehmet Ömür, this exhibition is unique in many ways; for one, it is common to read “It is forbidden to touch the works” at other exhibitions but within this exhibition, you are welcome to touch . Each artwork that you view within this exhibition has been created purely on a mobile device.

The second reason this exhibition is unique is because is the first time a mobile art exhibition exists within a physical gallery whilst simultaneously appearing within TheAppWhisperer’s online gallery. Each artist’s exclusive collectible prints are supplied on museum-grade archival Hahnemuhle Photo Rag photographic paper to purchase in limited edition of ten prints. Uniquely numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity to provide limited edition provenance and shipped from London, United Kingdom, throughout the world within 24 hours of receipt of order.

TheAppWhisperer Print Sales is a professional online gallery specialising in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen and not available for sale elsewhere, mobile photography and art. TheAppWhisperer online gallery accepts payments via ApplePay, PayPal, American Express, Maestro, Visa, Shopifypay and Mastercard.

Smartphones have broken down barriers and broadened boundaries. The art that is created with a smartphone can be transferred from wall, to altarpiece, to canvas, to the computer and is visible on a screen that is similar in size to the palm of a hand and yet, astonishingly can be stowed in the pocket of a jacket. Come and discover this unique art of the 21st century and take the opportunity to touch the works! We welcome you.

The mobile artistry works of twenty two talented TuMobArt artist’s will be exhibited in the La Petite Galerie 35, rue de Seine Paris 75006, France between 28 October 2019 to 4 November 2019

To view the online exhibition, please go here

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Tracey Emin – A Fortnight of Tears – Exclusive Video and Insight


I happily spent this morning/early afternoon with Tracey Emin at a press invitation to her brand new exhibition entitled ‘A Fortnight of Tears‘ at the White Cube, Bermondsey, London, SE1. This is a major exhibition installed throughout the gallery’s spaces, exhibits include sculpture, neon, painting, film, photography and drawing, all focusing on Emin’s own memories and emotions, arising from loss, pathos, anger and love.

This exhibition is one to feast upon, throughout the exhibition Emin articulates the joy and suffering that is intrinsic to our human existence. Often with fraught memories of sexual relations, the very physical and emotional trauma she endured with her abortion of twins (past three months pregnancy), and most notably the passing of her mother. Pain is very much of the theme of ‘A Fortnight of Tears’, works shown in the North Galleries in particular evoke states of bereavement, grief and abiding love.

The vast bronze sculpture entitled ‘The Mother (2017), relates to Emin’s public commission for Oslo’s Museum Island, which will be permanently installed beside the Edvard Much Museum from late spring 2020. A kneeling nude, gazing intently upon an absent form, a ghost perhaps, cradled in her palms, she is a philiosophical symbol of femininity and sanctuary. There are two further impassioned bronze sculptures exhibited throughout this vast space.

Our film captured below includes a question that I asked her, from the call out that I sent out a few weeks ago. This is Lisa Mitchell’s question and Emin addresses it with much passion.

I loved Tracey Emin’s work prior to meeting her today, now, if it’s possible I love it even more. If you do get a chance to visit this exhibition I strongly recommend it. It is open to the public from 6 February – 7 April 2019, White Cube, Bermondsey, London. Do go!


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Exhibition News – We Share Your Questions with Tracey Emin!


One of my New Year Resolutions for 2019 is to accept an invitation to at least one Private View Art Exhibition per month and naturally, I do not want to attend these on my own. So, for each Exhibition that I am invited to and accept, I will give our readers the opportunity to put a question to the artist. On 4 February 2019 I will be at the White Cube, Bermondsey, London with Tracey Emin. She’s one of my favourite artists and I have not had the pleasure of meeting her previously.

Emin has a major solo exhibition entitled ‘A Fortnight of Tears’ featuring new painting, photography, film, large-scale sculpture and neon text. Stemming from the her deeply personal memories and emotions ranging from loss, grief, longing and spiritual love, highlights from the exhibition include three monumental bronze sculptures, the largest Emin has produced to date, as well as a new self-portrait photographic series titled ‘Insomnia’.

I have a Q&A session booked and I’m opening this up to our readers. Please jot any question you may have in the comment section below and I’ll select from these to personally ask her.


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The New Vanguard Photography Prize


Aperture and Document Journal, in partnership with Calvin Klein, are pleased to present The New Vanguard Photography Prize, spotlighting image makers on the front lines of art and fashion, with support from Ford Models, and powered by Swipecast.

Open to applications from all around the world, The New Vanguard Photography Prize sought unrepresented talents of all ages and backgrounds, with a focus on discovering new and visionary photographers across fashion and the fine arts. From those submissions, a jury selected a shortlist of 25 artists, which then was narrowed to five finalists who went on to create a series of exclusive photos for Document Journal. The exhibition will feature work from the 25 shortlisted artists, with the winner and recipient of a special cover of the Fall/Winter 2018 edition of Document Journal will be revealed at the opening reception.

