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Mobile Photographer Marian Seid Rubin’s Photography Exhibition – December 2, 2019 – Montclair, New Jersey


You may know of leading mobile photographer, Marian Seid Rubin‘s work but now you can experience a complete exhibition of twenty Award Winning images, previously displayed in curated gallery exhibitions both in the US and Europe, in one place, together.

Rubin’s imagery is intuitive, the presentation of each set is perfect, she architects it that way. Her street portraiture is so raw and natural that the figures reflect themselves. She manages to blur the lines between portraiture, documentary and staging. She captures the small gestures and glances of everyday experiences whilst subverting traditional notions of documentary and street photography.

Her photography has been marked through the years by its shifts in style and by her determination to avoid the traditional. This exhibition can appear wilfully haphazard both in terms of their seemingly unrelated subject matter – street photography next to florals next to cityscape and her eschewal of the accepted norms of a gallery show.  Each image in this exhibition is unframed, it has to be against a tin background and this enhances her style, of breaking the rules. She doesn’t want to brush up against tradition, she doesn’t want to emulate anyone, she does not want to do, what has already been done. This exhibition, epitomises the essence of her deep-seated commitment to exposing photographic truth, both in front and behind each photograph and is perfectly blended with her hybrid way of seeing.

This exhibition will be on display at ‘Local Coffee’ 107 Watchung Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07043 between December 2 – December 30 2019.

A reception will take place, with the photographer, Marian Seid Rubin on Thursday, December 12 between 6 – 8 pm

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