Optimized Apps For Your Brand New iPad 2


If you’ve managed to get hold of an Apple iPad 2 you may want to give it a test drive with the most optimized apps available. If that’s the case, give anyone or all, of these a run for their money, take a look…

Real Racing 2 HD


This is a brand new game optimised for the iPad 2. Real Racing 2 HD is a heart-pounding, visually astounding 3D racer that puts the steering wheel directly in your hands. The expansive, 10-plus hour career mode and extensive, one-of-a-kind multiplayer means the fight for first place is never over.


Infinity Blade


NEW! CONTENT PACK #2 – Infinity Blade: The Deathless Kings

– ChAIR loves you, so you are gettig EVEN MORE awesome content in the ultimate update – for free!
– Now optimized for iPad 2 – Includes high-resolution graphics that fully utilize the enhanced visual capabilities of the iPad 2.
– Descend into the dreaded dungeons, and unlock the God King’s darkest secret…
– More than 10 new Enemies to defeat – the Wood Jester, the Iron Guard, the Plated Sorok, the Warden, and more!
– Finish the game and then continue to build your character with NewGame+! Re-master any item! Unlock new items in the store! How high can you climb?
– More than 30 all-new magic rings, swords, shields, helmets, and armor! Collect and Master them all!
– Multiple Character slots, new Achievements, more Leaderboards, dodge button size slider, and audio volume controls!
– Now optimized for iPad 2 – Includes high-resolution graphics that utilize the enhanced visual capabilities of the iPad 2.


Dead Space™ for iPad


** NOW WITH ENHANCED GRAPHICS FOR iPAD 2! Also featuring Look Sensitivity and Y-Axis Inversion! You asked for them, and we delivered! Download the NEW UPDATE and further customize your controls. **

In response to your feedback, improvements, additions, and optimizations include:

• Look Sensitivity – Now modulate your Look Sensitivity to navigate the Dead Space environment at your preferred pace. Move quicker and increase the intensity!
• Y-Axis Inversion – Set your controls just the way you want. With more intuitive control of your movement you can concentrate more completely on strategic dismemberment!
• Visceral graphics enhanced for the iPad 2 – Get pulled deeper into the horror and suspense!

As always, thanks for playing Dead Space. You’ve helped make the game a must-have for iOS!

SPECIAL NOTE: HAVE AN iPAD 2? Be sure to DOWNLOAD THE NEW UPDATE and make your game compatible with your new device.

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