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A great deal from Amazon this today, this app usually retails for $9.99. WorkSmart Labs’ CardioTrainer Pro, which builds upon the features included in the popular CardioTrainer app, turns your Android phone into a detailed and customizable personal fitness tracking device. Keep an eye on your workouts, track your progress en route, and share your results with like-minded exercise aficionados. By recording and tracking all your workout details, CardioTrainer Pro is a handy and popular tool to keep track of each of your workouts.

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Pro Features


CardioTrainer Pro’s additional features help you stay active and make fitness and exercise more fun and thus more productive.
    •    Adds six levels of interval training
    •    Includes 20 levels of difficulty
    •    Provides audio and video feedback during workouts
    •    Free upgrades for life

Starting your workout


When you first open the app, the green Start Workout tab invites you to get moving. CardioTrainer Pro’s auto-mapping feature automatically tracks where you are, along with the day and time your workout begins. CardioTrainer Pro prompts you to select the kind of workout you’re doing. The list includes running, biking, aerobics, and racquetball among more than 40 entries. You can select Custom if your workout isn’t on the list.

Personal trainer


The Trainer tab provides ways to set goals to customize your workout. You can set time goals, distance goals, and calorie goals, and later compare how you did against the targets you set for yourself.

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