Opening Reception:

Thursday, October 18, 6:30–9:00 p.m.

Aperture Gallery hours:

Monday–Saturday: 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

Closed Sunday

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LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2018 Results


As an Editor for LensCulture as well as a member of the International Press I am happy to publish the results of the LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2018, now that the embargo has passed.  These Awards were LensCulture’s very first Art Photography Awards and they were eager to see a wide range of creativity from … Read more LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2018 Results

James Bacchi’s ‘In The Sky’ Mobile Photography Exhibited at FourSquared, Bay Area – August 25 – October 6, 2018


We are very proud to announce that James Bacchi, a San Francisco-based gallerist, curator and mobile photographer, is one of sixteen artists exhibiting at FourSquared, Bay Area this summer/autumn. Bacchi has co-founded galleries in New York and San Francisco, most notably ON THE WALL in New York City and ArtHaus, an award-winning San Francisco-based contemporary arts gallery that he has co-owned with art dealer Annette Schutz for nearly 23 years. He is represented by Karyn Mannix Contemporary in East Hampton, NY. The #inthesky project can best be followed at

#inthesky is an inspired series of mobile photographs. Shot spontaneously, these images capture tension from the ground up, and portray the volatile relationship between the sky and the urban landscape. Void of color, these melodramas contrast fleeting moments of beauty, strength and vulnerability, all of which takes place #inthesky.

FourSquared is a unique, structurally-constrained exploration of the works of sixteen Bay Area artists. Each of the artists produces sixteen small works, presented in sixteen clusters giving the audience the experience of sixteen micro solo exhibitions. No work is over $500.

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After Nyne Launch West London Gallery with Olympus Support & Inaugural Exhibition


The After Nyne Creative Services Group, parent company of arts publication After Nyne Magazine, today announced a collaboration with Olympus. Together they will launch a brand new permanent gallery space After Nyne Gallery in West London.

Building on their already established success from a series of well-received pop-ups,  After Nyne Gallery are proud to unveil their first exhibition space in Holland Park. This inaugural exhibition will display some remarkable works by Olympus brand ambassadors such as Martina Govindraj, whose work engages with architecture and concepts of space, and award winning Steve Gosling renowned for his signature black and white atmospheric landscapes.

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Rory Lewis to Exhibit Unseen Portraiture Work


New body of work from British portrait specialist Rory Lewis to be unveiled for the first time from 1 August 2018

A new body of work from celebrated British portrait photographer Rory Lewis will be exhibited for the first time this August in London, featuring 24 previously unseen photographs of distinguished actors and high-profile public figures.

Entitled ‘Portraitist’, the exhibition will be held from Wednesday 1 August to Sunday 30 September 2018 at the Wex Photo Video Gallery in London E1.

Rory’s vivid and thought-provoking portraits include renowned and respected characters from the world of film and television, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Ciarán Hinds, David Bamber, Tobias Menzies, William Shatner, Rufus Sewell and more. The exhibition will also feature prominent political figures, such as former Prime Minister David Cameron and members of the Royal Family, including Prince Michael of Kent.

Challenging the established norm when capturing images, Rory injects moments of impulsiveness and even awkwardness into his imagery. He successfully shuns the aggrandising and sycophantic results typically seen in portraits of the famous. Rory’s aim is to strip back the artificial layers of staid portraiture and replace it with strangeness and a sense of quiet.


Sir Ian McKellen ©Rory Lewis

Rory Lewis commented, “So much of the portraiture commissioned in the press and print industry is reluctant to take risks, and I try to challenge that safety. In any commission, I always make sure that I have one moment at the end, which I like to call my ‘dessert’, where I’ve finished my brief and I have that person to myself. You shouldn’t waste your moments. In many of my sittings I only have five or ten minutes, so I have to break the ice with my subject very quickly. I like to keep them in continuous motion and direction in order to capture the movement of their thoughts.

“When I’m working with an actor, I like them to act. I’m always waiting for that moment of spontaneity in expression. I ask them to move and express themselves, and I try to work them into a frenzy. I don’t think photographers do that enough.”

Matt Devine, head of content at Wex Photo Video, said, “We’re honoured to present such an outstanding new collection of portraits in this very special showcase at our London gallery. We hope that Rory’s extraordinary style and approach will inspire other photographers to experiment with their portraiture, and we look forward to welcoming visitors to experience this work for the first time, with a chance to own an exclusive print from the exhibition.”

Limited edition prints of Rory’s iconic work will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition period. The showing is presented in collaboration with Epson. Each photograph is printed on Epson Premium Luster media, with output on an Epson SureColor SC-P800 A2 and Epson SureColor SC-P20000 64” (AO) printer.


Sir Patrick Stewart ©Rory Lewis

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