Adobe’s New ‘Project Rigel’, says Goodbye to Photoshop Touch App


Yesterday, Adobe announced that as of next week Photoshop Touch will no longer be available in iTunes, Google Play and other app libraries. If you have previously purchased this product, it will still work but Adobe will no longer update it.  The last major update to Photoshop Touch was in 2012. I reviewed both the iPad and Android versions of this app for DPreview in 2011 and 2012, (see here).

We are excited about Adobe’s codenamed ‘Project Rigel’, there are plans for image retouching on a mobile device extending up to 50-megapixels , presumably via the cloud.

Take a look at Adobe’s sneak peek mobile retouching video below…

1 thought on “Adobe’s New ‘Project Rigel’, says Goodbye to Photoshop Touch App”

  1. I like Photoshop Touch app a lot.
    I use it quite often for task that other apps cannot handle. It runs well and rarely crashes. It will be missed. The GUI is very similar to Photoshop. So the learning curve was easy.
    That said, from the video above, I can already do these effects with other apps presently available app’s out there. Doing 50 meg file system is impressive. I deduct that he is using the latest iPad.
    I figure they probably will take advantage of the processing power and real estate from the iPad Pro due next fall. Look forward to it.

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