Apple – Shot on iPhone 6 – World Gallery Mobile Movie Campaign


We are all aware of  Apple’s incredible ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign with billboards, print and transit ads published with artists’ photographs but today Apple have expanded the iPhone World Gallery campaign to mobile movies too. Demonstrating what users of an iPhone 6 can capture with the built in video tools and available apps.

Seven videos have been selected to appear within the iPhone World Gallery on Television, cinemas and rich media ads and of course on The videos demonstrate various techniques available to the user including time-lapse, slo-mo and all hand held.

At we have been ahead of the game for sometime with our Mobile Movies Column, yesterday we announced two new editors for it, Vanessa Vox and Giulia Baita, we know it is a growing and emerging area.  Every two weeks videos that are uploaded to our dedicated Flickr Group are rigorously curated, commented upon and published to our website, as we did here yesterday.

Take a look at the videos that make up the new iPhone World Gallery Movie Campaign below:

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