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Introducing the first app in the App Store that allows you to generate Tilt-Shift Videos. Until now, tilt-shift videos required very expensive lens for your DSLR or a professional video editing software to edit your video and simulate the effect and, in both cases, a good deal of patience. The TiltShift Video app uses the processing power of your iPhone or iPod Touch to easily apply the Tilt-Shift effect to your videos.


Presenting an intuitive, easy to use interface that will guide you from the beginning to the end through all the configuration settings that will define how your video will look like. Configure the video speed, adjust the blur amount and position, increase the saturation, add titles and configure fades.

Choose one of the application catchy loops as the soundtrack or select the song that you want from your own library.

When you are happy with your adjustments, render your video easily and export it directly to your Camera Roll, choosing from a list of resolution presets, to ensure that you get the quality that your want.


Important Note: The first time you use the app, your device will ask you if you want to provide permission to access the localization data. Although the app does not use localization data at all, it needs that permission in order to access to the videos found in your Camera Roll. Without the permission, the app will not able to load any videos!

In case that you denied the permission, you will be able to grant it later in your device settings, under "General", "Localization", there you will found an entry for "TiltShift Video", ensure that its switch is "on". After changing this permission, it may be needed to restart the App (kill it in the multitask menu).


Main Features:

* Transform any video recorded with your device’s main camera into an awesome tilt-shift video.
* Adjust the playback velocity of your resulting video.
* Adjust the blur strenght and position to get incredible "miniature" effects.
* Adjust your video saturation to get vivid colors.
* Choose your video’s soundtrack from one of the catchy music loops provided with the app or, simply, select one of the songs in your library.
* Choose between different export presets, including HD (720p) [Export resolution is limited by the resolution of the original video].
* Export your Tilt-Shift videos directly to your Camera Roll.
* Instructions for the application and tips about how to shoot videos for getting the best results.

And this is just the initial release! Stay tuned for many more features and optimizations on future updates.

Price: $1.99/Download

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