Panoramatic 360 – iPhone Photography App Updated


Panoramatic 360 lets you create panoramic photos with iPhone photocamera or with the photos in the Photo Album (so it can be used also with iPod Touch).

Panoramatic uses iphone gyroscope feature to automatically take pictures for you (works on iPhone 4 and 3gs)


The panoramic photo is built with high resolution images and saved in the internal Album, so to keep the real size.

– Output resolution higher than other panoramic application
– Auto exposure and vignetting correction for perfect panoramas
– Simple and intuitive interface
– Portrait or landscape mode
– Automated photostitching
– Autosave with restore capabilities
– Automated 360 panoramas creation
– Add photos on the left or on the right side of panorama
– Localize the panoramic photos on the map
– Internal Album integrated with iPhone/iPod Touch Photo Album
– Fullscreen visualization of panorama
– Real 3D VR visualization of 360 panorama
– Send panoramic photos via email, Facebook or wifi


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