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Mobile Art – Draw The Line #TAWidentity Challenge

Huge thanks to our curators and editors of our Draw the Line Column, Carol Wiebe and Peter Wilkin for selecting these wining images to our latest challenge and also for creating the wonderful accompanying video showcase.

“With over 200 tagged images entered in our latest challenge ‘Identity’, selecting just nine of them for our showcase was predictably difficult yet simultaneously extremely enjoyable. The standard of your art, as it always is, was incredible. The vast majority of images focused on people & portraits: some of them were self-portraits whilst some featured other people. After hours of deliberation I finally settled on the nine pieces below, although I could easily have doubled, even tripled that number. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the challenge & huge congratulations to: Joyce Harkin, Laila Bakker, Filiz Ak, Fatma Korkut, Karen Axelrad, Jane Schultz, Catherine Schell Caddigan, Diane Neubauer, Janis Brandenburg Lee”, said Peter Wilkin.

Video Showcase

(Showcase created by Carol Wiebe)

Peter goes on to say, “Whilst sifting through all the images I remembered reading an article by Joanne Carter that accompanied one of her Sunday Showcases last month (see here). She wrote about ‘self-absented portraiture’ & how some artists “choose not to include anyone in the picture at all.” It was one of the images submitted in this challenge that jogged my memory about Joanne’s article. When I saw it posted up on our Facebook page it immediately drew me in & touched me very deeply. I spent a long time gazing upon it & commented thus:

©Pati John

This is such an emotive image. There are so many potential stories contained within it, all of them carrying fantasies about the person ~ or animal ~ who ‘belongs’ in that chair. Is it someone who has been away for a while? And will they actually be coming back? Or is it someone’s favourite old chair who has recently passed? Or perhaps an adored family pet who used to curl up on those cushions who’s now departed? The sepia tones that you’ve chosen work perfectly & create feelings of homeliness &, in particular, days gone by. Those trees, softened by the curtains, create a dreamy background that, combined with the distressed effect you’ve used, also hints at the past. This image really touched me, it’s beautifully edited &, like all the best art, it captures both the soul & the imagination.

Rather than including it in our showcase, I wanted to feature it on its own & offer both my congratulations & special thanks to its creator: Pati John”

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