Mobile Photo Story – Italian Press Trip with Huawei P20 Pro Smartphone


In October 2018, I was invited to test drive the Huawei P20 Pro smartphone with the Huawei UK team and a host of Instagrammers, YouTubers, model – Jasmin Brunner (@jazbrunner) and Photography Mastercraftsman, Alex Lambrechts (@alex_lambrechts). The trip commenced at Leica HQ in Wetzlar, Frankfurt and continued to Naples, Italy.

We explored quaint towns on foot, beautiful views via helicopter, stunning shorelines by boat and so much more. These are just a small sample of the many images taken with the P20 Pro Huawei smartphone camera, it’s an incredible device. Huawei has created a genuine alternative to a DSLR with its industry-leading camera technology and its leadership in Artificial Intelligence.

Click on each thumbnail to view larger images and descriptions. We have also published two videos of the week captured with the P20Pro and top of that a top 30 list of tips and tricks by Alex Lambrechts!


Videos capture on Huawei P20Pro

Alex Lambrechts’ top 30+ Photography tips

Mix up the perspective, shoot from unusual angles with varied focal lengths!
Fill the frame, be aware of your background
Shoot through elements in the foreground
Remember the rule of thirds, then break the rule!
Look for details (think small/macro)
Expose for the highlights!
Look up!
Be aware of developing scenarios
Look for reflections across water or in surfaces like glass
Shoot through glass
Excite lens flare where possible
Dusk light can produce some beautiful effects, specially if the lights are also on.
Is there a good vanatage point for a panorama or establishing shot
Look for patterns and leading lines of light or architecture
Shoot a mixture of lighting effects in the same scenario to see which you prefer or better fit your mood/direction
Give the viewer key focal points or lead them through your image with varied compositional techniques.
Be discreet to capture candid moments (remember the selfie trick 😉
Frame your subject
Look for negative space/balance the image
Aperture control / bokeh effects
Exposure control / light & dark
Visualise in B&W
Look out for rogue beams of light
Use a Mini Tripod for light trails and other motion effects
Incorporate panning techniques for dynamic motion effect
Dutch Angle
Combine as many of these elements above!
Advantages of shooting in rain or fog with regards to using contrast for composition

Highlight specific new features pertaining to:

Ai assisted image stabilization
Ai assisted 5x hybrid zoom
Super slow Mo
Ai scene recognition
Ai assisted low light / night mode

Also included:
Important tips for Setting up the device up for professional and easy photography use.

Most importantly! See and capture the world in your own unique way, with your own unique message and feelings!!


Huge thanks to Huawei for this truly once in a lifetime experience. I loved it, especially with the Huawei P20 Pro!

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