New Video App For iPhone – VideoFix


New video iPhone app just released. VideoFix allows you to add filters to your video to add enhancement. Take a look below to see what filters are included:


* Fix! -> All you need to enhance your videos. Adjust the contrast, saturation or brightness to their sweet spots, even modify the shadows or highlights separately to ensure the best image quality.

* B&W -> With seven different filters (including Infrared), you can use this one to give make your videos look old or to give a dreamy, mysterious look to them. The possibility to adjust the image vignette only makes things better.

* Sepia -> Classic look for your videos. Set a low contrast for giving an old movie look or boost it make your videos epic.

* Two-Colors -> The ability to select any two colors makes this filter able to produce anything from dark comic looks or trendy pop art videos.

* Tint -> Tint your image with any color you want, and at the same time adjust a bunch of other parameters or add vignette. Several different looks can be achieved with this filter, including the popular "cross-process" or "toy-camera" effects.

* Comic -> A fun filter that can obtain very different looks. Try it with different saturations to see the possibilities.

More filters will be added for free in future releases.


With a minimalist, easy to use interface and the immediate feedback of how the video will look, the adjustment step will take you just a few seconds. When you are ready, export your video directly to your Camera Roll in one of the supported resolutions: HD (720p), 540p or 480p (Video resolution is limited by the video’s original resolution).


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