The Two Most Successful iPhone Photography Apps Launched This Week – 10/09/10


We were searching for one successful iPhone photography app actually, like the article we posted with the most successful iPad Photography app launched this week, instead with the more crowded market of the iPhone we found two worthy winners, take a look…



Launched only two days ago, Flash has already achieved over 232 4.5* ratings in the iTunes store. The minute your finger touches the screen this geekalicious app automatically calculates the ideal lighting and brightness settings for each individual pixel, optimizes it to the highest possible quality degree, and amazingly, does it all without draining your iPhone’s battery.

It’s free so why not give it a try/Download here



Going from strength to strength, Infinicam is already at Number 4 in the iTunes US Photography charts. Basically, what it does is apply high quality effects to photos, but instead of having a set number of pre-defined camera styles, Infinicam offers an endless variety in a fun, stylish interface.

Price: $1.99/Download

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